Tech Talk Live Notes for 12/13/10

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Tech Talk Live (football and basketball season)

When: Every Monday from 7:00-9:00 during football season, 7:00-8:00 during basketball season.

Where: Click here for a list of radio stations, and to find the link for listening to the show on the Internet (look to the right on the page that loads when you click the link). You can see the show in person Bull & Bones Brewhaus & Grill in Blacksburg.

Jim Weaver

  • Weaver hired “Chugger” Adair as the new women’s soccer coach. He
    has been the top assistant at Tech for the last five years. He was the right
    fit for the job.
  • Al Golden is a very good football coach, and he was a good hire for Miami.
    He did a great job at Temple.
  • Auburn just signed their offensive coordinator to a new contract worth
    $1.3 million per year. He is making more as the offensive coordinator at
    Auburn than many head coaches. That SEC television contract was a game
  • Tech isn’t where they want to be with Orange Bowl ticket sales. They are
    probably between 35% and 38% of their required tickets sold. Tech will have
    to buy the tickets they don’t sell to fans. Once Tech has sold 8,000
    tickets, any they have not sold will be picked up by the conference.
    However, that money will come out of Tech’s share of the revenue
    distribution next June.

Eric Poms, Orange Bowl CEO

  • Poms is excited about the Orange Bowl matchup. They will have two of the
    hottest teams in the country and two of the best quarterbacks in the country.
    It’s a very sexy matchup.
  • This game should create a lot of national interest, with Stanford on the
    west coast and Tech on the east coast.
  • There will be a lot of events going on. Ocean Drive will be shut down for
    three days. It will be a pedestrian walkway. Jamie Foxx will host a concert
    with Natasha Bedingfield and Leona Lewis. That will be on Friday. That will
    just be the start of a great weekend of entertainment.
  • Delta has added non-stop flights from Roanoke to Miami just for Tech fans
    who are going to the Orange Bowl. It’s a big area in South Florida, and plenty
    of things to do, but it all culminates with a great game on January 3.
  • The Orange Bowl considered UConn, but they had to go with Stanford. They
    couldn’t turn down a Top 5 team with a national reputation.

Seth Greenberg

  • Tech played better against Penn State. They were very unselfish. They had
    20 assists and 10 turnovers.
  • A number of different guys contributed. Erick Green made it difficult for
    Talor Battle to catch the ball in a good spot, and Terrell Bell shut down
    Jeff Brooks. Malcolm Delaney made his first five shots.
  • Ty Garland wasn’t as good on the defense end, but those layups he made in
    transition were not easy. They were contested.
  • Jeff Allen picked up a foul in the opening seconds of the game, but he
    didn’t have a foul for the rest of the game. He rebounded well, and he was
    very unselfish coming out of double teams.
  • Tech was much better in transition against Penn State. They had the ball
    in the hands of good ball handlers, and they made good decisions.
  • Malcolm Delaney is fine, though he got stitches after the game. His tooth
    went right through his lip. Dorenzo Hudson had a severe calf injury and his
    foot has been bothering him. He just couldn’t go. They think he can be ready
    to practice on Tuesday, but Greenberg doesn’t know if he will start against
    Mississippi State on Saturday.
  • Cadarian Raines could have played against Penn State. He had a good
    practice the day before. He will have another CT scan after the trip to the
    Bahamas. They have to make a decision on him by the North Carolina game on
    January 13th. He could end up redshirting.
  • The fans who showed up for the Penn State game were very supportive. The
    crowd was smaller than the crowds for the Purdue and UVA games, but they had
    more to cheer about.
  • The people who are putting on the Bahamas event made Greenberg an offer he
    couldn’t refuse. The game just makes sense, and it helps with program
    branding. Tech is getting paid $150,000 with all expenses paid. Mississippi
    State is a very talented team.
  • MSU’s Renardo Sidney was suspended for the first nine games of this
    season. To get him eligible for Virginia Tech, Mississippi State scheduled
    five games in five days this week. He’s a big time post player who will be
    an NBA guy.
  • Florida State will be Tech’s next ACC opponent. By then FSU will have Jon
    Kreft, who is 7-1. He joins the rest of their frontcourt, who are 7-0, 6-9
    and 6-10. It’s tough to get to the front of the rim on them. The Hokies will
    have to make some jump shots.
  • Tech is playing well defensively right now, but they can’t play the way
    Greenberg would like to play. They can’t spread the floor and pressure the
    ball as much, because if they are put in scramble situations that could
    create more fouls for Jeff Allen and Victor Davila. Tech doesn’t have the
    post depth for that.
  • Adrian Autry is doing a great job as an assistant coach. He has a lot of
    energy and he loves to recruit. John Richardson is a proven coach who won
    two state championships in high school. He has great contacts in eastern
    North Carolina and the Hampton area. Dennis Wolfe is a wealth of
    information. He spent 16 years as a head coach.
  • Playing time was good for young guys like Jarell Eddie and Ty Garland. It
    gives them a chance to see themselves on film.
  • Tech is scouting Mississippi State right now, but the big unknown is
    Renardo Sidney. How much will he play, and how much will the Bulldogs change
    with him in the lineup?
  • Sidney will be a lottery pick. He hasn’t played in 1.5 years, so Greenberg
    hopes he is out of shape. He is 6-10, 270, and he can step out and shoot the
    three-pointer. He has good hands. How will he handle double teams, ball
    screens, etc.? Those are the unknowns, because he hasn’t played in so long.

