Green selected in 2013 NBA Draft

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Erick Green was drafted in the second round with the #46 overall pic

Erick Green

k by the Utah Jazz on Thursday night.  His pick is part of a proposed trade, which means that Green will end up playing for the Denver Nuggets.

Green averaged 25 points per game as a senior, which led the nation in scoring.  He was Virginia Tech’s first basketball player to be named ACC Player of the Year.

With his selection in the mid-second round, Green becomes the highest drafted Tech player since Bimbo Coles went #40 overall to Sacramento in 1990.

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  1. I too was hoping Green may squeeze in to the end of the 1st round but it is great to see him get drafted. The style of play in Denver may be a good fit with Green but that is an awfully congested roster at the guard position. He will competing with Ty Lawson, Andre Miller, Andre Iguodala and Wilson Chandler for playing time. With Lawson and Iguodala entrenched as the starters minutes may be scarce.

    I guess Utah saw Green as strictly a PG at the next level because they definitely have the need for a 2 guard that can put up some points.

  2. Does anyone know what a 2nd. round pick makes or whether he has guaranteed money? How does Green fit into this?

    1. Not sure what that pick would be slotted to make but a 2nd round pick does not get a guaranteed contract. That ends at the conclusion of the 1st round.

  3. O&M go away. Tats have nothing to do with anything. It just what some people do these days. Also the NBA game is far superior to the stand around and do nothing college game.

    1. Sure tattos have something to do with it. That’s like saying a cathedral has nothing to do with a church. It’s part of the sights and sounds. Like bumper stickers on cars tattoos tell a lot about a person. You can’t wish it away, it’s a fact.

      1. What is a fact is that you have shown yourself to be intolerant and inclined to prejudge people based on their appearance. I know a number of young folks with tats and they are without exception good and hard working people. Get a life.

        1. They may be good and hard working people but the tatoos still tell you something about them.

        2. Kapoor, I’ll have to agree with Shockwave & O&M69, tattoos often tell you something about the person. I will bet you it certainly has an effect on someone’s chances (to get hired) at a job interview. So how many do you have? So who is being intolerant here?

      2. The only thing a tattoo tells you about a person is that they have a tattoo. Anything else is pure speculation on your part. You can’t wish it away, it’s a fact.

  4. I am not an NBA fan….too many talented players who are prima donnas with an overabundance of tattoos. Greene is a great kid, I hope he does not fall in the trap

  5. This situation reminds me very much of Dell Curry’s draft. Curry was drafted by Utah as well but within minutes a trade to Charlotte was announced.

    1. You’re a bit off. He was drafted by the Jazz where he played for one season. He then played a year in Cleveland before he was selected by the Hornets in the ’88 expansion draft.

    1. This. I would then have a reason to go see the Nuggets every so often. It seems only about once per decade that we have a player who has the potential to play in the NBA.

  6. Was hoping Green went in the first round. A lot of foreign players in the draft that were selected before him that we as fans know virtually nothing about, He sits about where he was projected. I hope he has a stellar career wherever he lands.

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