Holmes Charged with Malicious Wounding

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Michael Holmes

Michael Holmes took himself out of the starting running back competition early Sunday morning.

Holmes, a rising r-sophomore, was charged with two counts of assault and battery and one count of malicious wounding.  The malicious wounding charge is a Class 3 felony, which means Holmes is automatically suspended from the football team until the charge is dropped or resolved.

If Holmes is found guilty of malicious wounding, he is automatically dismissed from the football program.

Two victims of the assault were treated at the scene of the crime, on College Avenue in Blacksburg.  Police responded to reports of a fight at approximately 1:50am.  The third victim was transported to LewisGale Medical Center for treatment.

With Holmes likely out of the picture for at least the foreseeable future, J.C. Coleman and Trey Edmunds will battle for the starting running back position.

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      1. just a thought Will. Do we even know what race these folks are? The only one we know for sure is Holmes. I was just asking a question, not trying to start anything. Even in this day there are folks who don’t like white girls with black guys, Could that be the case here? Remember Marcus?

        1. Remember Marcus??? What?? Marcus was (and apparently still is) an idiot. Being an idiot is about as NON-racial as anything you could conjure up…In fact, I challenge you to name one race, creed, sex or nationality that is “idiot free”…..Nice try.

  1. Let’s not be too quick to jump on this. I have a very good friend who, while frustrated because of an argument, threw a golf ball across the house (bad decision, but seemingly benign). His mother was walking around the corner of the house to try to resolve the argument at that very moment, the golf ball caught her in the temple and cut above her eyebrow to the point that most of her brow was flapped over her eye (requiring many stitches).

    When the police arrived, since he had broken the skin and it required medical attention- he was brought in for malicious wounding AND since the event involved his mother (with whom he lived at the time) he was held without bond until his court date because the magistrate would not release him to go back home in case he really did want to hurt his mother.

    Once it got to court, it was dismissed and removed from his record because a) she didn’t want to press charges (and yes, I know in Virginia that if a female is assaulted and the police respond to it, they can supersede her decision to press charges) and b) it was not done with malice. He was mandated to 6 months unsupervised probation and anger management which he completed without incident and is now…a police officer.

    If Holmes can show that his actions were not out of malice, he could still suit up in August. Whatever happened, we can almost unilaterally say that it was a bad decision, but it might not be as bad as we think. Or, he could’ve gone rage monster on 3 people for no reason…we’ll see.

  2. I wonder if the other people in the fight were charged. Generally when something like this happens, one party does not just start hitting someone on his own.

  3. Heard his girlfriend got jumped by 2 girls. So were 2 of the victims female? If so, he will get burned at the stake.

    1. If true, guys breaking up a fight among females is a lose-lose situation. All he has to do is lay hands on one gal and he is in trouble.

    1. My version of that is nothing good happens at 2am. (Used when reading about bar fights etc.) Only ten minutes off.

    2. the more crazy incidents i hear about now a’days, the more i’m leaning to 11:00pm – which is what my parents told me long ago.

      even 7 – 11 stores were originally named on that hours of operation basis!

  4. Call Me Crazy – – Malicious Wounding Charge = A gun, a knife, a baseball bat, brass knuckles, a bookbag, a foot kicking, etc. ??? One guy beat up three guys ??? Help !

    1. The code requires that a defendant “shoot, stab, cut, or wound” or by any means cause “bodily injury” to another person “maliciously” and “with the intent to maim, disfigure, disable, or kill” to be convicted of this offense. You don’t need a weapon.

      The key, though is that the DA decided it was malicious intent on the part of Holmes, otherwise would have been unlawful wounding. Malice implies deliberate conduct with minimal provocation.

      1. The Commonwealth’s Attorney hasn’t looked at the case yet. The police charge based on what is written in their handbook (e.g., kicking someone while down = malicious wounding).

        1. You are correct, the cops present the evidence to a magistrate and then charges are filed. Does the Magistrate can/able to set bond? Or does that have to go to court to a judge? I heard Sunday morning from a guy at the hotel we were at after the game, it involved a girl as well. Lets remember innocent until proven guilty. Do we all remember the soda bottle “bomb”. We need to get a grip and remember that some stuff is not serious as it sounds these days, especially with the PC crowd.

  5. Nothing good ever happens at 1:30 am . Greg Roberts used to say that all the time on his radio show.

    1. There was an espisode on How I met your Mother about nothing good happens after midnight. And that is correct on so many levels. Going home at 9PM-ish or so is not a bad idea. One can stop off for a burger or what not but getting home before midnight is not a bad idea in many respects.

    2. Yeah Greg Roberts is a real expert on conduct. His show is nothing but a National Enquirer of what is supposed to be or use to be s sports show….LOL.

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