Bryan Stinespring

  • Tech has been recruiting like crazy since the ACC Championship. It’s a
    very important time for recruiting. Coach Beamer is out recruiting right
  • Offensive line play for Tech was very good down the stretch. They really
    grew and matured as the season went on. So did the offense as a whole.
  • The FSU defense was much different than when Mickey Andrews was the
    defensive coordinator. They do a lot more things defensively. They had
    excellent pass rushers. The Hokies tried to keep them as off balance as much
    as they possibly could.
  • Tech didn’t allow many tackles for loss against FSU. That was a big key
    for their third down conversions. They were in manageable situations. The
    Hokies made big plays, and they also had shorter, more efficient plays that
    gave them good down and distance situations.
  • Tyrod Taylor played a fantastic football game against Florida State.
  • Danny Coale was open on some passes against Florida State, and it was
    basically the same play he scored on against Miami. They caught FSU in the
    ideal coverage each time.
  • That game was a great validation for Tech recruiting. The Hokies matched
    Florida State athlete for athlete. The Hokies have good players, and they
    recognize the hard work it takes to win championships. There is a drive to
    constantly get better. Everybody buys into that philosophy.
  • Stinespring has a hunch about what Darren Evans and Ryan Williams will do,
    but his hunch means nothing right now. It’s an ongoing process. It’s
    premature to talk about it right now. When they get their information back
    from the NFL, then they can move to the next level of conversation.
  • Tech is continuing to recruit running backs. The Hokies will not get
    caught short. Same with quarterbacks.
  • The Orange Bowl will be a physical, tough game. The Stanford defense is
    very good. The defensive line is very physical. They are a base 3-4 defense,
    but they also play some 4-3. They are a multiple defense set. They don’t
    give up a lot of points, and they have plenty of talent. It’s a smart
    defense that doesn’t give up a lot of big plays. Boston College is a fair
    comparison. They are aggressive up front, but they don’t give up big plays.
  • Tech and Stanford have already exchanged game film. It’s going to be like
    any other game. The staff will study the tape, and they’ll also call some
    people who are familiar with Stanford.
  • Stanford was leading the Oregon game in the second half. This is a very
    good team.
  • Tech practiced on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. They weren’t long
    practices, but they were fast paced. They want to stay sharp. They will
    practice again on Thursday, and they will turn their attention to Stanford.
    They will practice through the 21st, then go home for Christmas.
  • Stinespring isn’t ruling anything out, but he thinks it will be difficult
    for Dyrell Roberts to play in the Orange Bowl.
  • Tech led the conference in red zone offense this year. They obviously made
    big improvements from the beginning of the season. They got better on first
    down. They needed to be a little more aggressive, and it paid off.
  • Bud Foster and Stinespring are doing a lot of work with their Stanford
    game plan right now.
  • Tech has to continue to practice with a purpose. They have to stay sharp
    for this game. It’s a long layoff. They are doing a lot of pass skeletons
    with the first string offense against the first string defense. They have to
    keep the timing down in the passing game. They have also done middle drill,
    which is keeping them tough.
  • Coach Beamer and Stinespring are going recruiting on Tuesday. There are
    several places they are planning on going.

Jack Tyler

  • Tyler had 27 tackles against Robinson during his junior season. He didn’t
    even realize it until the next day. He didn’t even play in the fourth
    quarter of that game. That turned out to be the recruiting tape that he sent
    to colleges.
  • Torrian Gray was Tyler’s recruiting coach. From the beginning the coaches
    told him that they didn’t have enough scholarships, but if he worked hard
    enough and played well enough, he could get one very early in his career.
    That’s what happened. He got a scholarship before his r-freshman season.
  • Tyler played at the same high school as Cody Grimm. Their families are
    close. Grimm was his idol while growing up.
  • Bud Foster is such a good coach. Everything he does makes his players
    better. It was pretty easy once Tyler got into the game, thanks to Foster.
  • The game was fast, but the Tech coaches make the team practice at such a
    high level that the game wasn’t much different. It wasn’t that bad. It’s a
    credit to the coaching staff for getting the team ready.
  • Tyler is preparing mentally like he’s going to be playing a lot against
    Stanford. He doesn’t know if he will, but the Florida State game obviously
    showed that he’s only one snap away.
  • Tyler is studying marketing at the business school. His sister did
    marketing as well.
  • Andrew Luck is a special player. Tech will start game planning for them
    very soon. They are the best one-loss team in the nation, but Tyler thinks
    the Hokies can take them by surprise.
  • Tyler came to Tech to play for the best defensive coordinator in the
    nation. This was the best place he could go to have the best shot of
    becoming a very good player. There really isn’t any difference between a
    walk-on and a scholarship player once they get into the program. He never
    felt any different.
  • Tyler had a scholarship offer from Buffalo, as well as several 1-AA
    programs. He felt like the most highly-recruited walk-on in the nation.

Brian Saunders

  • Saunders was a Tech guy from when he was a little kid, ever since Jim
    Druckenmiller tossed him in the water in a swimming pool when he was 5. He
    was basically born a Hokie.
  • Saunders came to Tech as a walk-on quarterback. He was going to Emory
    & Henry, but Billy Hite came to recruit him and he ended up in
    Blacksburg. After Hite visited him, there was no other option. He was going
    to Tech.
  • Saunders was on vacation on a Saturday when Hite called him and told him
    they needed him in Blacksburg immediately. He was in Blacksburg at 10am the
    next morning and practicing by 5pm.
  • In high school, Saunders was always a hard worker. Though it obviously
    wasn’t going to work out at quarterback, he knew it could on special teams,
    and it did.
  • Playing at Tech and running out of that tunnel has been the greatest
    experience of his life. Everybody has been great. He’s really going to miss

Monday was Day 2,207 of Virginia Tech’s continuous possession of the Commonwealth Cup.

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