TSL’s Preseason In-State Top 40

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TechSideline.com’s   Preseason   In-State   Top   40   for   the   class   of   2013   is   here.    This   group   is   deep   at   the   top,   with   12   players   currently   ranked   in   the   4-star   category.    The   top   10   includes   a   good   mix   of   offensive   and   defensive   prospects,   including   three   quarterbacks,   three   linebackers,   two   running   backs   and   two   defensive   ends.    Topping   the   list   is   Stone   Bridge   (Ashburn,   VA)   defensive   end     href=’/player/Jonathan-Allen-2343/’>   Jonathan Allen   ,   a   nationally   pursued   player   who   committed   to   Alabama   this   spring.

Of   the   Top   40,   only   14   remain   uncommitted   at   this   time.    Three   of   those   prospects   reside   in   the   top   10,   and   two   more   are   in   the   top   15.

The   Top   10

Stone   Bridge   (Ashburn)   defensive   end     href=’/player/Jonathan-Allen-2343/’>   Jonathan Allen     has   been   one   of   the   most   dominant   defensive   players   in   the   state   over   the   past   two   seasons.    In   that   span,   the   6’3″,   230-pound   Alabama   commit   totaled   192   tackles   with   35   sacks   and   10   forced   fumbles.    Of   the   2-time   Washington   Post   first-team   all-metro   selection,   Bulldogs   head   coach   Mickey   Thompson   said:    “I’ve   never   seen   anybody   get   off   the   ball   that   quick.    He   has   quickness   off   the   ball,   but   he   will   also   smack   you   in   the   mouth.    He’s   relentless.”

With   his   superior   quickness,   speed,   and   just   overall   ability,   Allen   looks   to   be   an   outstanding   defensive   end   prospect.    The   Bulldogs   star   comes   in   at   no.   1   in   my   initial   in-state   top   40   for   the   class   of   2013.

  href=”https://virginiatech.sportswar.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/fbrec_green_derrick_2013_01.jpg”>   class=”size-medium   wp-image-182260″   title=”fbrec_green_derrick_2013_01″   src=”https://virginiatech.sportswar.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/fbrec_green_derrick_2013_01-215×300.jpg”   alt=””   width=”215″   height=”300″   />     href=’/player/Derrick-Green-2418/’>   Derrick Green  

After   showing   flashes   of   his   talents   in   2010,   Hermitage   (Richmond)   running   back     href=’/player/Derrick-Green-2418/’>   Derrick Green     broke   out   in   2011,   rushing   for   1,493   yards   and   19   touchdowns.    Green,   who   idolized   former   Ohio   State   and   NFL   running   back   Eddie   George,   is   truly   a   physical   specimen   at   6’0″,   230   pounds.    It’s   no   surprise   that,   with   his   impressive   size,   he   is   a   bruising   running   back   that   could   carry   the   ball   30   times   a   game   on   the   college   level.    Green   combines   college-ready   strength   and   size   with   great   feet   and   the   speed   to   break   big   plays.    Over   30   colleges   have   offered,   but   he   has   not   yet   narrowed   the   field.

Green   is second   on   this   list,   but   not   by   much.    Right   on   his   heels   is   a   versatile   running   back   out   of   Virginia   Beach.

Bayside’s     href=’/player/Taquan-Mizzell-2425/’>   Taquan Mizzell     has   earned   the   nickname   of   “Smoke”   for   good   reason.    The   Virginia   Beach   native   possesses   outstanding   elusiveness   and   quickness,   and   in   the   open   field   he   is   extremely   tough   for   one   player   to   tackle.    But   there   is   more   to   his   game   than   just   being   good   in   the   open   field.    He   is   a   fluid   and   natural   runner.    He   runs   very   well   in   between   the   tackles   as   well   as   in   the   open   field,   possessing   good   balance   and   very   good   vision   as   well.    The   5’10”,   185-pound   rising   senior   is   also   a   plus   receiver   out   of   the   backfield,   so   he   is   a   threat   on   many   levels.

Mizzell   has   narrowed   his   list   to   10   schools,   but   most   feel   Virginia   and   West   Virginia   are   the   favorites   right   now.

The   state   boasts   three   4-star   quarterbacks   in   this   class:      href=’/player/Ryan-Burns-3196/’>   Ryan Burns     (Stone   Bridge),     href=’/player/Christian-Hackenberg-2373/’>   Christian Hackenberg     (Fork   Union),   and     href=’/player/Bucky-Hodges-2387/’>   Bucky Hodges     (Salem   (Virginia   Beach)).    All   three   players   possess   good   size,   with   Hodges   coming   in   at   6’6″,   230   pounds,   Burns   being   6’5″,   220   pounds,   and   Hackenberg   measuring   in   at   6’3″,   210   pounds.    Hackenberg,   though,   currently   tops   my   in-state   quarterback   rankings,   coming   in   at   no.   4   overall.

