Hokies sign home and home with WVU

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Virginia Tech and West Virginia will renew their rivalry beginning in 2021.  The battle for the Black Diamond Trophy has not been played since 2005, but Jim Weaver and WVU athletics director Oliver Luck reached an agreement to begin the series anew.

The Hokies and Mountaineers will play in Morgantown on September 18, 2021.  The return trip to Blacksburg will take place on September 24, 2022.  In 2021, Tech will face Michigan and West Virginia in back-to-back games.

Since the Black Diamond Trophy was introduced in 1997, Virginia Tech has won six of the nine meetings with West Virginia.  However, the series was stopped after the 2005 game, which Tech won easily 34-17 in Morgantown.

Are you in favor of the Hokies playing WVU again?  Vote here.

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  1. better wvu than western Carolina or Austin peay or akron. if I’m spending money, at least there will be some entertainment watching their fan base. Deliverence

  2. Why would Weaver schedule this game knowing the trouble we have had with them?
    Oh that’s right he won’t be here to have to deal with it .

  3. Frank Beamer will be 75 years old October 18, 2021.

    Who thinks he will make that trip to Morgantown?

  4. I had a really bad experience there in 2003, but I chalk that up to their jealousy of us “leaving them behind” in the big East. Now that they’re B12 with that much time passing, I personally know a lot of WVU people who miss the rivalry and want it back, and they want it to be civil and fun. Prior to 1999, it was a fun trip and enjoyable atmosphere. I didn’t go in 2001, but I doubt there was much going on as we blew them out

  5. I had fun in Morgantown. Glad the series is back. One of the best rivals VT has. I have only been two times to their place but enjoyed my time. Did not mind their assortment of bars either preferred the one down stairs instead of up top if it is still there. Wore VT gear out and enjoyed an overnight stay aside from the hotel once in the mid to late 90’s. One girl from WVU made my top 25 list for sure.

    VT-Miami my personal favorite
    VT-WVU second
    VT-SU was third tied with VT-Clemson
    VT-FSU here
    VT-UVA about here. Just who you are type of person to me.

    1. A WVU visit gets VT fans rilled up and they will be happy to have that home game. A VT visit gets WVU fans rilled up and they will be happy to have that home game.

      VT playing in packed houses with excitement is good for football. Just need more of them.

      1. Post number 4 expressing your Pro stance. Ok. Many of us disagree. I doubt there are a lot of opinions that will change from cheerleading one way or the other. Agree to disagree.

  6. Ok, JW’s health is worsening. In addition to Parkinsons and a two-time surgically repaired back which still ain’t right, he now has Altzheimers. He said he would not sign any contracts to renew the series with West Virginia after their fan ugliness caused the series to end. Now this. JW will be gone (retired) at the end of 2015 (hopefully sooner–can you say “golden parachute?”), so this will not be his problem in 2021

    I don’t like the neutral site option either. That deprives Lane of a great game. The problem is not Blacksburg, it’s Morgantown. Plus, neutral sites have not been all that great for us: I think we are 0-3 in FedEx (losses to SoCal, Boise, and Cinncy) and at least two losses in Atlanta (both to Alabama, including this year). Wretch.

    The West Virginia game used to be a great rivalry. But their fans just went off into craziness the likes of which should be outlawed in college football. I need not list the abuses again….we all know them. I’ll never forget one of the last times we played at Morgantown, it was a Wednesday night game (another effort to get a nationwide, only-game-in-town TV audience) and the governor of West Virginia gave all the school kids in the state the day off so they could get to the game. Talk about messed up priorities!!

    Again, this used to be a great rivalry, as good as any in college football. But it is not worth reviving it at the expense of uncivil behavior by their unruly fans. There are other OOC games we can get. I say, “NO!” to West Virginia.

    As for JW, I respect and love the man for what he has done for Virginia Tech, but he is old, decrepit, senile, only works half days or until he is too tired to work anymore. God bless his pea-picking heart! (Tennessee Ernie Ford). All this business about the new AD being the choice of the new Prexy after Dr. Steger retires is baloney. If JW died would they wait until a new president is hired before a new AD is hired? Of course not. A sharp captain needs to be at the helm no matter who the other sailors are. I keep saying every day JW is on watch we fall another day behind. VT really, really…really(!) needs a young, dynamic, energetic AD to compete in the top levels of college athletics nowadays. For God’s sake, let JW retire, give him a golden parachute, let the man have some peaceful years of retirement. He has no business signing contracts with the likes of West Virginia. If we’re going to play them, let the decision be someone else’s.


  7. Well the folks in WVA have a while to start stockpiling their sofas. Do they make a special “fire proof” sofa just for folks in WVA? Maybe the PHD’s at WVA can start working on that.

  8. I’m against it. Been there and had that done to me. But, since it is inked I hope the game in Morganhole is a nooner like it was in 2005. Gives the cousins less time to get liquored up.

  9. I think 16 years should be enough of a cooling off period. By 2021, none of the WVU or VT students or players will even remember the last time we played. As long as the alumni don’t get things riled up again…

    -Alpha ’99

    1. It won’t matter, trust me. They’ll be every bit as bad as they were in 2003 and 2005. That’s one away game I definitely won’t be attending.

    2. It won’t change because it’s not the alumni who are a problem. It is a fan base in West Virginia (who are not alumni) that are dangerous when you are there (Was there with my WVU partner and it was scary). As much as we roll at our eyes at the “hokies respect” stuff, it at least shows an administration concerned about fan behavior and trying to influence it. No such serious attempts by the WVu athletic department to do the same which leads to the behaviors chronicled here on many occasions.

      1. Well, that is one good experience but it seems you wanted to give your 6 cents worth since you reposted your sentiments twice more. We get it. You enjoyed yourself. Far too many VT fans who have gone there did not.

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