2011 Hokie Football Annual: 25 Rules for Virginia Tech Football Fans

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Today we bring you another excerpt from the Hokie Football Annual: 25 Rules for Virginia Tech Football Fans.


25 Rules for Virginia Tech football fans

(OK, they’re more like guidelines than actual rules)

With football season now less than a month away, it’s time to get into the
superfan mindset. The national media has acclaimed Virginia Tech fans as among
the most rabid and loyal in America, so they must maintain a high standard.

To that end, the Hokie Football Annual compiled a list of 25 tenants for all
true Tech fans. It goes without saying that rule No. 1 is buying the Hokie
Football Annual, which you can do by clicking the “Buy Now” button below.
TechSideline.com readers get a special 20% discount, getting the HFA for $11.99.
(Unsaid Rule No. 2, of course, is reading TSL religiously.)

Here’s a portion of the Hokie Football Annual’s list. For the rest, plus
many other great features click on that button and get your copy now. From a
preview of the season, interviews with Hokie legends, recruiting analysis,
predictions–even rating Tech’s uniforms–the HFA has it. The HFA is 128 pages
of 100% Hokie football, produced by award-winning journalist Chris Colston. If
you love TSL, then you’ll love the HFA.

1. From the moment the opponent goes into the
huddle until they snap the ball, stand and scream like you’re having a
transorbital lobotomy.

2. Be able to explain to someone the difference
between “Tech Triumph” and the “VPI Victory March.”

3. To wit: participate in the GO
TECH/H-O-K-I-E-S, HOKIES! part of the “VPI Victory March.”

4. Stand and clap throughout “Tech Triumph,”
and at the end raise your first and scream, “Hokie! Hokie! Hokie! High!
Ray Rye VPI!”

5. Never, ever, ever sell your tickets to a fan
of the other team.

6. However, if you spot an opposing fan
tailgating before the game, and he promises he’s sitting in the visiting
section, offer him food, drink, a handshake and best wishes for a good game.

7. Know how to make the VT sign with your fingers
for the TV camera, and not backwards.

8. Also know how to make a Gobbler for the
cameras: One hand with fingers curled and thumb out, against an open palm.

9. Feature something Hokie in your bathroom.
Preferably a toilet seat cover, but even a simple soap dispenser will do.

10. Be able to pick out equipment manager Lester Karlin on the
sideline. (He’s the one cussin’ out someone.)

11. Know the difference between Carter Warley and Carter Wiley.

12. This goes without saying, but on game day, always wear a
combination of orange or maroon on your Corso—er, torso. While the primary
color of the clothing is ideally maroon or orange, other colors (white, gray
and black) are acceptable in rare instances—as long as it’s clearly
emblazoned with orange or maroon, is matched with maroon-and-orange headgear—and
is lucky.

13. Red, green, yellow, blue, teal, purple, etc. are acceptable
game-day colors under one—and only one—condition: You are wearing a
replica NFL jersey of a former Hokie player (for instance, a green Michael
Vick Philadelphia Eagles jersey). However, you must match the jersey with
some kind of orange-and-maroon accoutrement.

14. It is, however, sometimes permissible to wear a plain white
t-shirt to a game. In 2000 we sat behind two students in Section 5 wearing
homemade “jerseys”: plain white t-shirts marked with black Sharpies. One
had scrawled the numeral 7 beneath a scribbled “Vick”; the other, even
more hilariously to us, had an uneven “88” for Andre’ Davis. The fan
knew enough to put an apostrophe somewhere, but in his haste slapped it over
the “A” in Davis. (When you apparently rise minutes before kickoff, you
do what you must.)

For the remaining 11 Rules, plusfeatures like the Experts
Roundtable, Tech’s Greatest Scott Stadium moments, 2011 Season Preview, a
talk with legends Bruce Smith and Jim Pyne, John Moody’s All-Time Tech team,
ranking Tech’s 2009-10 uniforms, Jud Dunlevy’s 2007 Rewind, the Recruiting
Roundtable and much, much more great info with the Chris Colston touch,
order your Hokie Football Annual today. TSL readers get 20% off, for the
special price of $11.99.

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