QB Ford Commits To Virginia Tech

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Early Sunday afternoon, rising senior quarterback Andrew Ford revealed some important news via Twitter.

Andrew Ford at the 2013 NFTC in Ashburn (VA)

“After much thought and many prayers, I am proud to announce that I will be continuing my academics and athletics at Virginia Tech,” he wrote.

Ford, a 6’2″, 185-pound prospect out of Cedar Cliff High School in Camp Hill (PA), verbally committed the Hokies over Pittsburgh and Virginia according to PennLive.com.  He visited Virginia Tech for the first and only time on June 2, which was the day of the football program’s first one-day camp.  He didn’t fully participate in the camp but did work with offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach Scot Loeffler on the day.

His junior season, Ford threw for 2,940 yards and 43 total touchdowns (35 passing, 8 rushing).  The lefty signal caller made a splash this April, winning quarterback MVP honors in the Nike Football Training Camp in Ashburn, Virginia.  Ford beat out the likes of Georgia-bound standout Jacob Park and UNC-bound prospect Caleb Henderson for the honor, also earning an invite to the Elite 11 Quarterback Camp and Nike’s The Opening in the process.

“I always knew I could play the quarterback position,” Ford said in an interview immediately following the Ashburn NFTC.  “[Cedar Cliff head coach Jim] Cantafio has guys in the NFL, and he says he has aspirations for me to be that next guy.  I don’t think he’s one to be lying to me about it, so for me it’s even better to come out and compete with myself and prove to everyone else what I could do.”

Of competing with other top quarterbacks at the NFTC, Ford said:  “I’m comfortable.  I don’t care the situation.  I just have fun.  I knew most of the other quarterbacks in my group from camp.  It was just fun to compete, and when I compete I’m comfortable.”

Ford is an important addition for Tech, which, over the course of the past week-and-a-half, saw three other top quarterback targets commit elsewhere.  Mason Rudolph picked Oklahoma State, the aforementioned Park is now a Bulldog, and David Cornwell committed to Alabama.  The Hokies now have 10 commitments in total in the class of 2014.

Ford says he plans to enroll at Tech in January of 2014.

Chris Coleman’s Take

TSL Managing Editor Chris Coleman offered his impressions of Virginia Tech’s quarterback commit.

Andrew Ford isn’t the biggest guy in the world, but he’s big enough.  His highlight tape shows very good pocket awareness.  He steps up into the pocket and makes good throws while not losing his cool with multiple defenders around him.  He doesn’t have the rocket arm of David Cornwell, but it looks good enough to me.  He’s a good pickup for the Hokies.  He’s a borderline top 10 player in the state of Pennsylvania,” Coleman said.

Coleman also believes that “Ford is an underrated prospect who would have picked up more offers this summer if he took more trips to camp.”

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25 Responses You are logged in as Test

  1. Understandably everyone is upset with last weeks results. We struck out on 3 of our top targets but here’s the nugget that everyone’s forgetting. Before we wouldn’t have even been in the target range for 2 out of 3 of those players. Only Hand, who is from VA, would have considered VT. If you want to win more talent then you have to recruit at that level and be considered legitimately by those recruits. It doesn’t mean your going to win every recruit right away or ever. But we were in the hunt for top level QB talent with two prospects from out-of-state. Who was our last non-VA QB1? I actually don’t know. And this is all on top of our worst year in a long, long time.

    It’s fine for hcandis to be skeptical. We all should be until the program starts winning. Optimistic but skeptical. Lefty and Grimes I am sure are a monumental leap forward for our offense but it may be a rough season again before they can right the ship. They need time to build. And if we are in the hunt for these type of recruits this year then I expect we will be next year and years to come. This is what we need. We may not have gotten them this year but we did get a top level talent at QB. I know everyone is throwing around Aaron Rodgers comparisons but who he reminds me of more is Kellen Moore from BSU. Smart, highly accurate, not the biggest arm but enough, not the tallest but enough, with a love of the program and a desire to be the best. He may not have transitioned to NFL but no one can knock what Moore did in college, including beating VT at FedEx.

  2. You guys need to take it easy on HCandis, He is merely expressing himself. I agree with most of his opinions, this is a Free Country last time I looked. Go Hokies!

