Article Notification Email Service Restored

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TSL Pass subscribers: We have restored our article notification email service. That’s the feature where we send you an email when we post a new article. We didn’t have this in place when we launched, and after a false start a couple weeks ago, we have everything set up.

Here are some important details about the service:

  • This is a service for TSL Pass subscribers only.  Sending out emails to all 40,000+ of our registered users (free and pay) would be certifiably insane, so it’s a subscriber-only service.
  • To check whether or not you’re set to receive the emails, log into the site, click the “Account Details” link near your login name, and then click the “Edit Profile” tab. Look for the “Unsubscribe from emails” check box. If you want to receive article notifications, make sure the box is UNCHECKED … but first, read the next note.
  • Unfortunately, with our new aMember user management software, the “Unsubscribe from emails” box, if checked, will also prevent you from getting subscription expiration reminders. The two are linked together. So be aware that if you check the box, you won’t get article notifications, AND you won’t get subscription expiration notices.  If you uncheck the box, you’ll get both.

Other Ways You Can Know When We Update the Site

Emailing article notifications is a subscriber-only feature, but we also post article notifications right away on our Facebook page:

And on our Twitter account:

Poll Regarding Article Notifications

So, knowing about all those resources, a question for those of you who are TSL Pass (paid) subscribers, and who are interested in receiving article notification emails. How would you prefer we send out article notifications via email?

Note that we’re not necessarily going to set our schedule based on the results of the poll, we just want to know what you think.

To vote in the poll, please click here.


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  1. I loved this feature on the old site and I’m glad you guys were able to bring it back for the new site. I like knowing when new articles have been posted throughout the day. Thanks!

  2. While this is generally a good feature, I wish there were multiple options rather than “all or nothing” (e.g. opting out of article updates but still being able to receive account expiration notices). I’m sure it’s a lot easier on your end to do it this way, but I’m just saying it would be nice to have more options.

    1. It’s really not a case of “easier.” Our new subscriber management software is off the shelf software, not our own custom code, and that’s the way it’s configured.

      So unfortunately, we don’t have a choice. It’s possible that we will do article notifications a different way in the future, and decouple the two, but for now, we’ll go with this.

  3. This is great! One of the things I’ve been missing…Any update on or possibility in getting the TSL logo added to your message board postings? For me, this would make the new site perfect!

    1. We are *this* close to having threaded-view icons ready to go on the message boards. CC and I will have our own TSL Host icons, and other people will have custom icons: bstreet, Rev. Zeke, Raleigh Hokie, etc.

      The icons will only work on the index page (board home page), however — not within a thread, unfortunately. That would require modifying core programming files of vBulletin.

      1. That’s fantastic! As long as they are on the index page for you, Chris, etc, I have no issue looking for you all within the thread. I just want to be sure I catch when you have posts or responses without looking at every single poster.

        Thanks guys! Great job in getting the site similar to the old one, while introducing a new and improved new site at the same time. You all have really listen to your users and done all you can to provide for a great experience.

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