Hokies, Michigan agree to series

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Virginia Tech announced on Thursday that they have agreed to terms with a home and home series with the Michigan Wolverines.

The two teams will face each other in 2020 and 2021.  The game on September 19, 2020 will be played in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  The Wolverines will head to Blacksburg and take on the Hokies in Lane Stadium on September 11, 2021.

Michigan and Virginia Tech have played each other just once.  The Wolverines beat Tech 23-20 in the 2012 Sugar Bowl that featured the controversial Danny Coale play in the endzone in overtime.  The Hokies have faced just one other Big Ten foe.  They beat Indiana 45-20 in the 1993 Independence Bowl.

Tech also has games planned with Big Ten opponents Ohio State and Wisconsin.  The Hokies will play at Ohio State in 2014, with the Buckeyes making the return trip to Blacksburg in 2015.  Tech will host Wisconsin in 2016, and travel to Madison in 2017.

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  1. I forwarded this article to a friend of mine who is a Michigan alum. His response (cut and paste):

    “If you guys want to continue to outplay us for 4 quarters yet still lose the games…that works for me.”


  2. Michigan seems to get some odd calls in their favor. Remember when the played South Carolina in the Outback bowl? At a critical juncture of the game, on fourth down, UM went for it with a fake punt. They were close, so they brought out the chains, which CLEARLY showed that UM did not make the first down. But the UM friendly referee said “First Down”… Steve Spurrier went apoplectic, almost popping a vein, and challenged the call. So they took another look… It was clearly a couple inches short, but they still said “First down”.

    As I sat there watching it, I was brought back to the Sugar Bowl a year earlier, with our dear thought to myself, “It’s amazing how Michigan gets these calls. Do they have some rich alumnus paying off referees?” I’m not a conspiracist, but I couldn’t help but wonder.

    But Justice was served in this case. On the very next play, Jadaveon Clowney made things right 🙂

  3. We should have a Danny Coale Day and bring him in at halftime and show clips of
    his career ….including his gamewinning catch!!

  4. We should get Michigan State for 2018 and 2019 to have a continuous run of quality Big Ten opponents. I live in SE Michigan so I am excited about easy drives to Columbus and Ann Arbor to see my Hokies. Just need to add East Lansing.

    1. I’d like to see that. I have MSU friends who in the Lansing area that I’d love to see.

    1. Wait until they lose their current coach. The new coach will demand an easier schedule and Michigan will cancel the Tech series within a year.

  5. If you are a Hokie fan that was over the age of 12 or 13 for Michigan Sugar Bowl how could you ever forget??

  6. Appreciate Weaver/Beamer working to schedule traditional Big10 powers OOC. Good for SOS, good for the fans.

  7. 2020 is a long way off…too long: I wonder how many will remember then the “loss” to UM in the 2012 Sugar Bowl. We was robbed! After being open all season, Danny Coale made an unbelievable lay-out catch in the end zone to win the game in OT. But the Big Ten refs over ruled it.

    I’d say we have a score to settle.

    1. I think the officials were from the Pac 12. Had they been from the Big 10 it would have been much, much worse. Hence officials for bowl games are “neutral” (emphasis on quotes).

    2. That game was a showcase of some of the most inept (from our side) offensive and special teams coaching I’ve ever seen.

      We didn’t lose that game because of a bad call in the end zone in overtime. We lost that game because we refused to attack Michigan where they were weak (their secondary), and we made an amazingly bone-headed place on special teams.

      1. EXACTLY – it’s funny how some people want to remember it they way they prefer. “We were cheated!”. We dug our own grave in that game and it never should have come down to the bad call in the end zone. It’s called reality.

        Let’s hope those game management, special teams, inept O, ect have been addressed by the time we play them again.

        1. It NEVER should have come down to that call…but ultimately, it DID!!

          It never should have been decided by poor play, coaching OR pitiful officiating, but it WAS! If we’re going to make excuses, let’s use them ALL..They are ALL legit!

          1. Nope. With all our mistakes, the correct call in the end zone would have meant victory. Period.

        2. I find it interesting that people assume that IF the officials had ruled that Danny made the catch then VT WOULD have won. But if I remember correctly Mich had the ball ater VT. They must be assuming that everything else would have gone exactly the same. To me it means Mich would have played differently on their possession and would have had a chance to second it to a second OT period where who knows what would have happened.

          We lost that game just like you say; bad offense and a bad special teams call.

          1. If that had been the only bad call to go against us, I probably would agree, but it wasn’t. Two INTs by Hosley were wiped out by dubious calls and right before the botched fake punt, D. Wilson was ruled down at or behind the line of scrimmage when the replay shows he gained 6 or 7 yards before being close to being down. Without that play, there might not have been a punt to fake. I don’t like to think about college sports being corrupted to such an extent, but I came away from that game wondering if the fix had been in from the start.

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