2007-08 Hokie Hotline Notes for 11/6/07

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Bud Foster

  • Foster is really proud of the players for bouncing back from the Boston
    College loss. The seniors gave great leadership.
  • It helped to have Virginia get beat by NC State. That helped the team
    realize that they are still in the thick of things.
  • Brett Warren has done a great job with Vince Hall out. He has been a very
    good all around player. He is playing very fast right now.
  • Georgia Tech didn’t do anything different with two running backs out. They
    still tried to run the ball with Dwyer and Evans.
  • Tech’s secondary was very good. Macho Harris made a couple of athletic
    plays, and Brandon Flowers stepped up and made a huge interception after a
    VT turnover.
  • Florida State was great against Boston College. Drew Weatherford was very
    poised and threw the ball very well. The FSU receivers stepped up and played
  • Tech loses a lot of defensive players after this year. However, they have
    a number of players coming back that they are very excited about. The
    boundary corner position is a critical position, and that will be a focus in
    the spring. (Note: Brandon Flowers, the current boundary corner, is a
    junior. Was Foster perhaps dropping a hint that Flowers will be leaving
    early for the NFL?)
  • Florida State looks like they are coming together as a team right now. It
    should be a great game on Saturday.
  • Alonzo Tweedy hasn’t enrolled yet, but the staff sees him as a potential
    whip or rover. He’s very athletic, and he’s a really good fit for Tech’s
  • Tech’s defensive backs have to understand that FSU is going to make some
    plays. They have to tackle well and make sure the Noles don’t get yardage
    after the catch.
  • Foster said he wasn’t criticizing the fans following the BC game, but
    rather a few sportswriters who were questioning how he did his job. Tech was
    not running a prevent defense.
  • The last few times VT has played FSU, it seems like it’s been in their
    environment. This time the Hokies are getting them in Lane Stadium.
  • The FSU offensive line has improved. Rick Trickett is the new coach, and
    he’s made them a tougher unit.
  • This game is going to be like a prize fight. It’s going to be two
    heavyweights slugging it out. It will go back and forth.

Jim Weaver

  • Tech’s staff did a great job rallying the team after a tough loss. That
    shows that they know how to communicate with their players.
  • The Miami game will kickoff at 3:30 on November 17. The game will be
    televised by ABC.
  • Tech has bid for every level of NCAA tournament play for men’s soccer.
    They are trying to get them home games for the NCAA tournament.
  • VT has gotten a lot of positive feedback this year from almost every
    visiting team and fan base that has visited Blacksburg.
  • The presidents of schools across the country have indicated in the last
    year to 18 months that they want an emphasis on sportsmanship from all
    schools. Alcohol consumption on game day is what everyone is concerned
    about. It’s what causes all the bad incidents.
  • Some people think “it’s a rite of passage to get blown away at a tailgate
    party and then go into the stadium and be disrespectful.” That’s not
  • The numbers of complaints from fans have gone down dramatically this year.
    The best thing is the emails they get from opposing fans saying how well
    they were treated.
  • It’s astonishing to see Nebraska playing as poorly as they are. They gave
    up 76 points to Kansas over the weekend. The Hokies will travel to Lincoln
    next year.
  • A lot of Nebraska fans are questioning whether or not it was a good
    decision to fire Frank Solich, who was 51-18 in his tenure.

Frank Beamer

  • Vince Hall and Aaron Brown are out against Florida State. Beamer doesn’t
    know if Eddie Royal is going to make it. He’s very questionable. Ryan Shuman
    is also questionable.
  • Glennon and Taylor both practiced very well on Monday. As they make their
    game plan throughout the week, they’ll get closer to making a quarterback
    decision. They have to decide the best way to attack Florida State.
  • Florida State is very talented. When they don’t turn the ball over, they
    are very good. They look athletic and fast, and they are.
  • Beamer doesn’t know any details on the stolen jerseys against Georgia
    Tech. In the end it doesn’t matter which jersey you wear. It’s how you play.
  • Beamer was proud of the coaches and players against Georgia Tech.
    Everybody showed great resiliency in coming back from the BC loss.
  • Usually the risk isn’t worth the reward when it comes to onside kicks in
    the first quarter. However they thought they saw an opportunity with Georgia
    Tech’s alignment, and the team did a great job executing.
  • Drew Weatherford is a very talented quarterback. They have tall and
    athletic receivers. FSU has a very dangerous football team. When they don’t
    turn the ball over, there is not better team in the ACC than Florida State.
  • Jahre Cheeseman had some good runs against Georgia Tech. He’s got some
    natural ability and toughness.
  • In the last six games against Florida State, the Seminoles have scored
    four special teams or defensive touchdowns. They have blocked four Virginia
    Tech punts in those games.
  • FSU has always broken the game open against the Hokies with special teams.
    Their special teams are outstanding.
  • Virginia Tech is 14-1 in ACC road games. That’s an amazing stat. That
    shows the Hokies have some mentally tough players.
  • In most of the losses to Florida State, Beamer thinks they had better
    players than Tech. The last few times, he’s not so sure.
  • Bryan Stinespring called a great game against Georgia Tech. He mixed up
    the run and the pass and kept them on their heels.
  • Tech just has to keep fighting through the injury problems. They did a
    good job of that against Georgia Tech, and they must do it again against
    Florida State.
  • Branden Ore is healthier now, and the offensive line is playing better
    now. Those are the two main reasons for the increased production from the
    running game.
  • Florida State is a very healthy team right now. They just got a few guys
    back from injury. They are a legit football team. The Hokies will have to
    earn this one.

Monday was Day 1,066 of Virginia Tech’s continuous possession of the Commonwealth Cup.