2012 Virginia Tech Football Schedule Released

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Virginia Tech’s 2012 football schedule has been released.  The Hokies open with a Monday night game against Georgia Tech, and in late October and early November they face a critical three-game stretch that will decide their postseason fate.

Virginia Tech will host Georgia Tech on Monday night, September 3.  The winner of this game has gone on to play in the ACC Championship Game ever since the game was created in 2005, so the winner of that early game will have a big advantage throughout the rest of the regular season.


Of course, that Georgia Tech game is just one of many challenges the Hokies will face throughout the season.  They have a road game against Pitt, a solid Big East team, and they also face Cincinnati in FEDEX Field.  As usual, their biggest competition will come later in the season.

Tech faces UNC in Chapel Hill on October 6.  After hosting Duke on October 13, they’ll play at Clemson on October 20, at Miami on Thursday, November 1 and home against Florida State on Thursday, November 8.

UNC, Clemson, Miami and Florida State are very talented teams, and unfortunately three of those games will be on the road.  It will be a significant challenge for the Hokies, but fortunately they bring back a veteran defense and one of the top quarterbacks in the country in Logan Thomas.

Tech then closes the season with a road game at Atlantic crossover rival Boston College and a home game with in-state rival UVA.

We’ll have a closer look at Tech’s 2012 football schedule tomorrow.

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  1. The Hokies are getting the reputation that they will play anyone, anytime, anywhere.

    Great reputation to have, but when the fans get the dirty end of the stick in the process –
    that’s WRONG.

    You want to show support to the fans who buy season tickets – negotiate with ESPN to play GT on Sunday nite.

    I live in Blacksburg. I can get to any home game and get to work the next day. Many fans will put their life on the line driving to and from that game in support of the Hokies.

    Anybody think of that. Jim Weaver? Frank Beamer? Waiting for an answer !!!

    You are abusing your fans. No other way to put it.

    1. It definitely sucks for attending fans being on that Monday night, no doubt. But the fact is that the ACC is contractually obligated to play the Labor Day Night game as part of its TV deal with ESPN – Maryland/Miami did it last year, FSU/Miami has done it twice, Clemson/FSU has done it, us vs Boise in DC of course (in short, all the “big market” teams of the ACC have been in this game). So it’s just our turn this year, nothing much Weaver/Beamer can do about it.

      1. The tail is wagging the dog !

        We have what ESPN wants but we allow ESPN to control the situation.

        1 – Tell ESPN we don’t want to make our players play on 4 days rest.

        2 – Tell ESPN it’s unfair to ask our fans to attend two games played the night before a work day.

        3 – Tell ESPN we’re playing on Saturday or Sunday and if that’s not good enough see #1 and see #2 and then go pound sand.

        I don’t care if Weaver or Swofford or Beamer allows this to happen – the fans who buy the seats deserve to be treated better.

  2. For a school teacher from the 757, this schedule is a killer. Georgia Tech on a Monday night with the first day of school on Tuesday. Home game with Florida State on a Thursday night with a 5 1/2 hour drive home.

    1. Yeah, I live in the UK and for GT it would be 3 VA days for me and the same with FSU. I have season tkts, but give the ones I don’t want to my fellow grads friends. But these were the two games I was planning on flying over to see. Now I can do 2 games if I go to AP, BG, Duke or uva; or just one of either GT or FSU. Bite me big time.

      However; GO HOKIES CRUSH ‘EM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. We have our longest prep time before the longest road trips, 10 days before Miami and Boston College and all off season to get ready for GT. Cannot really complain about that. Would be nice to have a little extra time to plan for Clemson, but something tells me that will be a big offseason focus and you have to believe LT goes into that game with a major chip on his shoulder. Yes, FSU gets extra time to prepare for us, but to come and play the 2012 Hokie defense in November in Lane Stadium, they will need everything they can get to have a chance.

  4. What is the prediction for actual attendance for Austin Peay? Five days after a Monday night game in Blacksburg!

    1. We would never, ever lose to a 1-AA team, even after 4 days rest coming off a highly anticipated monday night game. geez

      1. Rewind the tape and play Beamer’s comment 2 years ago accepting the blame for scheduling and saying he would not do that again. E$PN money causes amnesia.

  5. I’m not too worried about playing Austin Peay on 4 days rest. I AM worried about playing FSU when they get an extra week to prepare however.

    It’s good that we are playing meat of the schedule late in the season, since we’ve proven over the last several years that we are a MUCH better team late in the season.

  6. I think Weaver forgets the majority of the fans don’t sit inside a heated suite. They need to move our Thursday night games back into October. November night games in Blacksburg are torture.

  7. We will most likely be favored in every game except Clemson and maybe FSU. Good bet to win the Coastal and face the winner of the Clemson/FSU game in Charlotte for the BCS. Streak of 10+ wins should continue.

  8. I actually kind of like this schedule given who we had to play in conference; it’ll be tough, but manageable. I like playing GT right on day 1. Austin Peay is waaaaaayyy easier of an opponent than JMU, so really shouldn’t be a problem even on short prep. Then we have some manageable games through mid-Oct to give all our offensive newbies some game reps and experience. And we’ve always been at our best come November, so we might as well play our toughest competition at that time. All in all, think this is by and large laid out about as good as could be hoped for, though playing at Clemson after 8 straight weeks sure will be a tall order.

  9. The three game stretch and a couple of those teams having extra time might be hard for VT to overcome. The ACC might be getting tired of VT winning all the time, least that’s how I take this schedule . And BC that late, man, I was planing on going to that game, might cause me to wait and see. The weather might be too cold for me !

  10. Didn’t we do this before? Big game on a Monday night to open the season followed by a supposed cupcake 5 days later. I don’t remember that going so well.

  11. Man that sucks. FSU will be coming off of Duke on at home on 10/27 before playing us. FSU will be well rested. Not to mention that is a tough 3 game stretch for us and FSU really has nothing.

    1. Miami week before is a large problem here too. Even though we’ve typically beaten Miami, it is usually a slobber knocker, and I find it hard to believe we won’t have more than a few bumps and bruises.

  12. I would not exactly call FedEx field an away game. Both the USC and the Boise State game were near sellouts and the most Hokies in attendance at a game ever. On the other hand the Hokies have lost both games they have played at FedEx field.

    1. Depends upon your perspective. From a fan support standpoint, it’s a home game. From a travel/preparation standpoint, it’s an away game.

    2. He never said it was an away game. He said the Hokies have a road game against Pitt and they also face Cincinnati in FEDEX Field.

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