Tech Talk Live Notes for September 24, 2012

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Jim Weaver

Weaver watched the offensive line a lot against Bowling Green, and he thought Tech’s linemen were holding their blocks a little longer and getting a little more movement.

The timing in the passing game seems to be off a little bit, but Weaver doesn’t know why.  He knows Thomas will work through it and fix those issues.

Florida State and Clemson played very fast on Saturday night.  Weaver feels like the ACC is on the rebound.  They are headed in the right direction, especially with the new teams coming into the league shortly.

This was supposed to be a Cincinnati home game, but they sold it to the Redskins.  Weaver is very disappointed in the ticket prices to the game, but he has no control over them.  That is the result of Cincinnati and the Redskins.

Tech is working towards a new video board in Lane Stadium. Hopefully it is in place within the next 18 months.

Weaver would never take Notre Dame off the Virginia Tech campus and play them on a neutral site.  He wants Tech students and fans to have that experience.

Bryan Stinespring

Saturday was a great bounce back.  Stinespring liked the energy that the Hokies displayed.  They had a very testy week of practice after the Pittsburgh game.  The team handled the adversity well.

The execution has been frustrating to Stinespring.  The first 16 plays against Bowling Green, there were so many miscommunications, penalties, bad alignments, etc.  He thinks some guys are pressing, trying to make things happen, and they aren’t taking care of the little things.

Anytime your quarterback gets hit, it’s a concern.  It’s going to happen from time to time, but the Hokies have to do a better job of protecting Logan Thomas from unnecessary hits.

After the first 16 plays, things went well against Bowling Green.  Stinespring told the offense the Monday after the Pitt game that he needed to do a better job of coaching them.  He also told them that they needed to develop a tougher attitude when it comes to running the football.  They were much better against Bowling Green.  The line was more physical, the backs were more physical, and the quarterback was more physical.

Tech didn’t use the hurry up on Saturday.  They just wanted to line up and play.  They wanted to get a good look at what the defense was doing.  They either gave Logan two choices for playcalls, or had him look to the sideline for the play call.

You want to carry over the foundation of the offense, the running game, and you want to format it to work well with whatever personnel you might have.  If you have multiple formations, and you have to have a different play for each formation, you’re in trouble.  But if you can run your basic ideology with different formations, then you’ve helped yourself.  You can’t get good at anything if you have to invent something different for each formation.

When Tech spreads four-wide, they get very thin and very inexperienced at the wide receiver position.  Some of their misalignments come when they start spreading and motioning from multiple formations.

Tech spent a lot of time in the offseason discussing their redzone strategy.  They wanted to be a little more aggressive at times, and so far they are doing a better job of scoring touchdowns in the redzone.

Stinespring hopes they can settle on one main running back and get him into a rhythm.  He doesn’t know how long that will take.  Right now they have four running backs that bring something to the table.  Each guy does something that the offense needs.  There is a possibility that all four will play against Cincinnati.

One email asked why certain receivers are allowed to “loaf” with no threat of being benched.  Stinespring doesn’t think there is an effort problem, but he feels like they need to execute at a higher level more consistently.  The younger guys aren’t ready at this point.

Cincinnati is a good, experienced football team, especially defensively.  They are athletic and they like to play in the offensive backfield.

Logan Thomas threw the ball well on Monday, but his fingernail injury really hurt him on Saturday.  His fingernail got peeled all the way back on the thumb of his throwing hand.  Logan is a tough guy who is going to compete no matter what.

Joey Phillips brings a lot to the table as Tech’s fullback.  He’s an experienced guy, and he’s hard working.  Tech has been running a lot of pro formations this year because Phillips is a good blocker.

Pete Hughes

Tyler Horan hit 16 homeruns in the prestigious Cape Cod League over the summer.  He hit two more in the playoffs.  It’s a wooden bat league.  Horan’s accomplishments over the summer were very difficult, considering only one other player had done it before.  You are facing the premier college baseball pitching every day.  Besides hitting so many homers, Horan also was second in the league in batting average and RBI’s.  That’s as dominant as it gets.

