Hokies Hammered by UNC

Virginia Tech was hammered up front in a 48-34 loss at UNC on Saturday afternoon.  The Hokies dropped to 3-3 overall, and are now 1-1 in the ACC.  The Tar Heels improved to 4-2, with a 1-1 record in conference play.

Giovani Bernard scores a 62 yard touchdown against Virginia Tech

UNC tailback Giovani Bernard gashed the Tech defense for 262 yards on just 23 carries.  The 262 yards is the most Virginia Tech has given up to an opposing tailback in the history of the program.  Overall, the Tar Heels ran for 339 yards and averaged 7.5 yards per carry.

On the other side fo the ball, UNC completely shut down Tech’s running game, holding the Hokies to just 40 yards on the ground.  Tech trailed for most of the game and had to go to the air, and on the whole Logan Thomas had his best game of the season.  He was 26-of-49 for 355 yards, with two touchdowns and one interception, and he would have thrown for more yardage were it not for several drops by his senior wide receivers.

Dyrell Roberts had a big drop in the first quarter against blown coverage down the sideline, with no one around him.  He later left the game with a head injury.  Marcus Davis had a critical drop over the middle on a fourth down play deep in UNC territory, and he could have caught another well-thrown pass inside the Tar Heel 10 late in the game.

With Roberts on the shelf, r-freshman Dimitri Knowles had a big game for Virginia Tech.  Not only did he return a kickoff 93 yards for a touchdown, but he also had six catches for 83 yards, coming up with numerous key plays for Logan Thomas.  Corey Fuller also had some big plays, finishing with five receptions for 143 yards, including a big 66 yard touchdown in the fourth quarter.

The big story, however, was the play of the Tech defense.  They allowed 533 yards of total offense, and continued to have mental errors in the secondary, particularly with Detrick Bonner.  He hit the wrong gap in a huge 62 yard touchdown run by Bernard, he was beaten in the endzone on a touchdown pass, and in general he just looks lost.

Jack Tyler was probably the top player on Tech’s defense, finishing with seven tackles, 2.5 tackles for loss and a sack.  Michael Cole paced the team with 11 tackles and a tackle for loss.  When a r-freshman free safety leads the team in tackles, that’s a bad sign for the defense as a whole.  The Hokies did have nine tackles for loss in this game, which is one of their best outputs of the season (10 against Austin Peay, and nine against Georgia Tech).  However, they had too many missed assignments, too many missed tackles, and the interior of the defense was soundly beaten by a UNC offensive line that has been playing very well this season.

The Hokies return home to face Duke for their homecoming game next weekend, but that is by no means going to be an easy win.  The Blue Devils are 5-1 on the year, unbeaten in ACC play, and coming off a 42-17 thumping of UVA despite the fact that quarterback Sean Renfree was out with an injury.  Considering the fact that they nearly upset Virginia Tech a year ago, the Blue Devils will be very confident coming to Blacksburg.

Kickoff for next week’s game is scheduled for 12:30pm, and the game will be televised by The ACC Network.

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  1. We aren’t that bad, but we aren’t that good. Unfortunately, the difference is that the other teams are plain tougher than we are. That makes us bad. Our safety position is a hot mess. Blown run defense all the time. If we could run-block and be tougher up front, we wouldn’t have to play defense because we’d win every game by 20. But, that isn’t the case.

  2. I agree with most of the comments above, Stay with Knowles ,he appeared to run his routes with energy and did not mind going in the middle of the field to catch a pass’ I think we need much more enthuasim , these young men will come together, We also need this emotion from the coachesl One other thought, If Frank goes hire John Gruden and let him pick his staff.

  3. To look at the number of 10 win seasons, you wonder when Tech had a rebuilding year. The 8 new faces on offense is tough, the timing miscues of the receivers is troublesome,but the toughest thing to watch is the offense not keeping the defense off the field for any sustained period of time. Most of our scores seem to be quick hit drives. Scales seems to be the only running back who is delivering blows and falling forward. If the others need help, get the fullback involved in some way.

    1. Ever watch a dynamic offense line up or motion into the backfield. That woul be interesting since our FBs can’t catch (an block fair at best).

  4. Do you ever wonder how WVU can have such a strong team year after year? Recruiting to Morgantown can’t be that easy.

    1. And that really hurts. Plus, if I am not mistaken they have a MNC. For them to be that better than VT is really bad. Maybe we need to burn some couches.

  5. One other point. Tweedy is the best open field tackler on the team. Makes a ton of special team tackles. How can he not be the whip? Can he blow any more assignments than we are already blowing?