  3. This is my take. I think VT may have gotten the best of the four QB prospects and this is why:

    1) Some prospects have peaked in HS and do not continue to develop and fizzle in college. Some keep pace on the development front, but the increased competition at the collegiate level makes it hard to stand out. Based on the data it appears that Ford is on the rise from a development stand point. He could be a diamond in the rough. Evidenced by the fact he beat out Park and Henderson at the Nike camp for MVP honors and coming out of nowwhere his senior year tells me he is a late bloomer and may take off in college.
    2) He wants to be here.
    3) He looks an awful lot like Aaron Rodgers without the beard.

    Welcome Andrew Ford….can;t wait to see you in action in a few years.

  4. Sorry Team. I just can be excited yet. This kid has the exact same size as Tyrod when he selected. Unless he moves like Tyrod, he is not going to workout. We do not have enough special players at the running back and wide receiver positions for him to stand in the pocket. Tyrod broke passing records and still had to show off his Vick Skills. I hope I am wrong but Tech has been trending the wrong way for too long. We have to figure out why Coach Frank is not drawing in top players. He needs to get back to walking into living rooms, learn twitter, learn his smartphone, learn how to I.M. these players, and learn how to reinvent our image with these players-look how Dabo did it! We are losing the war. This is a big negative trend pattern we have been riding and there’s no end in sight…even with Loeffler coming on board. We haven’t snatched a big 5star recruit based on good recruiting since Tyrod and Kendall Fuller doesn’t count. The Michael Vick wave is completely dead for Coach Frank & Company. Heck, evenMike London knows how to get kids recruited toUVA despite below average seasons and combined with losing to Tech for 10+ years straight. How is UVA also stealing players from Tech so easy with such terrible yearly performances? Their coach and coaching staff won’t be there in 2 years and they are still coming to UVA excited. Tech is doing something wrong here or as a writer wrote recently…Tech is playing too nice at the table and eventually may not be able to keep up with the Big Boys who are playing in a Big Money Game. I hate to think that 5years from now could be very different for us if we cant figure out how to bag 5star Recruits we identify we need for our program……look at what’s become for Tennessee, Auburn, UCLA, PSU. Even Michigan and FSU just got back to expectation. Solve this and we move to the next level. I hope we figure this out soon.

    1. Sorry I wasted my time reading your rant…do we care if UVA grabs a few players and then loses them to academic issues or whatever? Do we care if a kid is not the right character to fit unto a VT uni? Do we care about fans like you who are willing to sell intergrity and soul out the window just get a few high profiles names? Real Hokies dont care! Real Hokies care about doing things the right way, standing for integrity and character, working hard, developing players as citizens first and a team mentality vs “college is just my next stop before the NFL”…where I will last 2 yrs on average…The reason UT, Auburn, UCLA, and PSU are in trouble is because they all sold their souls for the 5 star recruit and are now reeping what they sowed.

      1. I love this recruit by the way. Welcome Andrew to VT. You wont regret this choice. I also want to see Logan have a great year, Mark Leal get some critical playing time, and having Bucky Hodges with Andrew Ford battle and develop and be a great 1-2 QB punch for us. Way to go coaches and recruting!

      2. I dont want to trade in integrity or sell souls…thats for sure. I want to be a proud alum like we are. I just want to solve this “dag gum” recruiting issue. Tech is top notch. Why are recruits over and over again not seeing this ? Thats all. Thats my question?

      1. Maybe so. Just frustrated. I been around the program before the 90’s. I vouched that Tech would be great before we started winning. I saw the tough seasons and the 2-8 seasonsand still came. I just hate that we cant seem to break through and i see some regression. When you remember the old years when Tech wasnt a cool atheletic place to be at….you just dont ever want to go back.

        1. I completely understand that and everything is up in the air. I personally think we are heading in the right direction, but only time will telland patience on our part will be necessary. You’re original post mentioned that Frank needs to become more up to date with social media and technology. My main complaint with that statement is, if you’re up to date yourself, then you should understand that you just slammed someone who wants to be a Hokie and is capable of reading your post. This kid could be very good for the Hokies and the Sean Glennon treatment should go by the wayside because of the recruits ability to see all of this.

  5. I’ve said for years if a kid doesn’t chose Tech I don’t want him. You can’t force recruits to likeplaying if they want to be somewhere else.

