Hokies Ranked #16 in Preseason AP Poll

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The 2012 preseason AP Poll is out, and the Hokies are ranked #16, four spots higher than in the Coaches Poll.

This year’s ranking continues a gradual slide in the AP preseason rankings over the last few years. Going into their 2009 opener with Alabama, the then-ACC champion Hokies were ranked an all-time AP preseason high of #7, but preseason regard for VT has slipped since then:

  • 2012: #16
  • 2011: #13
  • 2010: #10
  • 2009: #7
  • 2008: #17
  • 2007: #9
  • 2006: #17
  • 2005: #8
  • 2004: not ranked
  • 2003:#9
  • 2002: #16
  • 2001: #9
  • 2000: #11
  • 1999: #13

This year’s AP ranking does, however, show more respect for the Hokies than the coaches poll, in which VT was ranked #20.

Just like in the coaches poll, Florida State was ranked #7 in the AP and Clemson #14. FSU, Clemson and the Hokies are the only ACC teams to appear in the preseason polls.

The Hokies open the season Monday, September 3rd against Georgia Tech, which received votes in the AP Poll and came in at #31.

Complete Poll

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  1. I am torn on this. On the one hand, pre-season rankings should not matter at all. But….they kinda do. If you want to get to #1 or #2, you can’t start at #20, especially if you don’t play a high profile marquee game. Honestly, VT is getting jacked in these ratings. Michigan can get a #1 vote even though we would beat them 199 times out of 200 (yep)? Honestly, do these people actually watch games or do they just vote? Full disclosure, I would rank VT #7 right now and challenge anyone to criticize that. Defense = BETTER, Offense = SAME (maybe better), Special Teams = BETTER BY A LONG SHOT (watch….Beamer knows it’s time to step it up here). So please explain the 20/16 rankings?????

    1. Explain them? I can explain them easily:

      We don’t win the big game.

      Why rank us #5 in the country when they know we’re going to get to the end of the season and lose the last game? We may move up in the rankings by beating up on creampuffs and ACC crap teams, but the AP voters know we’re not a real player in the race.

      Until Frank Beamer makes the change that he needs to make to move us up to the next level (firing the OC), I wouldn’t rank us any higher either.

      Look at the points scored against Clemson all last year by other teams. Then look at the points scored against them by us. Look at the talent those other teams had. Then look at the talent we had.
      Look at the playcalling against Michigan in the bowl game last year – running a small, nimble running back into a huge defensive line, when he hadn’t done well running between-the-tackles all year long.

      Stinespring is an incompetent fool, and until we get rid of him (not just move him around – GET RID OF HIM), we’re not going to progress.

  2. I agree – the Hokies just need to win each game and let the polls work themselves. Wasn’t Auburn unranked in the 2010 preseason before they went on to win the National Championship that same season? GO HOKIES! Beat GT!

  3. The Ramblin Rectum from Georgia Tectum. I live in ATL and they are gping to bring their “A” game.. When you play them early in the year they are not as beat up as later. We had better be ready to “SWAT” the yellow maggots.

  4. AP poll doesn’t factor into the BCS, so it really doesn’t matter. All we can do is go out and win because that’s what we control.

    Go Hokies!!!

  5. The loss to Mich (#8 in this years poll) in the SB factored in to the pollster’s considerations. Whether we agree or disagree, bowl performance does matter.

    1. Bowl performance does matter but preseason polls do not. The voters for these rankings usually do only a cursory review of teams (conference affiliation, pervious season results and number of returning starters on O and D) before placing their votes. You add in a little local bias and politics – as shown by Michigan receiving a #1 vote – and you have something that is only good for coffee break and sports radio chatter.

      This is not a bad starting place. Hopefully the low respect allows us to fly under the radar and play with a little chip on our shoulder.

      I am not a big Al Davis fan but as he used to say, “just win baby”.

      1. I don’t see the hype that everyone is giving to Michigan considering the beating we gave them in the SB in every way except the score board. But like you say preseason rankings mean nothing just ask FSU.

          1. Well the #8 ranking makes a lot more sense then… the top 10 matchup will get more eyes on the sets. Just another thing to create hype.

  6. I always love seeing that 2004 preseason ranking.. I saw Michigan received a first place vote… have they improved that much since their last game where they had 179 yards of offense?

    1. Michigan receiving a first place vote is a joke and the person who gave them that vote should have his privilege removed!

  7. Better to start low and go up, than to be highly ranked and be unable to sustain the position. I think that we will rise in the polls as the season progresses … assumes we take GT.

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