Tech Talk Live Notes for March 11, 2013

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James Johnson

Johnson let the team know that everybody has a clean slate in the ACC Tournament. Anybody can win it. Liberty lost 20 games, but they won their conference. Georgia once went 4-12 in the SEC and won the SEC Tournament.

Tech wasn’t into the Wake Forest game mentally. They didn’t have focus defensively, and that was clear from the beginning. They had breakdowns offensively that resulted in turnovers. They dug themselves in too deep of a hole.

There will be a Spalding basketball used for the ACC Tournament. A Nike ball was used during the regular season. Each ball feels different. The Spalding ball will be new and slick, so ball handlers will have to get used to it.

Johnson likes the ACC Tournament in Greensboro. That’s where it needs to be.

Overall, Miami was the best team in the ACC during the regular season. You have to give them the edge at this point, but Duke is right there. UNC is playing good basketball right now as well. It’s a wide open tournament. NC State is very good as well.

Virginia Tech has the best player in the ACC, and if he gets hot the Hokies have an opportunity to win games as well.

NC State, the Hokies’ opponent on Thursday, doesn’t run a lot of plays for Richard Howell, but he’s an excellent player overall. He is a great rebounder. Scott Wood is a big time clutch shooter. They are a very talented team.

Erick Green has had an amazing season. He broke the single season scoring record of Bimbo Coles despite everyone focusing the attention of their defense on him.

2013 signee Trevor Thompson is 6-11 and a little slender at around 220. He’s very athletic and he can run. He will fit right in with Virginia Tech’s running style of play. If they had a sprinting competition, Johnson thinks Thompson would finish in the top three on the team. They actually found Thompson while watching another recruit play. He’s originally from Northern Virginia.

Tech will have six new players next year, with five new recruits and Adam Smith eligible to play. They will have a full deck in terms of depth. They will have more options.

Ben Emelogu’s team lost in the state championship game over the weekend. He was the leading scoring in the game. He is from Grand Prairie, TX, which is right outside of Dallas.

There is a brand new video board in the Greensboro Coliseum. They know that other cities like New York and Pittsburgh might be bidding on the ACC Tournament soon, so they want to enhance their own product.

Erick Green struggled as a freshman, but he stuck with it. He has come a long way over his career. It’s a tribute to his work ethic.

Johnson told the players on Monday that the season has flown by. He wants to thank Jim Weaver for the opportunity, and he thanked his players for their effort this year. He thanked the fans for showing up and making Cassell Coliseum a great environment.

Erick Green

Green’s ankle is banged up. He got a twisted ankle on Friday, but was still able to play on Sunday. They taped it up really tight before the game.

Green never envisioned himself having this type of season. He knew he would have a good year, but he didn’t realize he would lead the nation in scoring. The coaching staff really pushed him to reach his potential, and he put in a lot of work last summer.

When Green found out that James Johnson got the VT head coaching job, he and his family were really excited. He knew he was returning to Tech. He had good showings at the Chris Paul Camp and the Deron Williams Camp. He shot a lot over the summer. He worked on a lot of crazy shots, such as off one foot, off the backboard, etc. He turned into a gym rat.

Green is very confident when he’s set and he’s open. He feels like when he’s set and wide open, he’s at the point where he definitely shouldn’t miss any of them.

Duke probably gave Green the biggest headaches defensively this year. They did a good job denying him the ball. They were physical and they made him work. The best on-ball defender he faced this year is Jontel Evans from UVA. They knew each other from high school, so the rivalry goes back.

NC State is a great team. They have really good players. The Hokies have to come to play.

It’s a great honor to play in the ACC. It’s a dream come true for Green. It will be a great memory down the line.

It was very hard to lose so much this year. He never wanted to show it publicly, but he would get really mad after games. It’s frustrating, but you’ve just got to try to suck it up.

Green likes a challenge, so he’s ready to put in the work in this offseason to make sure he makes the NBA.

Green is anxious to see how Tech’s younger players develop. He hopes to see guys like Robert Brown, Cadarian Raines and Marquis Rankin put in a lot of work in the offseason and raise their game.

Monday day 3,027 of Virginia Tech’s continuous possession of the Commonwealth Cup!

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