Nicolas Arrested, Suspended

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Virginia Tech r-freshman defensive end Dadi Nicolas has been arrested for second degree grand larceny, a felony charge.  As a result, he has been indefinitely suspended from the football team.

Nicolas will be ineligible to return to the football team until the charges are dropped or resolved.  He would also need special permission from Tech AD Jim Weaver to return to the team.  If he is convicted of the felony, he will be permanently dismissed.

Nicolas is a promising defensive end prospect who redshirted for the Hokies in 2011.  He has major athleticism off the edge, and was expected to compete for playing time in the two-deep this August.

James Gayle and J.R. Collins are entrenched as starters at defensive end, with Tyrel Wilson in the two-deep.  Candidates for the fourth defensive end position include Corey Marshall and Zack McCray, though either of those players could also end up at defensive tackle.  Matt Roth and Justin Taylor, both r-freshmen, could also factor in.

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  1. A lot of dumb things are done by students in college. But it is not difficult at all to stay out of trouble. I never got into trouble (but had my fun) while there as many of us did. You have to be SMART and know when “going too far” is probably going to get you in trouble. Heck, if I had been lucky enough to get a scholarship like this young man, then you wouldn’t ever catch me doing anything to jeopardize it nor would I be hanging out with friends that could drag me into something bad. These young men have to use their brains! It’s not hard! They are not kids anymore and I don’t buy the excuse that “they’re kids and kids do dumb things”! He was given a tremendous gift (scholarship) and I guess he just failed to realize how valuable that is! Very stupid indeed!

  2. Hello, 2014 recruiting class…. got some more early playing time to dangle in the face of some recruits, methinks. Silver lining at least….

  3. What a shame; really had high hopes for him this season. Heard from multiple sources he had a chance to be special and was looking forward to seeing some flashes this year. Hope this works out.

  4. UPDATE 4:15 P.M.: According to the arrest warrant filed by the Virginia Tech police department at the Montgomery County General District Court in Blacksburg, Nicolas was charged as a principal in the crime, which in Virginia means he was an accomplice who did not actually participate in the crime.

    1. Another source basically indicated he was a bystander, but charged nevertheless (I think that’s the “second degree” piece. My question is: Who was he with that got the “first degree” charge? Almost a replay of Cody Journell.

  5. Another youngman being Young and Not using his head. I hope he gets this straighten out and back on track . Football or No Football player, being Young and dumb can land you into the wrong at times. Hope for the best .

  6. CC, looks to me like with the two guys transferring out and Nicholas kicked off the team, there are three scholies open. Seems like we could open recruitment back up for some players we didn’t think we had room for.

    1. Kids and young adults in general are not known for their common sense. Lord knows I didn’t have good judgment, I’m fortunate to just never have been caught and derailed from my path, before I wised up sometime in my early-mid-20s. Good thing I’m “inconspicuous” looking (small, white).

      1. I agree with PortlandHokie. There are many of us who look back and can think of any number of acts for which we weren’t caught. If we had been things may have turned out differently. Kids will be kids. I have no idea what Nicolas did (other than, obviously, stealing something) but hopefully if he can show remorse and learn from his mistakes then maybe he’ll have a second chance. I tend to look at these things as if the accused is my own son. I certainly wouldn’t want him locked up with the key thrown away. Let’s not be quick to judge.

          1. When I was a kid, I was an honor student, National Merit Scholar, the whole deal.

            I also destroyed private property repeatedly, including trashing a couple school classrooms and egging houses of those we didn’t like for whatever reason. I stole stuff from stores. I skipped class. I was VERY susceptible to peer influence and did not do my parents proud as a result. And, again, I eventually grew up and became a successful normal adult.

            So yeah, grand larceny is sadly often part of the teenage experience.

        1. No…but let’s not look at what we did and automatically chalk everything everybody does up to “youthful indiscretion”…If you participated (on any level) in FELONY GRAND LARCENY, then you were indeed lucky, and dodged a potentially life-changing bullet….

          If, as most of us moronic young men (read; ME) you did a boatload of stupid things that did NOT include FELONIES…then I agree with you!

          I just grow weary…Stupidity really should NOT be an excuse, the law doesn’t make provisions for it! “Going along to get along” when your boys are committing a crime against others (home invasion, burglary, and the like) is a sign you aren’t playing the card-game of life with all of your face cards!

          Additionally, somewhere, these guys need to get the message that playing football on scholarship (with a shot at winning the NFL cash lottery) is a privilege that is NOT their athletic birthright!…..

          Obviously, that message is NOT getting through anywhere; not even when they get to the NFL…Damn shame….Damn waste….We shall see!

        2. I agree that kids will be kids and we have all done stupid stuff, but when one is lucky enough to have the opportunity that thse kids get, then they should be held to a higher standard! We ARE paying their college bill and giving them a shot at a career doing what they love, a chance not many get.

          I don’t think he should be jailed forever IF he is found guilty, However, I think Beamer should kick him to the curb without a second look. Set the example thatr this sort of behavior will not be tolerated or excused. There are plenty of other fine young athletes out there that deserves a second look. Build a team that has high moral and ethical values to prepare them to contribute to society (unlike idiots who act like Marcus Vick).

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