Hackenberg,   a   Penn   State   commit   and   son   of   former   UVa   quarterback   Eric   Hackenberg,   guided   Fork   Union   Prep   to   a   VIS   state   title   in   2010.    I   like   his   quick   release   and   ability   to   make   all   the   throws.   He’s   also   a   pretty   good   athlete   with   good   footwork.    I   also   like   his   poise   and   leadership.    Hackenberg   shows   the   ability   to   stand   in   the   pocket   and   deliver   a   good   throw   in   the   face   of   pressure.

“He   has   a   good   head   on   his   shoulders.    He   doesn’t   get   rattled,”   said   the   longtime   FUMA   postgrad   coach,   who   doesn’t   coach   Hackenberg   but   knows   his   game   well.

  href=’/player/Matt-Rolin-3356/’>   Matt Rolin   ,   whose   brother,   Scott,   was   named   AA   Defensive   Player   of   the   Year   in   2010,   is   a   fluid,   fast,   and   rangy   linebacker   prospect.    He   rounds   out   my   top   5   prospects   in   the   state.

The   Briar   Woods   (Ashburn)   product   covers   a   lot   of   grounds,   moving   well   from   sideline   to   sideline.    He’s   a   tough,   solid   hitter.    The   6’4″,   220-pound   prospect   needs   to   gain   strength,   but   he   has   the   frame   to   add   20   pounds   or   so   on   the   next   level.    Rolin   drew   top   scholarship   offers   from   throughout   the   country   before   eventually   settling   on   South   Carolina,   where   he   has   family   ties.

  href=’/player/Wyatt-Teller-2417/’>   Wyatt Teller   ,   a   star   defensive   end   out   of   Liberty   (Bealeton),   is   one   of   the   most   intense   players   in   the   state’s   class   of   2013.    This   intensity   comes   through   on   the   field,   as   he   plays   with   an   aggressive   nature   and   a   high   motor.    It   comes   through   off   the   field   as   well,   as   Teller,   who   is   dedicated   in   the   weight   room,   has   added   20   pounds   this   offseason   alone   to   reach   the   272-pound   mark.    At   6’5″,   obviously   he   has   the   size   college   coaches   covet   on   the   line.    In   addition   to   size,   he   also   is   a   good   athlete.

Teller   wants   to   play   defensive   end,   but   with   his   size   and   athleticism   he   has   promise   as   a   defensive   tackle   or   even   an   offensive   tackle.    Most   college   coaches   like   him   on   defense,   though.    He   certainly   has   the   feel   of   a   defensive   player,   and   that’s   the   side   of   the   ball   I   think   he’ll   stick   on   in   college.    Virginia   and   Virginia   Tech   lead   Clemson,   Michigan,   and   Notre   Dame   right   now   for   Teller,   currently   my   no.   6   recruit   in   the   state.

At   no.   7,   I’m   going   with   Virginia   Tech-bound   linebacker/safety     href=’/player/Holland-Fisher-3360/’>   Holland Fisher   ,   who   came   away   with   linebacker   MVP   honors   at   the   Baltimore   Nike   Camp   this   spring.    The   6’2″,   200-pound   Fisher,   an   Under   Armour   All-American,   has   the   speed   and   athletic   ability   to   play   linebacker   or   safety.    Injuries   affected   his   production   last   year,   but   when   healthy   he   can   do   it   all   from   the   linebacker   spot.

Linebacker   E.J.   Levenberry,   who   transferred   to   Hylton   (Woodbridge)   after   two   years   at   WCAC   power   DeMatha   Catholic   (Hyattsville,   MD),   physically   looks   the   part   of   a   major   D1   middle   linebacker.    The   first   thing   I   noticed   was   his   6’3″,   230-pound   frame.    Levenberry   looks   to   be   a   sure   tackler   and   also   a   big   hitter,   producing   151   tackles   and   eight   forced   fumbles   last   season   as   a   junior.    He   shows   a   pretty   good   sense   in   pass   coverage   as   well,   and   last   season   he   totaled   nine   batted   passes   and   three   interceptions.

Major   college   programs   from   all   across   the   country   offered,   but   the   middle   linebacker   prospect   has   committed   to   Florida   State.    Levenberry   is   no.   8   on   this   list.

