2009-2010 Tech Talk Live Notes for 11/30/09

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Jim Weaver

  • Weaver thanked all the Tech fans who went to the UVA game on Saturday.
    There were lots of Hokies there, and he really appreciates everyone who made
    the trip.
  • Tech took UVA’s best shot. They have some good players, but the Hokies got
    their opportunities in the second half and they took advantage.
  • Tech isn’t going to know what bowl they are going to until next weekend.
    The Hokies have not been released by the BCS committee.
  • There’s a slight possibility that Tech will get to a BCS Bowl. They are
    also under very strong consideration for the Chick-fil-A Bowl and the Gator
  • The Fiesta Bowl could politically pick Tech over Boise State. With TCU
    already in the BCS, there is no pressure to take non-BCS conference teams.
    Weaver has been doing phone work this week, as well as last week.
  • Weaver isn’t sure the Chick-fil-A Bowl would pass on the Hokies if they
    are available. They have no issue with Tech playing in Atlanta for a third
    time this year. They are very pleased that two of the four largest crowds in
    Georgia Dome history have involved Virginia Tech.
  • Frank Beamer, Jim Weaver and Charles Steger do not believe that a head
    coach in waiting idea is the best way to go forward, simply because of the
    jumbled mess that is going on at Florida State right now, as well as at
  • East Carolina won their division in Conference USA. They haven’t lost
    since the Hokies beat them. They are a very good team.

Bryan Stinespring

  • The coaching staff told the players to prepare for a four-quarter game
    against UVA. That turned out to be true, as the game was not won until the
    fourth quarter.
  • Stinespring felt that Tech needed to make a statement early and attack
    downfield. They felt that UVA would bring up a safety in the box, and that’s
    what happened.
  • The wide receivers are making plays on the ball this year. That’s a step
    ahead of last year. There is competition at wide receiver now, and guys are
    stepping up.
  • Tyrod Taylor is playing with a lot of confidence. He is letting the game
    come to him. He is in complete control on the field.
  • Ryan Williams is a special player who is having a special season. He’s
    also very humble about everything that happens to him. He’s such a tough
    runner, particularly inside the 10 yard line.
  • Stinespring doesn’t think the offense reached its potential this year.
    However, he does think they got a lot closer to it by the end of the season.
    They are much better now than they were at the beginning of the season.
  • Tech used two tailbacks on the field at the same time a lot against UVA,
    and they had a lot of success with it.
  • David Wilson has come a long way. He showed speed and power during his
    carries against Virginia.
  • Winning isn’t something to take for granted. It is a difficult task when
    you step on that football field. Wins are hard to come by. 17 straight bowl
    games is pretty significant.
  • Stinespring is about to go recruiting. He is going to start in the Roanoke
    area, go to Rocky Mount and then make his way to Chatham. From there, he’ll
    head to Lynchburg.
  • Tech is almost done with recruiting. They have just a couple of guys left
    on the board.
  • Danny Coale and Ryan Williams had terrific games on Saturday. They are
    major contributors to the offense.
  • Stinespring sat down with the offense and told them that even though they
    weren’t playing for the ACC Championship this year, they are still
    champions. They reflect the definition of the word day in and day out.

Seth Greenberg

  • Greenberg took his team to see “The Blindside” on Monday night
    in Iowa.
  • If the Hokies can beat Iowa (editor’s note: tonight at 9:30 on ESPN2),
    they will have won three of four games away from Cassell Coliseum. That’s
    not a bad mark.
  • Iowa is a tough environment and a tough atmosphere. The Hawkeyes are
    struggling a bit scoring the ball right now, but they have very good young
    players. The Hokies will be representing the ACC in this game.
  • As the month progresses, teams will progress. Players will start to better
    understand their roles.
  • The ACC has won the ACC-Big Ten Challenge all 10 years. They are shooting
    for 11 straight this year.
  • Malcolm Delaney is scoring the ball and he’s making other players better.
    The Hokies have to get more players contributing on the offensive end. They
    need more contributions from more people.
  • Cadarian Raines practiced on Monday and had no ill effects. It’s possible
    Tech could have him for a little bit against Iowa. He’s missed the whole
    preseason though, and it’s important to not have unrealistic expectations of
  • Iowa will get after you offensively. They are going to make Tech defend
    for most of the shot clock.

Danny Coale

  • The UVA win was a fun win, and a great way to end the season.
  • Tech wanted to go right at them. They wanted to go downtown a few times
    early, and they did.
  • Coale heard a lot about UVA’s cornerbacks all week long, and it sort of
    pushed some of his buttons.
  • The Hokies were dialed in for this game. They always look forward to this
    challenge, and each team was focused. Tech got UVA’s best shot, and they
    beat them.
  • Coale’s brother played lacrosse at UVA, but he likes to show off the
    orange and maroon. He’s proud of the school he goes to. Any chance to
    represent that in a rivalry game is something special.
  • Tech practices the scramble drill, and that came in handy for his big
    sideline catch in the third quarter. When Taylor scrambles, you just try to
    flash to the open spot. That was one of the fastest throws Coale has ever
    seen Taylor make. It was right on the money.
  • Confidence is a big thing for Taylor. He has more confidence in himself,
    and in the offense as a whole. The receivers want Taylor to be more
    confident in them each and every game.
  • The Hokies had two tough losses, and they needed something to bounce back
    with. The ECU game was what they needed, and they’ve been good since then.
  • With Ryan Williams, what you see is what you get. He’s a great player and
    a great person. He had a lot of weight on his shoulders this year, and he
    lifted it off pretty easily.
  • It’s exam time, which is always a little scary. Coale is in Finance right
    now, and it’s going well.