  6. The current VT situation is very confusing. The Hokies ground game had a total of 40 yards against UNC. UNC’s Bernard had 262 yards on his own. Nevertheless, the O scored enough to win both the Cincy and UNC games. Where is the D? I haven’t heard or read anything about a player meeting to air the issues and get the train back on the tracks. Does make you wonder about team leadership.

  7. Our team has no leadership. No one holding their teammates accountable. Regardless of talent or coaching, can’t be a good team without good leaders. On a positive note, Arkansas finally righted their ship yesterday. Every week can be a new season. Hope we right ours next week. Miami is beatable, NC State proved FSU is still not invincible, so who knows what can happen?

    1. Well said, and I agree. Lack of leadership is an obvious problem. Having such a poor defense and non-existent running game is so surprising to all of us. But, lets persevere folks. Support the team, cheer loud, and don’t desert them.

  8. If I did not see it, I would not believe a team could be this bad..Hopefully, the younger guys will get to play more so at least they will have experience for next year that’s the only positive I can imagine..Anyone for changing the Bama game till 2020?

  9. Face it. Every team that has beat us has had more play makers and more talent than us. Several years in a row, Butch Davis and Co. out recruited us (not on the up and up) and those kids are still there with better coaching and they flat out beat us. We are not a talented team and it shows more and more with every loss. The reason Coach Beamer has no answers is because there are no answers when you don’t have the talent to beat other teams.

  10. Just watched Frank’s postgame interview with the media…..he looks and sounds like the captain of the Titanic. He is a defeated man who has NO answers and NO clue where to find the answers for this team. In all fairness to the coaching staff, this game is on the players. WAY TOO MANY execution mistakes by the players today!!

  11. Hokies are a sinking ship right now. CFB is has lost his fire and seems to be same broken record about saying how hard he thought our players played and giving the other team too much credit. Hokie fans want so badly to move to legitimate top 10 contender who can win games on the big stage. We consistently come up short on big games. Don’t get me wrong, Frank is a class act and always has been, but his loyalty will be his downfall if he doesn’t dig deep in evaluating O coaches performance and push the refresh button for O staff. Bud has always carried the water, but doesn’t have the team this year to carry the load! I’m okay giving him a hall pass this year based on his body of work over the years! When was the last time a Stiney team carried the water? Bud will get things fixed for next season. Any team can have a down year and Hokie Nation hasn’t seen losing season in 19 seasons, but this year we not only come up short on bowl, but also on winning season! Seems like most of the teams in the top ten have moved to high-octane O and so far its not even a consideration in Hokie playbook. Really don’t see any wins coming other than possibly UVA and that will likely be the Coastal basement championship game!

    1. I experienced the years prior to 1993. CFB didn’t start his climb until he was FORCED to make some changes. He’s a class guy who doesn’t want to fire anybody, but his back’s to the wall now, just like prior to the Independence Bowl year.

    2. For God’s sake, CFB built this program from the basement. I was in the basement days. They stunk. A lot worse than now. We were a pseudo MAC team that people would schedule for their cup cake game. I don’t disagree with A LOT of needed change on the offense, but it pisses me off to no end when fans just complain about Beamer.

      Lay off him and let him go out like he wants to. He won’t be coaching much longer. And be damn careful what you wish for. I’ve said it numerous times, but here is a PARTIAL list of HIGH FLYER teams who lost a legendary coach – Notre Dame, Nebraska, Alabama, Texas, USC, Ohio State, Miami. Go check their records.

      CFB has given all of us a lot of things to be proud of and moments we will never forget. Yes, a lot of sad ones as well. But take the good with the bad. Don’t you realize that the coaching staff feels A LOT WORSE ABOUT THIS THAN ANY OF US???? Do you think Bud Foster will enjoy reviewing the tape today? Or CFB?

      1. Spot on TH89 – CFB has done wonders with the program, and has put together a remarkable streak of bowl games and winning seasons. LET’S GO HOKIES!!

      2. Any great leader should be able to accept criticism. Sure we all want to support the head coach that brought the program to its unprecedented bowl streak and top 25 year end and year out. I’ll be rooting for the Hokies every game. But the same old answers when things don’t go well and we stay the same course, warrants criticism and desire for change.

      3. Check the data though, and consider others beside your list. There are data showing the staying on can let the program go downhill- maybe FSU, PSU, Darrell Royal removed and became the AD at Texas after one down year after about 20 years of very great success. It does not help to get POed about the complaints. Some of us believe he is adequately compensated to have complaints directed his way.