The   aforementioned     href=’/player/Bucky-Hodges-2387/’>   Bucky Hodges     is   currently   my   ninth   best   prospect   in   the   state.    Hodges   has   been   productive   since   taking   over   the   starting   quarterback   spot   late   his   freshman   year,   improving   each   season   on   the   varsity   level.    Passing-wise,   he   probably   needs   to   tighten   up   his   mechanics   on   the   next   level,   and   he   doesn’t   show   great   zip   on   the   ball   (though   he   can   throw   it   deep   pretty   well),   but   he   had   great   production   in   the   passing   game   last   season   as   a   junior.    In   2011,   Hodges   threw   for   2,142   yards   with   26   touchdowns   and   only   six   interceptions.    The   6’6″,   225-pounds   rising   senior   is   a   good   athlete   who   could   be   a   strong   runner   in   the   mold   of   current   Virginia   Tech   quarterback   Logan   Thomas.    Hodges   rushed   for   over   400   yards   each   of   the   past   two   seasons,   totaling   17   rushing   touchdowns   in   the   2-year   span.

Hodges’   dual-threat   abilities   are   exactly   what   Virginia   Tech   looks   for   in   a   quarterback.    He   committed   to   the   Hokies   back   in   April.

Of   the   top   three   quarterbacks   in   the   state,     href=’/player/Ryan-Burns-3196/’>   Ryan Burns     has   the   strongest   arm   and   may   have   the   highest   upside   from   a   passing   perspective.    The   fact   that   he   has   only   played   one   season   on   the   varsity   level   is   a   major   reason   why   I   have   him   third   of   the   top   three   quarterbacks,   but   he’s   a   player   that   could   well   move   up   my   rankings   with   a   productive   senior   season.    He   passed   for   over   1,800   yards   with   13   touchdowns   and   14   picks   last   season   as   a   junior.

Burns,   no.   10   on   this   list,   has   committed   to   Stanford.

Final   Piece

These   are   my   initial   rankings,   but   one   final   piece   remains   before   this   class   of   2013   rankings   puzzle   is   finished.    That   final   piece   is   the   upcoming   season,   after   which   my   postseason   rankings   will   be   released.    Several   prospects   spring   to   mind   as   having   the   potential   to   rise   significantly   in   my   postseason   rankings.    They   are:

  href=’/player/Ryan-Burns-3196/’>   Ryan Burns     (Preseason   rank:    10)     Burns   looks   like   the   prototypical   major   college   pocket   passer.    He   has   excellent   size   and   arm   strength.    He’s   not   a   runner,   but   he   can   move   around   the   pocket.    He   only   has   one   season   on   the   varsity   level,   though,   and   produced   mixed   results.    Burns   has   really   shown   well   in   camps   and   combines.    If   that   translates   to   the   field   this   coming   season, expect him   to   rise in   my   postseason   ranks.

  href=’/player/Corwin-Cutler-3390/’>   Corwin Cutler     (Preseason   rank:    28)     Cutler,   a   quarterback committed   to   UVa,   had   a   breakout   season   in   2011,   which   was   his   first   season   with   Ocean   Lakes   (Virginia   Beach).  The   6’3″   signal   caller has   the   tools   to   be   a   very   good   college   quarterback,   and   I’m   anxious   to   see   if   he   can   build   upon   the   success   he   had   last   year.    I   don’t   see   him   cracking   the   top   10,   but   certainly   he   could   increase   his   position   significantly.

  href=’/player/Tim-Harris-2368/’>   Tim Harris     (Preseason   rank:    11)     Harris,   a   DB/WR, was   banged   up   last   season,   so   he   didn’t   have a   big impact   on   a   quality   Varina   squad.    Watching   him   on   the   7-on-7   circuit,   you   can   see   what   attracts   him   to   college   coaches.  The   Virginia   commit is   tall   (6’2″   is   right   on),   lengthy,   and   he   is   a   fluid   and   fast   athlete.    Harris   has   high   potential   at   either   safety   or   corner.    If   he   stays   healthy   and   produces   a   big   season,   a   jump   into   the   top   10   is   definitely   possible.

  href=’/player/Chris-Holmes-3396/’>   Chris Holmes     (Preseason   rank:   31)     Since   last   summer,   the   Chancellor   (Fredericksburg)   WR/DB   added   almost   two   inches   of   height   and   saw   his   frame   fill   out   to   190   pounds.    At   the   same   time,   the   6’2″   rising   senior   kept   the   same   athleticism   and   speed   he   had   before.    Holmes   played   well   last   season,   but   he   could   really   break   out   this   coming   season.