Hughes follows all his players statistically over the summer.  When Horan got up to double-digit homers, Hughes started checking in via text messaging.  He was afraid Horan would get signed by a pro team over the summer.  He was draft eligible, and he was eligible to be signed as a free agent.  Hughes is very happy that Horan has arrived at the next stage of his development.

Horan and Hughes went to the same high school, and they actually played for the same coach.  When that coach recommended Horan to Hughes, that sealed the deal.  He feels like Horan has a lot of potential in baseball if he stays committed.  He’s so much better at hitting breaking balls now.

Offensively, there is as much firepower in Tech’s lineup as they’ve had the last few years.  The pitching staff is very inexperienced.  They will need a couple of young guys to step up on the mound.  It’s big that Joe Mantiply and Andrew Rash are back, rather than in the pros.

Tyler Horan

He got into a good rhythm, and at some point he realized that he was there for a reason.  He’s a good player, just like the pitchers.  It’s humbling to know that he can compete with that kind of talent.

Horan didn’t realize he was having a special season until late.  The last few weeks of the season was when it all happened.  It was a great experience to be up there.  It was the best stretch of his career.  At one point he had six homers in six days.

Horan played baseball his whole life, but before his junior season in high school he was more of a football guy.  He was getting offers from 1-AA schools.  He’s focusing solely on baseball for the first time in his life.  He ended up choosing Virginia Tech baseball over New Hampshire football.

It was a great experience to participate in the Homerun Derby at the College World Series.  Hopefully Virginia Tech will be able to travel to Omaha as a team this coming season.  It was incredible to hit in front of 22,000 people.

Bruce Taylor

Taylor’s grandmother passed away the week before the Pitt game.  She’s the woman who is most responsible for the man he is today, along with his mother.  His grandmother pretty much raised him.  In fact, she raised three generations of kids.  She also had 15 foster children.  She was a great woman.

Tech cleaned up a lot of things between the Pitt game and the Bowling Green game.  They just weren’t ready to play against Pitt.  Watching the film on Monday showed how bad the Pitt game was, and they knew they were better than that.  Guys were flying to the ball against Bowling Green.  They missed too many tackles against Pitt.

Tech didn’t have a great week of practice leading up to Pitt, and Taylor thinks that’s why they played poorly.  That won’t happen again.

Taylor’s ankle injury occurred in the second quarter of the Georgia Tech game.  Looking back, he probably should have come out of the game.  He wasn’t the same guy after that.  The ankle is feeling good now.

Taylor is looking forward to playing teams like Florida State and Clemson.  At the end of the day, you can only hang your hat on quality victories.  Tech is capable of beating those teams.  They will be ready for Clemson after last year, especially Taylor, who will be heading back to his home state.

Taylor visited UNC, FSU, South Carolina and Clemson, but ultimately chose Tech.  He went with his gut feeling.  All the coaches that recruited Taylor to most of those other schools aren’t there anymore, but he knew the VT coaching staff would stay intact.  He wanted to be around people who were honest and who would treat him right.

Bud Foster is pretty much the opposite of what you see on the field.  He never really yells in the meeting rooms and such.  He does get more fired up out on the field.

Cincinnati is a good team.  They handled Pitt.  The Hokies will have to play a good game.  Cincinnati runs the spread, and they are effective because they have Munchie Legaux at quarterback.

There’s a difference between being hurt and being injured.  Football players have to fight through their minor hurts.  Taylor feels good right now.

What you saw at Pitt will not happen again this season.  Going back and looking at that film just makes you sick.  That won’t happen again.

Joey Phillips

The Pittsburgh game was tough.  It was a much better feeling after the Bowling Green game, and they have to keep that going against Cincinnati.

Phillips had an opportunity to play Division III football, but he decided to walk-on at Tech.  He played at Blacksburg High School, and it’s been great to play with high school teammates Bo Gentry and Trey Gresh.

Phillips grew up going to games at Lane Stadium.  His dad was a long-time assistant baseball coach at Tech.  He never really started thinking about playing at Tech until spring of his senior year of college.  He had already been accepted to Tech as a student, and Billy Hite offered him a walk-on spot.

Phillips is a scholarship player now, and he owes all the credit to the strength and conditioning program for making him the fullback that he is.  Jarrett Ferguson, who is a coach in the strength and conditioning program, was his favorite player as a kid.