    3. I agree with ABSS Hokie 86 except for the only other win could be against UVA. I think we could beat Duke, BC and UVA. I really don’t remember when VT wasn’t physcal on defense. How do have the the same basic defensive front line from last year and are no where near last years performance. Our line backers are having a rough year and our secondary is no where to be found. I know we have youth and position changes in the secondary. The secondary will be expoited every game this year and I truly hope they’re able to rebound to some extent. I have faith in Bud and I believe he will turn it around to some degree this year and without a doubt he’ll turn it around next year. The O or lack of O has been glaringly absent for years. Ask your self a question Hokie Nation, What O coach would be recruited for that same postion he currently has at VT from another D1 program. And the answer is only 1, Shane Beamer. It seems Frank is in the forest and can’t see the trees. I hope Frank can turn things around, he’s a good man. The fan base is growing impatient and it’s close to being fragile at this time.

  12. 5 wins vs. 7 losses? 4 wins vs 8 losses? 3 wins vs. 9 losses? All seem very probable won/loss records for this floundering team!! Where is the heart? Where is the pride? Where is the emotion? Oh how I long for the days of a Corey Moore led defense.

  13. Several players should start realizing that they are just not that great and their careers will be like that. Marcus Davis will not be a NFL pro. Several OL are basically mediocre. the VT running game will not get better.

    One OL slipped a block and the running back ran right to where the OL had let a defender go ..tackle for loss. Either the RB chose the wrong spot or the OL/TE was looking to block at the next level not knowing the RB was coming his way. Just say.

  14. Not to nitpick..one of Tyler’s tackles was AFTER he took the wrong gap into the LOS and the RB was then several yards downfield. To his credit he chased downfield to make the tackle,,But the LBs are still crashing into the LOS a bit much.

    We didn’t even target Marcus Davis until deep into the first half. And we didn’t target Fuller until later. Why do we attempt passes to the FB. It is a joke to do that.

    1. If we have to RELY on MD, we are in bigger trouble than it looks…

      I won’t even pretend to know anything, BUT, the only non- F (or rF) I would play at WR is Corey Fuller! PERIOD!…and if we have to play ALL freshmen or backups on the oline, I’d do that too..In fact, at this point, we have nothing to lose by playing every young guy or backup on the roster. Let’s see who WANTS to play hard!

  15. The defensive line was supposed to be the strong suit this year,,, experienced and deep. For the most part they are keeping the linebackers free but they are not at all being disruptive . We are unable to get a pash rush with only four. And with the secondary shortcomings, this is an absolute neccessity.

  16. Knowles is a big improvement over Roberts. Davis isn’t dependable. Let’s go with Fuller and the young guys at receiver……..I’m tired of Roberts and Davis not being able to step up. And stop the screen to Coleman…….we don’t have the offensive line to make it work…..it seemed we lost yardage on that play all day.
    I’m still shocked at how bad the D has played (exception Jack Tyler). I still believe in Bud…..no one is more frustrated than he is.

    1. agree . . . so tired of seeing Davis indicate a flag should be thrown every time the ball is thrown his way. Should concentrate on making a tough catch look easy. With the God-given ability he has, its a shame he doesn’t step up and routinely make great plays.

      Sincerely hope the team can grow tighter through adversity or this will be a long ugly season.

      1. Just because you are a great athlete does not mean you have automatically have soft hands, or good concentration. Davis and Roberts lack both, and dont expect that to change much. As for the WR screens those only work when the WR can block. That play should be scrapped until the WR prove they can block someone on a more consistent basis.

    2. Still have faith in Bud?

      After all the defenses we have had, to let one bad season even question your faith in one of the best defensive coordinators in the country is shocking.

      Guys, comments like this do nothing good for the program. Stop being fair weather fans AND MAN UP THAT WE ARE HAVING A BAD SEASON.

      Questioning your faith in Bud Foster… That is simply amazing. I guess I should be glad you claim to have it.

  17. I’m going against the grain here in saying that I saw some positives today. However, they were undone by several miscues by individual players.

    I agree though that the d line was disappointing.

    I say we take Duke, the game finally means something.

    1. There were a few I’ll note while acknowledging that none of them mean very much given that it’s the first weekend in October and we have already found out that we won’t be in Charlotte on Dec 1st.

      1) Logan finally found his touch and was as commanding as one can be in a losing effort. His stat line would have looked amazing if not for the multiple big drops by our senior wr corps..
      2) Demetri Knowles had a breakout game and should be starting next week.
      3) Under the file of delayed gratification, the coaches hopefully learned that this year’s a wash and they should be mixing in the kids to get ready for Alabama and the rest of 2013.

