2009-2010 Tech Talk Live Notes for 10/12/09

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Jim Weaver

  • Weaver thought the BC game was the most dominating performance he’s seen
    from a Tech team in a long time. It might have been the most dominating
    performance in his 13 years at Tech.
  • After this season, the ACC will no longer have a tie-in with the Gator
    Bowl. The Champs Sports Bowl is now the #3 bowl in the ACC. That’s an ACC
    decision, not a Gator Bowl decision. The Champs Sports Bowl has raised its
  • The ACC has also dropped the Emerald Bowl and will now play in the Sun
    Bowl against a Pac-10 opponent. The ACC has also had a couple of conference
    calls with the Independence Bowl.
  • As far as regular season wins, Tech’s women’s soccer victory over #1 UNC
    was probably the biggest upset in Hokie history. The softball team beat Team
    USA two years ago, but that was an exhibition game.
  • The football field looked bad against Boston College because they did not
    have a good growing season for Bermuda Grass. It wasn’t warm enough this
    summer. Blacksburg is too far north to have good Bermuda Grass consistently,
    and too far south to have good Kentucky Blue Grass. The playing status of
    the field is fine, but it just doesn’t look as good as it generally does.
  • The Boise State game will not be part of the 2010 season ticket package.
  • Weaver remains against the coach in waiting idea. He believes there should
    be one boss. We see what’s happening at FSU right now, and it’s not good.
  • The ribbon scoreboard in the southwest corner of the stadium is broken,
    and Tech can’t find the parts to fix it. It probably won’t function at all
    this season.

Bud Foster

  • That was a great team win. The Hokies played extremely well in all three
    phases of the game.
  • That was the best first half of defense Tech has played in quite some
    time, maybe the best ever.
  • Foster’s group of linebackers played their best game of the season. They
    were very good as a group. The game seemed to be slowing down for them.
  • Lyndell Gibson got an opportunity and he’s taking advantage of it. He’s
    instinctive, as he showed when he blew up that screen against BC.
  • Rashad Carmichael is playing great, Foster is very pleased. He is getting
    better every week. Virgil is playing well also. Carmichael at boundary
    corner is working out just fine.
  • The best defense against the Georgia Tech offense is to keep them off the
    field. That’s how Miami had success. Miami was also very disciplined against
    the option attack.
  • The Hokies have to be good in their option principles. They have to be
    disciplined. They also have to be disciplined against the pass, because
    Georgia Tech has hit some big plays through the air.
  • Georgia Tech has matured as an offense. They only used about two
    formations against the Hokies last year, but they have four or five
    different formations this year. They run the same plays, but they give you
    different looks.
  • The Hokies are simulating the option full speed all week. This is a big
    week for the offensive scout team. Foster will be on them as much as he’s on
    his defensive players.
  • Tech has to be physical and stop the run. If you get GT in a situation
    where they have to throw, they are at a disadvantage. Demaryius Thomas is a
    big-time receiver, but passing is not the major strength of the offense as a
  • Georgia Tech is running more double option than triple option, and the
    quarterback is keeping the ball a lot more. Josh Nesbitt has 50 more carries
    than Jonathan Dwyer.
  • This team has a good mix of young players and older players. You can see
    them coming together.
  • Nekos Brown had the flu bug last week and missed Wednesday’s practice. He
    showed up on Saturday and had a great game. He has turned into a great
  • Antoine Hopkins played his best game of the season against BC. Kwamaine
    Battle has also stepped up and given the Hokies some great snaps.
  • Georgia Tech is going to get yards. That’s how their offense is designed.
    The Hokies have to contain them and limit their big plays.

Sergio Render

  • The BC win was great. The team really played well. BC had beaten Tech
    three years in a row in the regular season. Those losses were tough.
  • Render felt like it was going to be a good day on the first drive when
    Tech went down the field and got a field goal.
  • The offensive line made an effort to stay in Blacksburg all summer, and
    it’s paid off. They’ve been working very hard.
  • Tyrod Taylor has always been a good player, but he’s a great leader now.
    He’s in command of the huddle. He’s more vocal, and he’s more demanding.
  • Ryan Williams is one of the best backs in the nation. He’s a humble kid.
    He’s got speed and he’s got power.
  • Suh from Nebraska is the best player Render has played against. Raji from
    BC was good also.
  • Render was in the woods by 5:20 after the BC game. He shot his first deer
    by about 5:50. Render likes hunting and fishing better than football. The
    New River is his favorite place to fish.
  • Render, who is from Georgia, has between 16 and 25 people coming to the
    game on Saturday.
  • The Hokies have to be physical from the opening snap. They have to hit
    Georgia Tech in the mouth and limit mental errors.

