Hokie Hotline Notes for 11/24/08

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The Hokie Hotline (football and basketball season)

When: Every Monday from 7:00-9:00 during football season, 7:00-8:00 during basketball season.

Where: Click here for a list of radio stations, and to find the link for listening to the show on the Internet (look to the right on the hokiesports.com page that loads when you click the link). You can see the show in person at Awful Arthur’s in Blacksburg.

Jim Cavanaugh

  • There is always motivation in football, but this week there is extra
    motivation. Obviously the Coastal Division title is big, but it’s even
    bigger when you are playing UVA.
  • Duke decided to play to keep the game close with Thad Lewis out. They
    didn’t throw the ball much because they didn’t want to turn it over. They
    wanted the game to be close in the fourth quarter, and it was.
  • Ted Roof did a great job recruiting at Duke. They have much better players
    than people give them credit for. And obviously David Cutcliffe has done a
    great job coaching them.
  • Tech is doing well in recruiting this year. The state of Virginia always
    puts out good players.
  • Tech is trying to get athletic offensive linemen who can move. Defensive
    linemen are generally quicker than offensive linemen, and the Hokies need
    quicker offensive linemen to compensate for that.
  • It’s important to know which high school coaches you can trust with player
    evaluation. They are under a lot of pressure from parents.
  • The
    NCAA has passed rules which allow less evaluation time of prospects.
    Naturally, more mistakes will be made the less time you have to evaluate
    players. Offensive line is also the toughest position to recruit.
  • The parents of kids are involved in recruiting more now than ever, and
    rightfully so. However, sometimes their expectations are sometimes not so
    realistic. It’s Cav’s job to tell them how it is, and sometimes they don’t
    particularly care for that.
  • Tech hopes to get a lot of pressure on Marc Verica. He can pick you apart
    when he has a lot of time to throw.
  • This Tech team is one of the best teams Cavanaugh has been around in terms
    of quality kids. They are good guys. They are a joy to be around, and they
    practice the same every week.
  • Cody Grimm has had a great season. He’s a r-junior who came to Tech as a
    walk-on. He’s got good football sense, and he’s quick. He’s a very good
    player for the Hokies.
  • Overall, Cavanaugh is having a great time coaching his current group of
    players. They are very smart players and they pick up things quickly.
  • Tech has a good defensive scheme, a defensive coordinator who makes great
    decisions during the game, and they have players who respond. They prepare
    very well each week.
  • The Hokies are 7-4, but they are close to being 2-9 or 11-0. There was a
    lot of parity on Tech’s schedule this year.
  • The assistant coaches work for a good head coach. He’s a good guy. He lets
    them coach. Not every head coach is like that. The guy up at Notre Dame
    (Charlie Weis) is a pain. Nobody could coach for that guy.
  • Ju-Ju Clayton has played pretty well, and the Hokies will have Marcus
    Davis as well. They are also still recruiting quarterbacks. Fans just have
    to trust the Tech staff when it comes to the quarterback situation.
  • Cavanaugh wishes coaches were given more time to go out on the road and
    visit recruits. There is a proposal out right now that would allow coaches
    to visit players during the spring.

Frank Beamer

  • This has been a very tough schedule with the way the games have been
    arranged. Tech had a really tough stretch of road games with a very young
    team. It means a lot to be in a position to win the Coastal Division.
  • There were a lot of good plays in the Duke game. Tech ran the ball well,
    but there was always just something that stopped drives, whether it was a
    key sack or a turnover. Consistency is still an issue, but hopefully they
    can put it all together this Saturday.
  • Tyrod Taylor just got on a bad roll against Duke. Sometimes the momentum
    just goes against you. He’s a terrific quarterback who has a great future.
    Taylor will start against Virginia, and that’s all Beamer is going to say
    about the quarterbacks.
  • For the second straight year, the Tech-UVA game means a lot. It’s always
    big to play Virginia, but the games mean more now than ever.
  • Clearly Tech would like to be better offensively, and they are working
    very hard to be better.
  • The ACC has some very strong defenses, and most teams are trying to get
    better offensively. It’s basically the same story across the conference
    right now.
  • With such a young team, for the Hokies to be one game away from winning
    the Coastal Division, it’s a good accomplishment.
  • Tech got behind in recruiting offensive linemen. They are making it up now
    though. The kids they have now are working very hard, but they need to be
    more consistent.
  • It was a good decision for Macho Harris to come back. He’s made some great
    plays, and he’s probably improved his NFL Draft status.
  • Tech has a good group of seniors, and they’ll be honored before the game.
    This is a really hard working football team, and that comes from good senior
  • Tech needs to concentrate on UVA. That’s why they locked down media access
    this week and only made two players available for the media. You don’t want
    anyone saying something that disrespects Virginia. Orion Martin and Danny
    Coale will speak to the media, and Beamer trusts them.
  • Virginia is playing really good defense right now. Their linebackers are
    very good, especially Clint Sintim. Cedric Peerman is a good runner, and
    Kevin Ogletree can get it done at wide receiver.
  • Overall, Virginia is a good team. Tech is going to have to really play
    well. They can’t turn the ball over, and they’ve got to be able to run the
    football. Defensively, Tech can’t give up the big play. There also has to be
    more production in the kicking game.
  • The Hokies have a lot of great seniors. Hopefully they’ll be sent off well
    on Saturday.

Monday was Day 1,458 of Virginia Tech’s continuous possession of the
Commonwealth Cup.

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