  • Williams didn’t expect to have such a big year. He was expecting to share
    the load with another back, or even two other backs. He just got hot as the
    season went on and got the bulk of the load.
  • Williams isn’t a mean guy, but he’s an aggressive runner. He really
    doesn’t know what he does when he runs the ball. It’s all instincts.
  • Darren Evans is Ryan’s big brother. He’s always been there for Williams.
    He always gives him lots of good insight, particularly when Williams was
    redshirting last year. Evans is a close friend.
  • Williams and Evans are at the top of the all-time ACC freshman rushing
    list. It feels good to share that honor with someone he is close with.
  • Ryan Williams wears #34 because Walter Payton is his favorite football
    player of all time. Emmitt Smith used to be Williams’ top guy, but someone
    showed him film of Walter Payton and he’s always modeled his game after
    Payton since then.
  • His humbleness comes from his sophomore season in high school. He had a
    great freshman season, but he tore his meniscus in track and missed six
    games the following year. He realized it could all be taken away from you
  • Coach Loren Johnson, a former starting cornerback for the Hokies, was
    Williams’ high school coach. Johnson is Williams’ best friend. He’s a mentor
    and someone Williams looks up to. He is a big part of who Williams is today.
    Johnson has always been there for him.
  • It was hard to earn Billy Hite’s trust. It was tough to figure out the
    blocking schemes. That was toughest part of his freshman season. Hite kept
    pushing him, and he finally got it down, and the rest is history.
  • Hite is very blunt. He tells you how it is and he doesn’t sugar coat
    anything. Hite never second guesses the way a player runs. He will coach up
    the blocking, but he doesn’t coach players when the ball is in their hands.
  • Ryan Williams is only Ryan Williams on the football field. He is just
    regular Ryan off the field. He doesn’t get caught up in things. He takes it
    game by game.
  • Williams is looking forward to Darren Evans’ return almost as much as
    Evans is. Williams knows what football means to Evans. When Williams found
    out that Evans tore his ACL, he was sick to his stomach. It was one of the
    worst feelings he’s had. He tells Evans all the time how excited he is to
    get him back next season.

Frank Beamer

  • Danny Coale and Ryan Williams are great players and great kids.
  • UVA played really tough and really hard. Beamer gives the Tech coaches and
    players credit for the way they handled things and adjusted to things in the
    second half.
  • Bobby Bowden has been in coaching a long time. He’s obviously got a lot of
    great memories. Beamer wishes him well. (Bowden is expected to announce his
    retirement on Tuesday.)
  • Ryan Williams and Cody Grimm would be great candidates for ACC Offensive
    and Defensive Player of the Year. You’ve got to put Tyrod Taylor in there as
    well. He’s done great for the Hokies. He’s one of the outstanding
    quarterbacks in the league.
  • The fumble that Kam Chancellor recovered was a huge play in that football
  • The Virginia Tech defense has not allowed any points in the second half of
    the last four football games. The Maryland defense scored on the Tech
    offense, but Bud Foster’s unit hasn’t given up any second half points.
    Foster and his defensive coaches are very good, and the players are
  • Zach Luckett will have to have knee surgery. They are going to have to
    wait to operate, because they have to strengthen the knee a bit. Beamer is
    very proud of Luckett for coming back and having a good season and doing
    things right.
  • You never know when another school might try to come in and hire a Tech
    assistant coach. Beamer hopes they can keep everyone together and keep on
    moving forward.
  • Beamer’s biggest memory of the season is Danny Coale going down the
    sideline against Nebraska. That was huge.
  • Cody Grimm is a great player, and he truly has fun on the field. He loves
    football. He’s had a tremendous senior year.
  • Brent Bowden has had a great year. The pro scouts should take a look at
    him. He gets the ball away quickly, and he gets a lot of height on his
    kicks. Matt Waldron has had a great year as well and been very consistent.
  • Grant Bowden will have a chance to be Tech’s punter next year. He is
    Brent’s brother. There will be a big compeitition at placekicker as well.
  • It’s tough to play your rival the week before the ACC Championship Game.
    It doesn’t surprise Beamer that Georgia Tech and Clemson lost this weekend.
  • Tech will do some lifting this week, and the team will get together for
    some pass skeleton drills. They will have a short, quick team practice on
    Saturday. They have to keep their timing down and try to win the bowl game.
    If they can win that game, they can get to 10 wins and finish ranked in the
    Top 10.
  • Beamer is very proud of how the team has come back at the end of the
    season. They hung in there and finished strong, and now Beamer wants to
    finish the season on a good note.

Monday was Day 1,829 of Virginia Tech’s continuous possession of the Commonwealth Cup.

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