2009-2010 Tech Talk Live Notes for 10/19/09

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Charley Wiles

  • Everybody put a lot into the Georgia Tech game, so it was a disappointing
    loss. The Hokies put a lot of time and effort into it.
  • Tech’s gameplan was to take their two defensive tackles and occupy the
    three interior offensive linemen. The defensive ends had responsibility on
    the fullback dive. It obviously worked in the first half.
  • Georgia Tech has made an effort to cut down on turnovers this year.
  • In the second half, Georgia Tech matched their slot up on Tech’s free
    safety Kam Chancellor. It became somewhat of a guessing game.
  • Overall, Georgia Tech has really good players at the key positions. Their
    quarterback is a tough guy who can take a beating. They are going to make
    some plays.
  • It’s a complete team game when you play Georgia Tech. You have to limit
    their big plays defensively, and you have to take advantage of opportunities
    on offense. The Hokies didn’t do either on Saturday night.
  • The Tech defensive staff had a meeting on Sunday and discussed ways to
    defend Georgia Tech’s offense in the future.
  • Georgia Tech did put the ball on the ground three times on Saturday, but
    the Hokies were only able to come up with one of them. That’s unfortunate.
  • Georgia Tech started showing their true colors defensively in the second
    half, and the VT offense was able to get things done. Unfortunately the VT
    defense couldn’t get off the field.
  • Next year, the Hokies might use more of their defensive package and bring
    more zone pressures. The corner blitz for a sack by Stephan Virgil was the
    only zone pressure the Hokies brought all night.
  • Even if Georgia Tech ran a traditional offense, they’d still be very good.
    Jonathan Dwyer is a legitimate NFL tailback, and Demaryius Thomas is a
    future NFL receiver.
  • The Hokies thought they would get some chop block calls during this game,
    but they didn’t. You’ve just got to keep playing on.
  • Paul Johnson had some really great players in place when he got to Georgia
    Tech. Josh Nesbitt and Jonathan Dwyer were already there. Johnson will be
    able to recruit for that system. They might not always be NFL prospects, but
    he’ll get players who fit his system.
  • John Graves hurt his ankle again against Georgia Tech. He was playing
    great in that game. Kwamaine Battle played well also. He’s been doing well
    since Graves got hurt. Demetrius Taylor played his best game of the year as
  • Lanford Collins is showing a lot of promise. He’s athletic, and he’s going
    to be a 260 or 270-lbs defensive end. James Gayle also shows promise.
    Defensive tackle Courtney Prince is back from his torn ACL. He might have
    played some this year had he not torn his ACL in the spring.
  • Antoine Hopkins has to play faster and with more consistency. He’s
    certainly got the talent.
  • If the Hokies win out, they’ll win 10 games for the sixth straight season.
    There is still quite a bit to play for.
  • Wiles was a GA at Virginia Tech. He had to leave to get some recruiting
    experience at another school, but Beamer told him that he would eventually
    get him back on the staff once he got that experience. Wiles went to East
    Tennessee State and Murray State. He coached under Houston Nutt at Murray
    State. He learned a lot about recruiting under Nutt.
  • Wiles had one scholarship offer out of high school, and that was from
    Coach Beamer at Murray State. He went on to become an All-American.
  • It’s great to coach and play for Coach Beamer. He has a way of making
    people want to do well for him.
  • Wiles still has relationships with some people in Florida. Tech is
    recruiting Florida based on those relationships. For example, the Hokies got
    Jayron Hosley based on previous relationships with David Clowney and Brandon
  • The Hokies are finishing up their 2010 class. Recruits are making
    decisions very early these days. Tech is starting up on the 2011 class.
  • On average, Wiles is writing to about five or six recruits at this time of
    year. During the summer, it’s more like 20.
  • Jayron Hosley has a lot of poise. He’s a ball hawk. The on-field
    experience that he’s getting this year will help him next year when he might
    have to play more.
  • Rashad Carmichael played a great game on Saturday night. He’s stepped up
    all year. Nobody knew how good he’d be, but he’s been confident and
  • Tech doesn’t want to be a “national recruiting outfit.” Coach
    Beamer’s philosophy is to recruit Virginia and the surrounding regions and
    develop strong relationships. If you go down to the wire with a 5-star
    recruit from Michigan and you miss, that will hurt. You might have turned
    down a 3-star guy from your own region just to recruit the 5-star guy. In
    the end, you’ll have nobody.
  • The Hokies have finished watching the Georgia Tech film. They’ve already
    produced their scouting report on UNC. They’ll begin preparing with the team
    on Tuesday.

