2009-2010 Tech Talk Live Notes for 1/4/10

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Seth Greenberg

  • It was a great experience in Cancun. It was Tech’s first game in another
    country. They tried to get in the Jimmy V Classic in New York, but they
    didn’t get in. Cancun turned into a great trip.
  • This time of year is tough for basketball players. There are no students
    in town, and not much is going on. The best way to keep your players
    occupied is to get them off campus.
  • The Longwood game was a great turnout of fans, and Greenberg appreciates
  • The maturity the team showed in Cancun, on and off the court, was
    fantastic. They had a great attitude heading into the game, they approached
    it professionally, and it was a great win for the program.
  • Everyone talks about Dorenzo Hudson’s 41 points, but Greenberg was more
    impressed with his leadership. He said a lot of good things in the huddle.
    He walked the others back on the court, and he kept them focused on their
    defensive assignments.
  • Tech has won some tight games on the road. They’ve found some ways to make
    plays and come up with some 50-50 balls.
  • Tech was very efficient in overtime against Seton Hall, scoring 23 points.
    They didn’t score 23 points in the first 30 minutes against Delaware, so
    they’ve obviously come a long way.
  • The Hokies embrace overtime. You can either embrace it or see it as a
    burden. Tech sees it as an opportunity.
  • Tech had one negative against Seton Hall. They didn’t do a very good job
    in defensive transition. Their floor balance needs to improve.
  • Dorenzo Hudson had been playing well recently. Everybody looks at points,
    but Greenberg looks at other things. Is he alert? Is he defending? Is he
    making plays for other people? Is he making basketball plays? Hudson has
    been doing all those things.
  • Malcolm Delaney has started rehabbing. He will shoot with his boot on
    Tuesday. Tech is off on Wednesday, and then they’ll see if Delaney can run
    some dummy offense on Thursday.
  • Tech will keep Delaney at point guard. He’s scoring the ball at that
    position. His future position is point guard, hopefully in the NBA.
  • The Hokies play three games in six days next week. That’s why Greenberg is
    giving the team Wednesday off. He doesn’t want to wear them out before a big
    week of basketball.
  • Greenberg has been pleased with attendance in the non-conference part of
    the schedule. It shows that people are coming to see Tech play, and not just
    the opponents play.
  • Allan Chaney is a really talented guy with a great work ethic. He can
    really rebound, he’s skilled, he can step out and shoot, he’s quick and he’s
    powerful. Chaney is out with an injury, but he’s got a chance to be a
    terrific player. He’s almost 6-10, so he’s taller than Cadarian Raines.
  • Chaney is a transfer from Florida. Florida turned out to be the wrong fit.
    He signed when the Gators were coming off back-to-back National
    Championships. He made an emotional decision, but it wasn’t the decision
    that was best for him. He’s been a pleasure to work with at Tech.
  • Cadarian Raines had a great practice on Monday. He’s still behind on
    learning the sets, but he’s getting better every day.
  • If you play in the ACC, your goal is to make the NCAA tournament. They
    have 17 games left in the season, so Greenberg hasn’t even started talking
    or thinking about it yet.
  • Erick Green is a good shooter. He shoots the ball with range. He got in
    foul trouble a bit, but you saw how aggressive he can be early in the game
    when he hit those jumpers. He’s also a great on-ball defender. He made some
    big defensive plays down the stretch.
  • This is Tech’s fourth straight year in a made-for-TV ESPN event. Next year
    they’ll be in California, and the year after they’ll be back in Cancun for a
    tournament. The year after that they’ll be in Hawaii, and then they head
    back to Puerto Rico.
  • Tech made money off the trip to Cancun. They made about $40,000. It was a
    worthwhile trip, and it was two hours of exposure on national television.
  • The Hokies have to work on Virginia Tech for the next two days, and then
    they’ll start preparing for UNC.
  • Dorenzo Hudson has a very high basketball IQ. Tech runs a lot of sets
    offensively, and Hudson knows them all inside and out.
  • Hudson can play some point guard, there’s no doubt about it. He
    understands what Tech is trying to do. He’s gotten very confident recently,
    and he’s seeing a bigger basket. His decision making has been good. He’s
    always been prideful and played extremely hard.
  • Manny Atkins is not shy. He’s never seen a shot he didn’t like. He came up
    with two big plays down the stretch, with the three-pointer and the dunk.
  • Tech is getting stops when they have to get stops, and they are coming up
    with 50-50 balls. That’s why they are winning close games.
  • This upcoming game is why you come to Virginia Tech. You get to play
    big-time opponents and get a chance to play your way into the NCAA
  • Tech didn’t play well in their last trip to Chapel Hill. They have to get
    off to a good start this time.

Dorenzo Hudson

  • The team had a good scouting report for Seton Hall. Everybody played hard.
    Everybody had to step up with Delaney out of the game.
  • Hudson made Jeremy Hazell make tough shots. He hit some great shots, but
    Hudson did a good job limiting the number of shots he attempted.
  • It’s important to keep the team together when the other team goes on runs.
    Seton Hall went on a couple of runs, and Hudson let the other plays know
    that they had to stay focused. You can’t do everything in one possession.
    You have to take it one at a time.
  • Hudson was pumped up about running the point some against Seton Hall, and
    he feels like he did a good job.
  • Seton Hall coach Bobby Gonzalez told Hudson that he did a good job of
    picking his team up and keeping them motivated.
  • Hudson was autographing pesos following the win in Mexico. It was his
    first time autographing currency.

Monday was Day 1,864 of Virginia Tech’s continuous possession of the Commonwealth Cup.

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