    After a coupla weeks of no love coming our way, this is a good get. Beamer is famous for taking kids who are not so highly rated and coaching them up to be stars and NFL players. Who knows if Cornwell, Park, et. al., would have worked out. We do know that Ford wants to be a Hokie and he’s got one of the best coaches for his position. To quote NCIS’ Tony DiNozzo, “I like it!”

    (Another applicable quote might be.baseball’s long forgotten afro sporting Oscar Gamble, who said, “they don’t think it be like it is, but it do.”)

  6. This kid is exactly the kind of QB/player Lefty likes and talked about when he was hired. Intelligent, competitive, wants perfection/to get better, cool under fire, etc… Andrew Ford BEAT the other high profile QBs at the Ashburn camp and is an Elite 11 selection! What more could we ask for?! He wants to be at VT, looks like a high character young man-he is going to help make us a better team down the road, mark it down. We now have several legit QBs in the program with Bucky Hodges, Carlis Parker (if he doesn’t move to WR), Mark Leal, and now Andrew Ford. Go Hokies!!

    1. I agree….he outperformed Park and a whole lot of other very good qb’s, is one of 18 qbs in the nation in the elite 11, invited to the Nike opening with the top overall 150 players in the nation, and appears to be an intelligent, humble young man with a great work ethic. As for his arm strength, Im not concerned about that at all. There are a lot of guys with a rocket for an arm but they aren’t good qb’s….Ryan leaf comes to mind. Anyway he clearly possesses the arm strength to make all the necessary throws. Wasn’t there a concern by some people about Andrew Luck’s arm strength? And Kellen Moore? This kid sounds like a real winner and we may have just hit the lottery….

  7. I for one am very excited about ford coming to VT. If you look at a collection of his game film and films from other camps such as the Elite 11, you will see that this is a very promising young kid. He appeared to be very accurate. The fact that he beat 2 of the top 150 prospects out at the elite 11 shows that he is very talented.

  8. i agree with JR. everyone needs to quit worrying about the others. LET’S LOOK AT THIS AS THE GLASS HALF FULL NOT HALF EMPTY!! this guy seems to be motivated to help Tech in recruiting. Thats what we need someone who seems to be loyal to his commitment. I mean the guy is going to call Tech today and ask questions and help.

    did we get that from the others…NO!!– The guy sounds like he is intelligent, positive thinking and what more do u want? so all the nay sayers on here and whiners about not getting 5 star players…lets be thankful we got someone who has done his home work–literally and figuratively!!! At least he is going to select sports management over engineering….excuse me BASKET WEAVING 201 over engineering!!!

    1. sorry about that comment–he is NOT going to select sports management… the kid is smart!

      1. For real, it’s like majoring in physical education. The best way to get your foot into the sports management door would be to get a law degree, then pry your way into the agent contract game, and then make big bucks! (that’s what I would think….)

        1. True this. Most sports management degrees are run out of the Phys Ed department anyway. This is almost ten years ago, but when I was doing my grad degree at Oregon, we had one of only two sports business programs in the country that was run out of the b-school – I’m blanking on the other. Landscape may be changing, but you’re absolutely right that a fundamental legal and business background serves you way better than a Sports Management degree if you want to get into player repesentation.

  9. Chris, I see you have him listed as 6’2″ , 185 lbs. Everybody else has him listed as 6’3″ , 190/195 lbs. . And IMO, that’s not small. And if Scot Loeffler likes him, that’s good enough for me. I believe VT got the QB that will fit right In and play the offense that Scot L. wants. Good article, thank you.

    1. As we know size isn’t the most important stat in a QB. Loeffler likes him because he wants to be a Hokie. Loeffler liked others also, they didn’t want to be Hokies. You work with what you can get at the college level.

      1. Agreed, Plus, he’s only 17 years old and may still be growing. He could very well add another inch or two before he arrives in Blacksburg in six months.

    2. Like the article says… He’s big enough…. I’ll take smarts, athleticism and pocket presence over height. What’s interesting is you can see him scanning the field for 2nd and third receivers in some of his throws! Great catch Hokies… Now lets land the rest of our Oline targets!

      1. I was very impressed by that too. Actual progression and anticipation, not primary-read-then-drift-and-scan, waiting for someone to come open.

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