Darren Evans

  • Rehab has been going well. He’s working out as hard as he possibly can.
  • Evans wasn’t sure he had a torn ACL at first, because he’s never had an
    injury like that. It was in the back of his mind, and he was hoping and
    praying for the best, but it didn’t work out.
  • The injury makes Evans appreciate the game even more. You can’t take it
    for granted, because it can be taken away from you.
  • Evans has been anxious to get back out there with the team, but watching
    Ryan Williams run the ball is a lot of fun.
  • His running program starts on Wednesday. Even if he could come back in
    December for the bowl, he wouldn’t want to risk it.
  • A lot of people see that Evans has a kid, and they figure that it’s a
    burden. It’s really not that way. His son is a joy to be around. The family
    is really tight, even though everyone is so young.
  • Evans is going to be the keynote speaker at a head start program in
    Roanoke soon. He’s going to be speaking to people who have to deal with
    similar situations that he’s had to deal with. He’s going to tell them to
    keep a positive outlook on everything that happens. You have to make the
    best out of things that are thrown your way.
  • There are still a lot of games to play. The Hokies can still win the ACC
    Championship. They just have to keep working hard every day. There are
    plenty of goals left to achieve.
  • The first thing Billy Hite does is let you know that he cares about you on
    a personal level outside of football. He lets you know that you can open up
    to him. That’s more important than just coming to a meeting and talking
    about football. Hite was in the hospital in Indianapolis with Evans the day
    his son was born.

Frank Beamer

  • The effort was great on Saturday night, and so was the motivation. There
    was a lack of consistent execution. It’s a tough offense to prepare for when
    you only see it once a year.
  • If the Hokies had gotten up early, they would have had Georgia Tech where
    Miami had them. But they couldn’t punch it in early when they had the
  • This is still a really good football team. They have some playmakers on
    offense and good players on defense. They are strong in the kicking game.
    There is still a lot to play for. They have to get ready for North Carolina.
  • You know you’ve got the right kind of kids when you look forward to seeing
    them on Monday after a tough loss, and Beamer looked forward to seeing them
    all this week.
  • Beamer was disappointed that they didn’t get a couple of chop blocks
    called in that game, but overall the officials are doing a good job. It was
    a high-low block that got John Graves hurt.
  • VT had great field position on three drives in the first half, but they
    got no touchdowns. That was a critical part of the game. You want to get
    Georgia Tech behind so they have to throw the football.
  • John Graves is in a boot right now. He needs to get than ankle healthy.
    Sergio Render will be okay, but they might rest him this week. Blake
    DeChristopher got through the game fine and will be okay.
  • There’s a lot of football left to be played. The Hokies have to keep
    winning, because things can turn back around on any given Saturday.
  • North Carolina is 0-2 in the ACC, but their defense is #3 in the nation.
    Their offense is struggling, but they have some really good players on
    defense. Defensive end Robert Quinn is outstanding.
  • UNC plays Florida State on Thursday night, and both teams need a win
    badly. It should be a great game.
  • Beamer will be cheering for Virginia this week against Georgia Tech. That
    would certainly help Virginia Tech.
  • Beamer doesn’t think the 5-2 defensive front is the answer against Georgia
    Tech. There are some other things that the Hokies can do differently, and
    that they will do differently.

Monday was Day 1,787 of Virginia Tech’s continuous possession of the Commonwealth Cup.

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