Exum Tears ACL

Virginia Tech announced on Sunday evening that rising senior cornerback Antone Exum has suffered a tear of his right ACL and lateral meniscus.  He will miss six to nine months of action.

Exum suffered the injury on Saturday while playing pickup basketball in McComas Hall.  Virginia Tech hopes to perform surgery this coming week.  If he misses six months, he will be poised for a return in late July or early August, about the time preseason camp begins, so there is a chance he can be on the field for Tech’s season opener against Alabama.

Exum was Tech’s best corner this past season, recording 48 tackles, five interceptions, and breaking up 16 passes.  He earned numerous honors at the conclusion of the season…

  • Second Team All-ACC
  • Coaches’ Second Team All-ACC
  • SI.com Honorable Mention All-American
  • Russell Athletic Bowl MVP
  • SI.com All-Bowl team.

Virginia Tech will need another starting cornerback for the spring, and possibly the beginning of the 2013 season as well.  Candidates include Donovan Riley (So.), Donaldven Manning (So.), Carl Jackson (r-Jr., walkon), Der’Woun Greene (r-Fr.) and Davion Tookes (r-Fr.).  5-star cornerback Kendall Fuller will enroll at Virginia Tech this summer.

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  1. Football players shouldn’t play basketball. I got hurt more on basketball courts than I ever did on the football field. Sprained ankles one after another, left one then right one, lather, rinse, repeat. I’ll take a football game over basketball any day.

    Does #1 have a redshirt year or is this a medical hardship deal? Looks like an opp for somebody else to step up.

  2. He just cost himself a ton of money at the next level. He was going to rock this coming year. But that is done now. If we are lucky he sees the field by October and even then he will have missed out on conditioning, two seasons of proactive, weights… Awful. Be hard to replace what he did this past year. He was ready for a breakout season. Tough loss.

  3. Last I checked there is only one man named Adrian Peterson. So 9 months is very optimistic. Take a redshirt and get healthy young man. Your future is at stake! Godspeed!

  4. It’s becoming painfully obvious kids today are not getting the nutrition they need to keep from falling apart. Tearing an ACL at backyard basketball? The kid is 20 years old! Not enough undenatured Vitamin C and other nutrients that keep the bands and straps of joints together, flexible and strong. I mean it’s not as though he someone hit him in the knee, willis mcgahee style. He probably just made a cut. People have been just sold down the river like cattle.

    1. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you one of the most bizarre posts ever submitted to TSL..?

    2. Wow, when did my crazy mother-in-law with the conspiracy theories get a TSL account? Pretty sure the one thing we don’t have to worry about with the guys in the football program is lack of nutrition. Not like the poor kid tore his ACL walking up a flight of stairs. Been ten years since I was playing pick-up in McComas, but I remember the games on the no.1 court were definitely fast paced enough to cause an injury.

      Rehab hard, see where you are in 6 months, take the redshirt if there is any doubt (hoping he still has one, at least take the first 3-4 games off if you’re not sure). Godspeed young Exum.

    3. This is one of the worst posts i have ever seen. Worst than posts about Glennon or whatever. Having torn an ACL, PCL, and MCL as well as other knee surgeries, I am a little bit of an expert. Tearing an ACL or any injury has nothing to do with nutrition or strengthening the knee or protective measures.

      You can just come down wrong on the knee, forget to bend it on impact with the groud, or just plant wrong and the ligament can tear.

      Braces are not a big thing either. Many basketball players wear ankle braces to protect them and they help. But if an injury is going to occur, it is going to occur. You come down on someone’s ankle the wrong way, you plant to come to a stop and the top of the leg goes one way… anything can happen. You don’t have to be hit to tear an ACL. And to think that nutrition is going to stop an injury? Tearing an ACL in basketball like that is far more likely…

    4. Interesting thoughts. So much of our health is dependent on proper nutrient intake… C is strongly related to Connective tissue. Those denegrating your theory are likely ignorant re long term impacts of nutrition on their own health

      1. Yep, they are small voices like mine and yours and met with immediate fierce opposition in the form of mockery. So when you mock, just to be sure, you are standing with the Prince of Darkness himself. That’s one of his tactics.

        Those denigrating my post were expected. They probably still think heart attacks happen because they eat too much animal fat, red meat, or eggs. They probably are saying, “my cholesterol is too high”. Funny thing is your body makes more cholesterol than you could ever consume. These are the ones that remove salt from the diet as well because their western doctor told them too. Like I said, “sold down the river”. There fervor of their posts just confirms it.

    5. Yep. I have been emailing Gentry about it for years….what we are missing is orange slices and juice boxes for everyone. When will he learn?

      1. Didn’t we give o linemen orange Popsicles last summer? Does that count!!

        If ANYONE (especially anyone who has SEEN AE or any of those guys) thinks nutrition is a problem, they are flat crazy.

        These guys take so much better care of themselves than any of us ever did..even those of us who do and DO take care of ourselves. They know what is at stake; they eat and workout accordingly.

        I HATE that they play pickup basketball, but you really can’t ask the guys to stop living life…If I had to blame anything (other than just plain, rotten, stinking luck!!!), I’d pin it on pickup basketball, NOT poor training or nutrition!!

  5. I just knew there was too much good news surrounding the program this offseason for it to continue. Godspeed Antone, hope you’re a fast healer and on the field for ACC play. No need to rush back and ruin your future.

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