Hokies to Play Rutgers in the Russell Athletic Bowl

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It’s official: Virginia Tech will play in the Russell Athletic Bowl on Friday, December 28 in Orlando.  The Hokies will take on former Big East rival Rutgers at 5:30pm, and the game will be televised by ESPN.  This game will be Virginia Tech’s 20th consecutive bowl game.

The Russell Athletic Bowl will be one of three bowls that day.  The others are the Independence Bowl at 2pm, and the Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas at 9pm, which means that the Hokies and Scarlet Knights won’t have any TV competition from other bowls.

Rutgers went 9-3 this season and narrowly missed playing in the BCS after losing to Louisville 20-17 on Thursday night.  Their other losses were to 11-2 Kent State (35-23) and 6-6 Pitt (27-6).  Their biggest wins of the season came against Arkansas (35-26) and Cincinnati (10-3).

The Scarlet Knights are very similar to Virginia Tech in some ways, most notably the fact that their defense performed well over the season, while the offense lagged behind.  Here’s a quick look at how Rutgers ranks offensively…

Rushing: #100
Passing: #83
Total: #100
Scoring: #94
Pass efficiency: #65

However, their defensive rankings are the direct opposite…

Rushing: #11
Passing: #39
Total: #14
Scoring: #4
Pass efficiency: #25
Tackles for loss: #19

Rutgers runs a 4-3 defense, and they are very small up front.  Every defensive tackle in the two-deep weighs 275 or below, while a starting defensive end weighs just 230.  However, this is a defense that has shown the ability to run and make plays in backfield, as their defensive numbers indicate.

If the stats for each team are an indication, we can expect a low scoring affair on December 28.  We’ll have more on this bowl matchup later this week.

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  1. Congrat to the team! Tough year, but we were with you at home and a couple on the road. The loss at UNC was probably the worse for me, but you sucked it up, found a way to win and get in a bowl. Have fun in Orlando!
    Hope noone get the greyhound ticket home this year!

  2. Considering the close calls at the end of the season (BC and UVA) I’m happy the Hokies are playing in any bowl game at all.

  3. Mr. Coleman –

    Secret Weapon?

    EDMUNDS !!!!!!!

    Play Edmunds = busting open a can of whoop-em on Rutgers!

    Go Hokies!

    1. So you’re suggesting that we blow an entire year of a kid’s college eligibilty just so he can see spot duty at RB in a third-tier bowl game?

      Great idea.

      Wouldn’t hold my breath on that one.

      1. While I wouldn’t either, I couldn’t believe that Georgia was going to blow the red shirt off a true freshman QB against Alabama. Richts said if it gave them the best chance to win, he would do it, with no hesitation…

        1. Hmmm… burning a redshirt to try to win a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP


          burning a redshirt to win the Russell Athletic Bowl vs Rutgers.

          A bit of a difference.

          QUICK: without looking, in 5 seconds, can you tell me who won the last two Russell Athletic Bowls?


          I didn’t think so.

  4. This is good for practice time but other than that it serves little purpose. Hopefully next year will be better but I do not expect any changes in the offensive staff so it most likely will be a repeat of this year. CFB is a great coach and his loyality to his staff is commendable, but until he thinks with his head and not his heart the Hokies are what they are.

  5. This team played hard and never quit..particularly in the last two games. As a result they are rewarded with a warm climate bowl against a future Big 10 team. All is not great but it ain’t terrible. Life gives all of us years like this and for those that can fight thru it, the rewards are usually very gratifying. Lets hope these kids enjoy the next three weeks and their time in the sun. Say what you will but they have earned it!

  6. Yes it has been a rough year. But, finding the balance after 60 days of retirement, I have my family, grandson, friends and except for a few aches and pains good health, I can still drive at night, and mow the grass. I’m grateful and my expectations for next year will be as high as they always are. It’s a good time to be alive. Thanks to all who served in the Military and GO HOKIES!

  7. D stats look good. Fortunately for us their D doesn’t suck because then we would find a way to play horribly. With a good D somehow our inept offense will come alive and play a great game. D will be the D and shut Rutgers down for the most part.

    On the Bowl selection show all they could really say about VT was that we could have had a worse year, ha ha.

    Go Hokies, one more game until the purge begins…….. (it better)

    1. Please, have you been a major college football coach? All these folks saying that this coach should be fired and then that coach that we are looking more like these stupid football programs that fire at the drop of a hat. Maybe you should be fired! Until you have worked as a coach of a major football program then you are not qualified to fire anyone. Unless the coach does something like up at Penn State that is something else and they should be fired. Otherwise, let the coaches coach and let FB decide who is to stay or be let go. If he makes that decision then that is what he is paid for. I would like to see you in the same situation for a season and see how long you would last with all of the Monday morning quarterbacks looking over your shoulder.

      1. Have you been President? Then what justifies you having a vote for the Presidency? You do not have to be something in order to judge the quality. I’m not saying the other response calling for a purge is right; just that you didn’t make a good argument. Try again.

  8. This is a chance for VT to end the season with three wins in a row and a good OOC win for the ACC. I don’t understand the people here claiming to have no interest in the game. The extra practice time for the younger players on the team is important in and of itself. I’ll also be interested to see if Zach McCray gets on the field at TE. He and LT were a good combination in HS, so he could be a little bit of an x-factor in this game. Go Hokies!

  9. It was a tough year. We’re Hokies even when it is tough. It is good to know we will drink with real Hokies in Orlando. Not just band wagon know it all losers who will be huntin and lookin at ratings. Please stay home next year in Blacksburg. We can put real fans in the seats. Down times have their purpose too. They clear out the riff raff. Good riddance.

    1. Hey what is a good hotel. IM me on here, we are trying find one with lots of hokie fans. I’ll bring the wild turkey! GO HOKIES!

  10. Best part? Orlando is within the magical 2.5 hours of flying time from Roanoke so the team does not have to bus to Greensboro and fly from there (as they would have to do if we were ticketed to El Paso). Ca-Ching! Weaver is one happy AD tonight.

  11. WOW ! Matched up against that football powerhouse = Rutgers. Can’t wait to hear the VT Coaches excuses after another bowl game LOSS to the ‘pride’ of New Jersey = Boring !!!

    1. Remind me never to ask you to introduce me or any other VT alum as you will depress the crap out of the audience.

      Yes this was a bad year. GET OVER IT. Now support the team and cheer them on. Let’s send this future Big whatever number team to their new conference with a loss.

      GO HOKIES BEAT THE knights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. The stripers and speckled trout are biting and it gets better by the day. Passed up an 8 point buck Saturday. Things are busy. No changes equals no interest for me.

    1. Why do you continue to show the interest to come on the board and annoy everyone?

      Why read the articles?

      Why take the time to post?

      I wish you had no interest.

  13. #11 against the rush- Shane….stop sitting Scales and this package process. How about a little wrinkle for a bowl game like play your best back.

  14. Now would be a good time to find an offense.Maybe even try a blocked punt.Maybe even find a running back thats not Logan.Bud will be ready anyway.

    1. Everyone has figured out how to keep us from blocking punts. And Beamer hasn’t been able to recalibrate except to change philosophy from blocking to returning. Punt blocks are exciting and momentum changers, but so are punt returns. I’ve noticed we’ve improvved on punt returns the last couple of years, maybe to make up for lack of blocked punts and field goal attemps.

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