Tech Talk Live Notes for 10/18/10

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Tech Talk Live (football and basketball season)

When: Every Monday from 7:00-9:00 during football season, 7:00-8:00 during basketball season.

Where: Click here for a list of radio stations, and to find the link for listening to the show on the Internet (look to the right on the page that loads when you click the link). You can see the show in person Bull & Bones Brewhaus & Grill in Blacksburg.

Jim Weaver

  • Weaver
    saw plenty of good things happen on Saturday. The pass protection was
    terrific, which gave Tyrod Taylor an opportunity to get the ball downfield.
  • Two representatives from the Champs Sports Bowl in Orlando were in
    Blacksburg for the Wake Forest game.
  • In recent years we’ve seen Glen Mason fired from Minnesota and Paul
    Pasqualoni fired from Syracuse. Those schools had good programs, but they
    wanted to get to the next level. Instead, those programs tanked after they
    fired the coaches who built the program. Athletic directors have to be very
  • Weaver hopes college football doesn’t move a lot of games to Sunday and
    Monday if the NFL locks out next year.
  • It’s up to the league whether or not a school who has been banned from
    bowls will get a share of the conference bowl money.
  • Virginia Tech is sending the Highty-Tighties to one road game this year.
  • Weaver would have Oregon and Oklahoma as the top two teams in the country.
    He agrees with the BCS right now.
  • Tech improved by 4% in the GSR this year, and by 1% in the Federal
    graduation rate. The academic support program is doing a great job.

Kevin Sherman

  • Sherman coached with Jim Grobe for many years at Ohio and Wake Forest.
    Going up against his old boss wasn’t as bad as it was in 2006. In 2006, Wake
    had a lot of players on that team that Sherman recruited. This time it
    wasn’t as bad.
  • Saturday was one of the best games the receivers have had as a group in
    Sherman’s tenure. They still had a few drops that don’t need to be
  • Sherman always tells his players that they are experienced now, but they
    need to continue to work on the little things to get better.
  • Tech wasn’t necessarily picking on Wake Forest’s freshman corner on
    Saturday, but that’s just the way things happened. Taylor threw it to the
    open man.
  • Tyrod Taylor is gaining confidence in the receivers each week. The
    receivers get better in practice each week, so the passing game has
    progressed a lot.
  • Sherman has challenged the receivers to make more big plays down the
    field, and they responded against Wake.
  • There was one series where Dyrell Roberts caught a deep ball, and then
    took a reverse handoff on the next play. That was Dyrell’s series, and he
    didn’t need to come out. Wake Forest had a good defense called for that
  • The only reps Logan Thomas has had at wide receiver have been in the
    personnel package that the Hokies showed on Saturday when Thomas caught the
    touchdown pass. Mike O’Cain isn’t going to give Thomas up full-time.
  • Sherman teaches his receivers to always work to find an open space on the
    scramble drill. Tyrod Taylor has the athletic ability to avoid the rush and
    find guys downfield.
  • D.J. Coles will be out 4-6 weeks with a sprained PCL. Xavier Boyce has
    been battling some nagging injuries, but played some on Saturday. Austin
    Fuller has also moved back to split end to back up Jarrett Boykin.
  • Marcus Davis is a great athlete, but he has to play consistently. He has
    to be more physical on the perimeter with his blocking.
  • E.L. Smiling is redshirting and getting better in practice. Willie Byrn is
    a walk-on who has been productive in practice, and Corey Fuller will provide
    some depth. They’ll get more of a chance in the spring.
  • Tech has to work hard again to prepare for Duke. They can’t assume that
    things will happen for them. They have to make them happen. Sherman still
    believes that they are capable of playing better than they did on Saturday.
  • Dyrell Roberts has gotten a lot better since his freshman year. He’s got
    better ball skills. He has to continue to improve in catching the ball away
    from his body, and he can always improve his blocking.

Dyrell Roberts

  • It’s
    good to have things getting back on the right track. It’s fun putting on a
    show for the fans.
  • When Tech started 0-2, it was a fast 0-2. It happened in one week. The
    senior leadership kept them going, and they kept practicing hard.
  • On the deep ball Roberts caught down the sideline, the ball disappeared
    for a split second because of the sun. Taylor put it in the right spot, and
    Roberts was able to go up and make the catch.
  • Recruiting was a hard process. There were a lot of schools involved. Penn
    State wanted Roberts to play running back, but he didn’t want to take that
    punishment week in and week out. He grew up a Tech fan, and he knew a lot of
    people at Tech, so the fit was right.
  • There are a lot of young guys in the secondary, but they are talented.
    Rock Carmichael and Jayron Hosley are great corners. Carmichael is so fast,
    and Hosley has great technique.
  • Logan Thomas made a great one-handed catch in the end zone with no gloves.
    That was very impressive.
  • School is going well for Roberts. He’s in Human Development.
  • Besides football, Roberts lives a pretty normal life. The starter went out
    on his car on Friday, and he spend most of Sunday getting his car towed and
    getting it fixed.
  • The new players lounge is very nice, almost too nice. He was playing video
    games with some other players recently, and they almost forgot they had a
    weight lifting session. Those TVs are really nice.
  • All of the receivers have been here together for three years. They all
    came in at the same time, so they are all tight. Time is flying by. He
    remembers his first game, and now he’s in his third year.
  • Roberts was a running back in high school, so he’s used to just running.
    That’s what he does on kickoff returns. With Roberts and David Wilson
    returning kicks, opponents have to pick their poison.
  • Roberts feels like Saturday’s game was the best of his career.
  • Roberts doesn’t practice on Monday because he has a 4pm class that he has
    to attend.