The   Chargers   standout   has   committed   to   N.C.   State.

  href=’/player/DJ-Reid-2420/’>   DJ Reid     (Preseason   rank:    13)     This   offseason,   the   Thomas   Dale   (Chester)   product   has   added   about   18   pounds   to   his   6’1″   frame.    He   has   also   kept   his   sub-4.5   speed.    The   versatile   Reid,   who   has   played   several   positions   for   the   Knights,   could   be   heading   to   a   breakout   season   at   running   back,   where   he   could   get   30   carries   per   game.    Green   and   Mizzell   are   at   the   top   of   the   list   at   running   back   right   now,   but   Reid   has   the attributes   to   be   right   there   as   well.

The   Top   40

1       href=’/player/Jonathan-Allen-2343/’>   Jonathan Allen   ,   DE,   6’3″,   230   pounds,   Stone   Bridge   (Ashburn),   Committed   to   Alabama

2       href=’/player/Derrick-Green-2418/’>   Derrick Green   ,   RB,   5’11”,   225   pounds,   Hermitage   (Richmond),   Uncommitted

3     Taquan   “Smoke”   Mizzell,   RB,   5’10”,   185   pounds,   Bayside   (Virginia   Beach),   Uncommitted

4       href=’/player/Christian-Hackenberg-2373/’>   Christian Hackenberg   ,   QB,   6’4″,   210   pounds,   Fork   Union   Prep   (Fork   Union),   Committed   to   Penn   State

5       href=’/player/Matt-Rolin-3356/’>   Matt Rolin   ,   LB,   6’4″,   220   pounds,   Briar   Woods   (Ashburn),   Committed   to   South   Carolina

6       href=’/player/Wyatt-Teller-2417/’>   Wyatt Teller   ,   DL,   6’5″,   272   pounds,   Liberty   (Bealeton),   Uncommitted

7 –     href=’/player/Holland-Fisher-3360/’>   Holland Fisher   ,   LB,   6’2″,   200   pounds,   Manchester   (Midlothian),   Committed   to   Virginia   Tech

8 –   EJ   Levenberry,   LB,   6’3″,   230   pounds,   C.D.   Hylton   (Woodbridge),   Committed   to   Florida   State

9       href=’/player/Bucky-Hodges-2387/’>   Bucky Hodges   ,   QB,   6’6″,   225   pounds,   Salem   (Virginia   Beach),   Committed   to   Virginia   Tech

  href=”https://virginiatech.sportswar.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/fbrec_hodges_bucky_2013_01_home.jpg”>   class=”size-medium   wp-image-181999″   title=”fbrec_hodges_bucky_2013_01_home”   src=”https://virginiatech.sportswar.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/fbrec_hodges_bucky_2013_01_home-300×192.jpg”   alt=””   width=”300″   height=”192″   />     href=’/player/Bucky-Hodges-2387/’>   Bucky Hodges  

10       href=’/player/Ryan-Burns-3196/’>   Ryan Burns   ,   QB,   6’5″,   220   pounds,   Stone   Bridge   (Ashburn),   Committed   to   Stanford

11       href=’/player/Tim-Harris-2368/’>   Tim Harris   ,   DB,   6’2″,   190   pounds,   Varina,   Committed   to   UVa

12     Doug   Randolph,   LB,   6’3″,   225   pounds,   Woodberry   Forest,   Committed   to   Stanford

13       href=’/player/DJ-Reid-2420/’>   DJ Reid   ,   RB/ATH,   6’0″, 208   pounds,   Thomas   Dale   (Chester),   Uncommitted

14     DaeSean   Hamilton,   ATH,   6’1″,   175   pounds,   Mountain   View   (Stafford),   Uncommitted

15       href=’/player/Anthony-Shegog-3361/’>   Anthony Shegog   ,   S,   6’2″,   200   pounds,   North   Stafford   (Stafford),   Committed   to   Virginia   Tech

16       href=’/player/Braxton-Pfaff-3381/’>   Braxton Pfaff   ,   OL,   6’4″,   290   pounds,   Liberty   Christian   Academy   (Lynchburg),   Committed   to   Virginia   Tech

17       href=’/player/Donta-Wilkins-3391/’>   Donta Wilkins   ,   DT/OL,   6’3″   300   pounds,   Potomac   (Dumfries),   Committed   to   Virginia

