Hokie Hotline Notes for 3/9/09

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The Hokie Hotline (football and basketball season)

When: Every Monday from 7:00-9:00 during football season, 7:00-8:00 during basketball season.

Where: Click here for a list of radio stations, and to find the link for listening to the show on the Internet (look to the right on the hokiesports.com page that loads when you click the link). You can see the show in person at Awful Arthur’s in Blacksburg.

Seth Greenberg

  • Tech had some chances this past week, but they weren’t able to get over
    the hump down the stretch. They weren’t as efficient as they needed to be at
    the end of games.
  • The difference between 7-9 and 9-7 is really just two plays. Boston
    College made last second shots against VT and Georgia Tech to get to 9-7.
    The Hokies were unable to make those plays, and they are 7-9.
  • Tech still has a shot. If the Hokies can find a way to beat Miami on
    Thursday, it opens the door for some more opportunities.
  • Tech had a good practice on Monday. The attitude and mindset have never
    been bad, they just haven’t been able to get stops and make plays that you
    need to make it have a special season.
  • The Hokies don’t have a good record over the last five games, but they
    played well against FSU in the first meeting, then beat Clemson, and played
    well against Duke and UNC. In those five games, they’ve played better
    defensively than they have all season.
  • Malcolm Delaney and A.D. Vassallo were named Third Team All-ACC. That’s a
    great accomplishment, considering the amount of talent in this league.
  • FSU is a terrific defensive team. Solomon Alabi definitely changed some
    shots in the lane. At the same time, Tech missed a lot of easy shots.
  • Tech had the right guys shooting the ball against Florida State. They just
    missed shots. It was just one of those games. The defense and effort was
  • Delaney and Vassallo are probably playing too many minutes, but they have
    played at a high level this year. Other people have had an opportunity, but
    they haven’t been consistent.
  • Greenberg thinks someone will pick up Vassallo’s slack next year. It might
    be done in a different style. Tech might have a different type of lineup.
    But someone will step up, or several guys will step up.
  • Where Tech is today as a program is light years ahead of where they were
    when they joined the ACC. No one is more critical of the team than Seth, and
    they will do their best to get better.
  • Greenberg doesn’t think Tech has been as tough mentally and physically as
    they have been in the past. As he takes notes after every game, that’s the
    one thing he knows the team has to focus on getting back to.
  • Tech will play more home games next year, but they will also continue to
    play a good schedule. You need wins, but you need to play some quality
    opponents also.
  • Jack McClinton is a great player. He’s a great competitor with very deep
    range on his shots.
  • Tech will practice in Blacksburg on Tuesday and then travel to Atlanta
    immediately after. They’ll have a walk through at Georgia State.
  • Brian Asbury is playing really well for Miami right now. He has only made
    14 three-pointers this year, but nine have come in the last six games. He
    had a great game against Tech in the first meeting.
  • Dwayne Collins is a tough matchup. He also had a big game against Tech.
    They can get the ball to him in a lot of ways. Miami coach Frank Haith has
    shortened his bench quite a bit. He is playing his most experienced players.
  • Miami is a physically strong team. Collins and Jimmy Graham are really
    strong on the inside. James Dews has the ability to make shots. Asbury is a
    tough matchup because he’s so rangy.
  • Tech could see some zone from Miami. They played nine possessions of zone
    against the Hokies back in January, but they have gotten better at it since
  • VT has to focus every ounce of energy on beating Miami. They can’t worry
    about a possible matchup with UNC in the quarterfinals.
  • Greenberg isn’t a big dome guy. Greensboro, Tampa and Charlotte are great
    sites for the ACC Tournament. It’s important to get the ACC brand around the
    entire region.
  • The ACC needs to find more ways to expand their reach. Right now, they
    don’t allow cameras in the locker room. Greenberg watched a Big Ten game
    recently and saw a player give a great speech to his team before the game,
    and that’s good exposure for the team and the league. Things like that
    aren’t possible in the ACC with the current set of rules.
  • VT had a chance to have an ESPN All-Access last week, but the ACC vetoed
    it because they wouldn’t allow a camera in the Tech locker room. The Hokies
    and all ACC teams need a chance to promote their programs, and the league
    can’t hold them back.

Monday was Day 1,563 of Virginia Tech’s continuous possession of the Commonwealth Cup.

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