Dorian Porch

  • The BC game was the best game Tech has played since he’s been here.
  • Porch knew Tech was going to have a big day before the game started. The
    Hokies had a great week of practice, and they prepared themselves very well.
  • Tech responded defensively after tough outings against Nebraska and Duke.
    Foster had them ready to go.
  • Porch has to focus on his key reads against Georgia Tech. They can run 25
    straight times, and then hit you with the deep ball. You have to stay
  • Porch was almost drafted in the second round by the Arizona Diamondbacks
    out of high school, but he chose football instead. Actually, his mother
    chose football for him. She wanted him to get an education in case baseball
    didn’t work out.
  • Porch has a younger brother who is a freshman in high school. He’s already
    taller than Dorian. He’s a left handed pitcher in baseball, and he plays
    football as well.
  • Porch is hoping the Yankees and Angels play in the ALCS, and the winner of
    that plays the Dodgers in the World Series.
  • One of the reasons Porch chose Virginia Tech was to play in big games, and
    this Saturday is a big game.
  • Porch has 34 people coming to Saturday’s game. He is from Georgia, so his
    family and friends have a great chance to see him play.
  • Everybody will have a responsibility against Georgia Tech, and everybody
    has to read their keys and stay disciplined.
  • It’s fun practicing full speed this week, especially with Coach Foster so

George DelRicco

  • DelRicco is running his own company. He is in credit card processing.
  • DelRicco is married with one two year old child. Another child is due in
  • Tech had great teams when DelRicco was in school. They went to bowls in
    1993 and 1994, and those years were building blocks for the 1995 team.
  • DelRicco is Facebook friends with former Miami players like Frank Costa.
    He played Arena Football with some guys who played at Miami, and they stay
    in touch. There is always a lot of smack talk each year before the
    Tech-Miami game.
  • DelRicco talks to a lot of his former teammates, including Jim
    Druckenmiller and J.C. Price. Price is a coach at James Madison, and he’ll
    stay at DelRicco’s house when he is recruiting in the Baltimore area.

Frank Beamer

  • Sergio Render and Dorian Porch will both be captains for Virginia Tech
    this week. They are playing in their home state.
  • The first half against BC was pretty special. The Hokies were clicking in
    all phases of the game.
  • Tyrod Taylor was very much in control. The Hokies are a much better
    passing team than they were last year. The whole operation is better. The
    wide receivers are a year older. They were all freshmen last year.
  • Taylor has been great since the last drive against Nebraska. It was a
    confidence builder to know that the Hokies could make big plays on offense.
  • Tech’s last seven touchdowns have been scored by seven different players.
    The Hokies have a lot of guys who can get things done.
  • This week will be all about assignment football. It will be a real test
    for the linebackers. This kind of offense is tough to defend. Georgia Tech
    is doing more things on offense than they did last year.
  • If the VT offense controls the ball, the Georgia Tech offense isn’t on the
    field. That’s a major point that he made to the offense on Monday.
  • Tech knew Ryan Williams was going to be a great player. While he was
    redshirting last year, defensive players were saying that he was the best
    back they faced all season. He’s even better know that he’s gained weight
    and gotten better in pass protection.
  • Blake DeChristopher and John Graves had been injured, but both played
    against Boston College, and they came out okay. They should be even stronger
    against Georgia Tech.
  • Brent Bowden still leads the ACC punting. He’s doing a great job. Some pro
    scouts have been checking him out recently. He gets the ball away quickly
    and he kicks it with great height.
  • Playing tough competition to start the season has made the Hokies a better
    football team. The players have really come through, and they are confident
    that they can continue to improve.
  • The team that travels to Atlanta this week is much better than the team
    that went to Atlanta in early September. The coaches know a lot more about
    the team now.
  • Virginia Tech will get Georgia Tech’s best shot. There is a lot of
    pressure, but it’s a good kind of pressure. There wouldn’t be any pressure
    if the Hokies weren’t winning.

Monday was Day 1,780 of Virginia Tech’s continuous possession of the Commonwealth Cup.

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