Blake DeChristopher

  • Wins
    are motivating. The team has been practicing harder.
  • The team got a really inspirational speech from Mike Gentry during
    halftime of the NC State game. It really got the offense together and they
    took it to heart. They’ve played a lot better ever since.
  • Practice has really changed since the two losses. The offense and the
    defense have been working a lot harder in their team areas, and that’s
    really helped.
  • Certain things weren’t falling into place early in the year. Unfortunately
    it took the team awhile to get going.
  • The team is definitely heading in the right direction. Everyone is friends
    with each other. It always helps to line up next to your friends.
  • Things are finally clicking for the offense. It took awhile for things to
    take off. It was literally one block or one mistake on a lot of different
    plays early in the season that was holding the team back.
  • The best defensive end DeChristopher has ever had to block was Jason
    Worilds. He was fast and powerful. He had all the tools.
  • It was probably fair to criticize the offensive line early this year. With
    Tech’s mentality, if they aren’t running the ball it’s Tech’s fault. They
    need to take some pride when they aren’t running the ball.
  • DeChristopher is majoring in sociology. He is thinking about being a cop,
    or maybe the FBI.
  • DeChristopher’s 6th anniversary with his girlfriend is on Saturday, so
    he’s hoping for a big win over Duke.
  • DeChristopher’s roommates are Jaymes Brooks and Eric Martin. Martin is the
    smallest of the trio, so DeChristopher and Brooks make fun of him.

Frank Beamer

  • Beamer
    is proud of the coaches and players. They took another step in the right
    direction this past Saturday. The offense really played well, and the
    defense was good except for about five plays. The team just has to keep it
  • Tyrod Taylor does so much for the football team. Beamer is very high on
    him as a quarterback. He’s just a winner. He’s throwing it accurately, he’s
    very smart, and very competitive.
  • Taylor is also putting some zip on the ball. He can throw the out from the
    opposite hash. He gives you a chance to win every time out.
  • Logan Thomas showed a lot of athletic ability to make that one-handed
    catch. He started the second half at quarterback, but when Wake Forest
    scored quickly Beamer wanted to just make sure they had the game won, so he
    put Tyrod Taylor back in for one series.
  • Jim Grobe is a good friend of Beamer’s. Their wives are close. They like
    to golf together. There isn’t a guy Beamer respects more in the coaching
    profession. He’s done a great job at Wake. They’ve gone through four
    quarterbacks this year, and they are a very young team. They’ll get better.
  • Tech knew Josh Harris was going to start, and the Hokies helped him out a
    little bit, but he’s a really fast running back.
  • When Andrew Lanier is lined up as a wide receiver, he’s ineligible, so
    teams aren’t going to defend him. There are some good possibilities for that
  • Prior to the NC State game, they decided they needed to open things up to
    help their running game. That’s what they’ve done. It’s helped a lot in the
    red zone as well. The offensive line is getting better, and some things they
    are doing on offense are helping them get better.
  • Tyrod Taylor’s hand is sore, but he practiced just fine on Monday. Ryan
    Williams’ status will be announced on Thursday, as usual.
  • Teams are spreading the Tech defense out, and if one guy gets out of
    position it can turn into a big play. The Tech offense tries to do the same
    thing, and they’ve been very successful the last few weeks.
  • The Duke defense improved a lot against Miami. The Duke offense had seven
    turnovers, but Miami only managed to score 21 points on offense. Duke has a
    lot of really sharp guys.
  • The last two games between Tech and Duke have been dogfights. They play
    very well against the Hokies. Tech has to have a great week of practice.
  • Duke quarterback Sean Renfree is a big guy with a good arm. He’s got a lot
    of potential.
  • Beamer was very impressed with both of Virginia Tech’s running backs
    against Wake Forest. David Wilson and Darren Evans both ran well and ran
  • When deciding whether or not to go after a punt, down and distance enters
    into the decision making. If it’s fourth and over five yards, it’s easier to
    rush the punter because if you get a five yard penalty it still isn’t a
    first down. Also, when Tech goes with an all-out rush, they don’t have the
    fakes covered, so field position comes into play as well.
  • David Wilson is a good option on third and short. He’s powerful and he
    gives you the threat of breaking it to the outside.
  • Beamer likes the future of offensive lineman Matt Arkema. He’s redshirting
    right now. He’s a tough guy with good athletic ability. He’s going to be a
    good lineman.
  • Tech has to finish raising the money for their indoor practice facility.
    That’s the last thing they need from a facilities standpoint, at least for
    now. A new indoor facility will allow Tech to punt and throw the deep ball
    when they are practicing inside.
  • Beamer is happy with the plays Tech is running right now, and the way they
    are attacking defenses. They are having success running and throwing.
  • Tech really came out ready to play against Wake Forest. Some guys went
    through the motions against Central Michigan. Against Wake, everybody played
    very hard. The mental part of the game is very important.
  • Beamer thinks this team has the best character of any team he’s ever had.
    A bad character team probably wouldn’t have come back from that 0-2 start.
    They have made a good run, but they’ve got to keep going down the stretch.

Monday was Day 2,151 of Virginia Tech’s continuous possession of the Commonwealth Cup.

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