He is in favor of more I-formation.  Obviously he wants to play as much as possible.

Shane Beamer brings a lot of energy to the table.  Phillips has been fortunate to have played for two good running backs coaches.

Tech got into an offensive rhythm in the second quarter against Bowling Green.  It was refreshing, and it took some pressure off people.

Cincinnati has a really good defense.  Phillips doesn’t know much about their quarterback, except the fact that their quarterback is named Munchie and he has really long dreadlocks.  Their defense is big and experienced.

Phillips has a degree in Human Development.  He has started working on his Masters in Structural Design and Technology.  He’ll finish that up this spring.

Frank Beamer

Beamer is proud that Tech came back and played well against Bowling Green.  They are a solid team, especially up front on defense.  They played Florida very tough.

The Hokies took a step forward on Saturday, and now it’s a matter of taking the next step. They have to play with great effort and execute consistently.  At times they were very good offensively on Saturday, and other times they just weren’t quite clicking.

Beamer is happy that the Hokies are getting plays out of their special teams.  Kyshoen Jarrett is #1 in the country on special teams.

Cincinnati has experience on defense, and they are very athletic.  Offensively, they have an athletic quarterback who is very productive.  The Hokies have their work cut out for them.  This is the most athletic team they will have faced so far.  It’s a big game for Cincinnati, but it’s a big game for Virginia Tech, too.

Cincinnati was off this past week, so they will have an extra week to prepare.  They are well-rested, so they will have an advantage.

Beamer believes that all four tailbacks bring something to the table.  He believes Michael Holmes will be very good.  He had to make one defender miss on his long run, and he made him miss.

Miami, Clemson and FSU have very good offenses.  You have to get ready for your next game and not worry about the future.

Defensively, Cincinnati has allowed just 8.5 points per game.  They have eight sacks and 17 TFLs.  Last year they lead the country in TFL and were second in sacks.  Offensively, they are 12th nationally in rushing yards.  They are a really good team.  They are experienced and athletic.

Logan Thomas needs a little more help from the people around him.  He trusted Danny Coale and Jarrett Boykin a lot, but he’s not quite on the same page with the receivers this season.  Last year he got better as the season went along, and he’ll do the same this year.

Beamer really likes the young receivers such as Demitri Knowles, Kevin Asante, and Christian Reeves.  They need those guys to come along quickly.

Anybody who watched the Cincinnati-Pitt game will realize that the Hokies have their work cut out for them.  Beamer hopes a lot of Tech alums will be at the game in DC.

Munchie Legaux is a talented quarterback with experience.  He was productive last year.  He’s capable of getting it done on the ground and through the air.  He had a great, long run against Pittsburgh.

Deon Clarke and Joshua Stanford didn’t dress last week.  Tech will apply for a redshirt for both of them.  Both of them have different circumstances right now.  Redshirting is in their best interest, each for different reasons.

Monday was Day 2,859 of Virginia Tech’s continuous possession of the Commonwealth Cup.

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  1. “Stinespring told the offense the Monday after the Pitt game that he needed to do a better job of coaching them”… You don’t say

  2. keys to victory
    1. offensive line must stay on their blocks until play is over
    2. defense to play physical VT football, knock players out (with legal hits of course)
    3. line up on offense with some attitude and get nasty in the trenches-oh yea through deep once a quarter or series after first down

  3. Any shutout is a good shutout. Yes, I know they missed field goals, etc. etc. etc. It’s not easy to do, and give the team all the credit.

    I hope everyone in the DC/Baltimore/Philly area will fill up FedEx Field on Saturday. I’m flying in from Austin, Texas and taking my 82 year old parents to the game. They are excited – let’s get this place rocking!

  4. Maybe enough people have let Weaver know the jumbotron is ” rinky dink ” and needs updating to match other D-1 schools.

    I think the coaches are making too much about the improvement this week, BG is not a good team. The next 4 weeks will tell us a lot about this team.

    1. Maybe they’re not but we scored more points on them than FL or Toledo did…and Toledo has been known for high-scoring offenses. Their defense was very good vs FL

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