18     Michael   Parker,   S/LB,   6’4″,   195   pounds,   Kettle   Run   (Nokesville),   Uncommitted

19 –   Kwamane   Bowens,   WR,   6’0″,   185   pounds,   Salem   (Virginia   Beach),   Committed   to   West   Virginia

20     Ryheem   Lockley,   ATH,   6’4″,   215   pounds,   Middlesex   (Saluda),   Uncommitted

21       href=’/player/Andrew-Motu’apuaka-3388/’>   Andrew Motu’apuaka   ,   LB,   5’11”,   200   pounds,   Salem   (Virginia   Beach),   Committed   to   Virginia   Tech

22     Zack   Jones,   WR,   5’11”,   190   pounds,   Oscar   Smith   (Chesapeake),   Committed   to   UVa

23       href=’/player/David-Prince-2422/’>   David Prince   ,   WR/DB,   6’1″,   175   pounds,   Patrick   Henry   (Roanoke),   Committed   to   Virginia   Tech

24 –     href=’/player/Cequan-Jefferson-3359/’>   Cequan Jefferson   ,   CB,   5’11”,   170   pounds,   Henrico,   Committed   to   Virginia   Tech

25       href=’/player/Oren-Burks-3362/’>   Oren Burks   ,   LB,   6’4″,   190   pounds,   South   County   (Lorton),   Uncommitted

26       href=’/player/Parker-Osterloh-3355/’>   Parker Osterloh   ,   OL,   6’7″,   270   pounds,   Warhill   (Williamsburg),   Committed   to   Virginia   Tech

27       href=’/player/Charles-Clark-2378/’>   Charles Clark   ,   Jr.,   DB,   5’11”,   185   pounds,   King’s   Fork,   Committed   to   Virginia   Tech

28       href=’/player/Corwin-Cutler-3390/’>   Corwin Cutler   ,   QB,   6’3″,   190   pounds,   Ocean   Lakes   (Virginia   Beach),   Committed   to   UVa

29     Evrett   Edwards,   CB,   5’11”,   175   pounds,   Woodbridge,   Committed   to   Duke

30       href=’/player/Deon-Newsome-2491/’>   Deon Newsome   ,   ATH,   5’11”,   175   pounds,   Hampton,   Committed   to   Virginia   Tech

31       href=’/player/Chris-Holmes-3396/’>   Chris Holmes   ,   ATH,   6’2″,   190   pounds,   Chancellor   (Fredericksburg),   Committed   to   N.C.   State

32       href=’/player/Brandon-Ravenel-3393/’>   Brandon Ravenel   ,   WR,   6’0″,   165   pounds,   North   Stafford   (Stafford),   Uncommitted

33     Chris   Burton,   TE,   6’4″,   245   pounds,   George   Washington   (Danville),   Committed   to   N.C.   State

34     Jack   English,   DT/TE,   St.   Christopher’s   (Richmond),   Committed   to   UVa

35     Eric   Tetlow,   OL,   6’6″,   290   pounds,   Mills   Godwin   (Richmond),   Uncommitted

36     Demitri   McGill,   DT,   6’2″,   300   pounds,   Ocean   Lakes   (Virginia   Beach),   Uncommitted

37     A.J.   Moore,   LB,   6’2″,   220   pounds,   Highland   Springs   (VA),   Uncommitted

38     Josh   Marriner,   RB,   5’10”,   180   pounds,   Western   Branch,   Uncommitted

39     Cam   Serigne,   TE,   6’3″,   225   pounds,   Briar   Woods   (Ashburn),   Committed   to   Wake   Forest

40     Mark   Wilson,   DE,   6’3″,   225   pounds,   Phoebus   (Hampton),   Committed   to   Old   Dominion

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  1. Would like to have had more from the top ten, but keep this in mind. Of those in the top ten, VT 2, UVA 0; in the second ten VT 2, UVA 2, in the third ten VT 6 UVA 2. In the last ten VT 0, UVA 1. Altogether VT 10, UVA 5. We still aren’t finished and hopefully we’ll end up even better.

  2. This looks like an unusually talented group of players in Virginia this year. Unfortunately, this seems to be hurting, rather than helping, VT.

    On the bright side, I guess we are doing well out of state.

  3. VT does not seem to be doing that well with the top in state prospects especially with Fisher’s commitment seeming kind of soft.

    1. If you consider 3 of top 10 are QB’s & we got the one we wanted. Plus, we already have 2 of top 10 & 3 are still uncommitted. It would be great to get Teller and 1 of the 2 RB’s. Also 10 of top 30 is not to shabby.

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