      1. I think we have to ID positives and move forward . . . we are where we are, no use dwelling on the past, just look forward.

        Here are a few positives:

        1. Knowles showed he can at least catch the ball. Give him more touches, and remind him he has to block too.
        2. Exum rebounded from a horrible game against Cincy with a decent game.
        3. The offense scored in the first quarter.
        4. Logan Thomas can run the ball. Let him run coaches.

      2. Agreed with it all. Thanks for posting the positives despite an amazing sad day for the defense.

  18. Not only is Bonner looking iffy, Cole still doesn’t look ready. He made a lot of tackles but it was more of the hanging on rather than driving through the ball carrier.

    I still can’t figure out what happened to the defensive line from last year.

    1. Just back from the game.
      Cole missed a ton of tackles. Not good in the open field.
      We were dominated in all phases of the game and were never in it.

  19. For years and years the VT defense has been gashed by the opposition runner cutting back where the backside containment is totally missing or has been swallowed up. The NC runner time and time again today would cutback and have nobody for VT there or a db who misses the tackle..

    I don’t know if it’s scheme, missed assignments, or just lack of talent but to give up yards like VT did today, like they did against Pitt, remember Miller for Miami last year…it’s just sad anymore. Bud’s the D-Dog but what about Wiles coaching of the d-line anymore? Is the defense off limits with Stinespring getting all the venom from the fans?

    Frank is going to have to change his staff and the way he prepares the team. I read it a lot after the Cincy game. Like many others, I will not be driving the 6 hours and dropping on average $500 per home game after this year if changes are not made.

  20. Its time for the young guys to play and start looking towards next year. You can say what you want but it over for this year and we need to get the guys ready for next year, it a shame that Corey Fuller is a senior I think he could have been special if givin a chance. Knowing what we know now Stanford and Caleb would have been a better option than what we have now.

      1. I’m not sure about that. Vegas doesn’t like to lose money, and they don’t care that our name is VT. To them, we’re just a bad team (not actually bad, but not a good team).

  21. the most rushing yards given up ever, wow. I remember some very bad teams in the past

    didn’t Bonner play BC last year and do well? I think he is playing hurt

  22. Chris, are you looking into the future with saying Davis dropped a pass inside the Duke 10? Probably will happen though, usually good for a drop or two per game.

      1. VTBrain and C2 –

        Yes, good humor there.

        But nothing good about Davis – he drops passes as if he needs to leave ginger bread crumbs to find his way home. Not to mention he is the biggest under-achiever on the team, especially for a man with the physical gifts he has. Don’t call Roberts soft in the blocking game until you look at Davis. For his size, he blocks like he’s in a pillow fight. Sorry, sorry, he does like to go for the long play though and excels at those, just wish he would ramp-up his game in all aspects, especially if he wants to play on Sundays but very unlikely at this point.

        Hang tough Hokie Nation

  23. CC…looking ahead to next week’s game:

    Marcus Davis had a critical drop over the middle on a fourth down play deep in UNC territory, and he could have caught another well-thrown pass inside the Duke 10 late in the game.

  24. Duke is going to give us all we can handle. We clearly are the dog in this game. Where have you gone VT defensive line?

    1. I simply can’t fathom it. These are the same guys who were so stout against the run last season. Now they’re being handled with ease.

    1. Even Worse:

      WVU in number 8 and moving up , has been very good since 2005 even with three different coaches, generally has less talent, a porous defense, but a prolific OFFENSE.
      Our western cousins are the kings of the region this year.

      1. Amazing to see what good coaching and a sound offensive direction can do with good talent. WVU that is.

      2. Agree WVU has got it going on this year. Their offense is astounding, top to bottom. Their line is tough and skilled, RB’s are very good, WR’s great, and QB is phenomenal. If we played them this year, the beating we’d receive would be too awful to contemplate. And don’t forget…unlike VT, WVU has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to elevate their play when on the big stage. It’s really quite remarkable. Give them credit.

        As for Tech, our young kids will get better. The biggest positive I saw from VT yesterday was that the team “showed up”. Unlike the Pitt and Cincy games, the effort was there. We’ll be competitive this season and hopefully will win a game or two we aren’t supposed to. Finishing in the neighborhood of .500 will be hard to swallow but would be a good outcome considering where we’re at today and what we’ve seen so far. Hopefully a far better team will emerge next year from the ashes of such a season.

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