2009-2010 Tech Talk Live Notes for 1/11/10

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Seth Greenberg

  • Tech didn’t do as good a job in defensive transition as they needed to do.
    They didn’t play with a sense or urgency on the defensive end to start the
    second half. They weren’t as tough and competitive as they needed to be on
    the offensive end, and they missed a lot of easy scoring opportunities.
  • Having said that, Tech was on the line with 5:38 left shooting two free
    throws to try and cut the lead to three points. If you are in the game at
    that point at Carolina, you’ve done some good things.
  • Delaney’s ankle wasn’t 100%, especially in the second half. He didn’t do
    as good a job in the second of containing penetration.
  • Tech’s offense has to start with their defense. When the Hokies get stops,
    they are good. They need to get the ball to Victor Davila more because he
    can score.
  • The Hokies did a 50 minute film session on Monday, and then started
    preparing for Miami. Greenberg expects the Canes to play a ton of zone
    against Tech, so they worked on their zone offense quite a bit.
  • Durand Scott is a tough matchup, because he’s a big, physical attacking
    guard. Dwayne Collins is a load on the inside. The Hokies smacked them on
    the glass last year in the ACC Tournament, outrebounding Miami by 25. Frank
    Haith is surely getting his team prepared to rebound better this time.
  • Victor Davila was fouled and had to come out of the game because of blood.
    Because of blood, Greenberg was allowed to pick who he wanted to shoot free
    throws in Davila’s place.
  • Tech needs to get Jeff Allen the ball more, without a doubt. But that
    doesn’t stop him from rebounding. That was something that was disappointing
    to Greenberg. He wasn’t as aggressive on the boards as he needed to be.
  • Next year the Hokies open ACC play at home against Virginia on December 5.
    It will be a Sunday night game. It will be the weekend after the Hokies get
    back from their tournament in Anaheim.
  • Reggie Johnson is 6-10, 295, and he’s a big, physical kid. Dwayne Collins
    is an excellent defender. He’s the best Greenberg has seen at rebounding his
    miss. Miami is a big team, and they are really big in the backcourt as well.
  • Tech hopes not have to use Jeff Allen on Dwayne Collins until late in the
    game. They don’t want to get Allen in foul trouble early. The biggest
    challenge in this game is defending Collins.
  • UNC is a really long team. They can really disrupt the passing lanes, and
    their length gave the Hokies some trouble.
  • Malcolm Grant is a great shooter. He’s a transfer from Villanova. He’s got
    a scorer’s mentality, and he can score from deep.
  • Delaney was sore at practice on Monday, but he did practice. He’s very
    diligent in his rehab. Greenberg left it up to Delaney and his family as to
    whether he would play on Sunday against Carolina. He knows his body better
    than anyone else.
  • Delaney played at a high level on Sunday. Tech didn’t get enough stops
    defensively in the second half against Carolina. Had they gotten stops,
    Delaney would have been out in transition more. He would have had more
    freedom and room to make plays. In the halfcourt, every time he came off a
    screen he faced two defenders. Every time he gave the ball up, Carolina
    didn’t let him get it back.
  • Malcolm is just a guard. Greenberg would disagree that he’s just a
    2-guard. He will play with Green some, but the Hokies are still bringing
    their freshman point guard along. He’s done some good things, but Greenberg
    isn’t ready to start him.
  • Terrell Bell did a good job defensively and he rebounded well, but he’s
    got to improve his post feeding.
  • Tech plays Florida State on Saturday. They are kind of like UNC from a
    defensive standpoint. They are very long. They are tough to score on.
  • Tech only had 12 turnovers against UNC, and they held their own on the
    boards. The game came down to one thing: the Hokies didn’t play well enough
    defensively in the second half.
  • Bobby Knight said the one-and-done NBA rule is the worst thing that has
    ever happened to the integrity of academics in college basketball. Greenberg
    doesn’t like it either. The NBA is using the freshman year of players to
    further evaluate players. The kids that are one-and-done don’t even want to
    go to school in the second semester, nor does Greenberg blame them. They are
    on the verge of signing a huge check, and they are getting ready for the NBA
    Draft. It’s ludicrous that this has been allowed to happen. If you have a
    great voice coming out of high school, you’re allowed to start a band
    without going to college. You should be allowed to go to the NBA as well.
  • An 18 year old in Europe is allowed to sign a contract in the NBA because
    they’ve already been playing professionally for two years. An 18 year old in
    the United States isn’t allowed to sign that contract. It’s not fair.
  • Victor Davila played really hard on Sunday. He competed. The Hokies need
    to get him the ball. He’s getting better.
  • This is a big game for Tech. They’ve got to hold serve at home. This is a
    big opportunity. Tech did a lot of good things against UNC, and they’ve got
    to eliminate all the mistakes against Miami.

Monday was Day 1,871 of Virginia Tech’s continuous possession of the Commonwealth Cup.

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