2007-08 Hokie Hotline Notes for 10/29/07

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Short Segment with Bill Roth and Mike Burnop

  • Who do you blame for the BC loss? It’s hard to lay the blame on any player
    or any unit. BC just found a way to win.
  • The Hokies have to start scoring some more points in November. These last
    four defenses Tech will face are outstanding.
  • The Tech defense was outstanding. It was a brilliant game plan by Bud
    Foster. The crowd was absolutely amazing.

Jim Weaver

  • The crowd was great on Thursday. In Weaver’s 11 years at Virginia Tech, he’s
    never seen a better crowd.
  • Tech’s preseason goals are still there. The team will rebound and play
    hard in Atlanta. Coach Beamer has done a great job of getting teams back up
    after tough losses.
  • If Tech beats UVA, Miami and Georgia Tech, they’ll hold the tiebreaker
    over all other Coastal Division teams competing for a spot in Jacksonville.
  • Weaver hopes to start construction on the new basketball facility by July,
    2008. Maybe as early as April. A new field house is on the horizon as well.
  • The bowl reps were very impressed by Virginia Tech’s fan turnout on
    Thursday night.
  • The field held up very well in the weather. More rain fell in Blacksburg
    on Thursday than during Hurricane Isabel, yet the field was great.
  • The Florida State kickoff time will be at 3:30 on November 10. The game
    will be televised by ABC regional.
  • The men’s soccer team is ranked #4 in the nation. They are still having a
    great year. Tech hopes to get NCAA tournament games in Blacksburg.

Frank Beamer

  • It certainly wasn’t lack of effort that lost the game for Tech on
    Thursday. You have to give Matt Ryan credit. He played great those last two
    drives. Sometimes things don’t go your way.
  • Tyrod Taylor and Sean Glennon looked very good in practice on Monday. They
    both took their team down for scoring drives in the two minute drill.
  • Taylor’s ankle seemed much better on Monday. He responded well.
  • Tech didn’t go prevent in the last two BC drives. Tech had been using a
    3-man rush at times the whole night, and they even blitzed once in BC’s last
    two drives. Matt Ryan just made some plays.
  • The defense was put in some tough situations. There was a fumble, an
    onside kick and two roughing the kicker penalties.
  • When
    Dustin Pickle roughed the kicker, Tech was set up for a safe return. Pickle
    was supposed to block the tackle, but the tackle wasn’t there. So Pickle had
    a clear path to the punter, which surprised him.
  • The call on Pickle was also pretty questionable. The BC punter should get
    an Academy Award.
  • The offense was better against BC than they had been. The team as a whole
    hopes to get on a hot streak. They’d like to play Boston College again.
  • The parents of BC linebacker Mark Herzlich sent in a great letter to the
    BC athletic department, which was forwarded to Virginia Tech. They loved
    their experience in Blacksburg, and were treated great by Hokie fans.
  • Beamer likes to think back to 1998, when the Hokies had three very tough
    losses. Each time they came back and won the next game, and he felt great
    about that team.
  • You can go back and say “we’re close here and we’re close there,” but
    you’ve got to get past close.
  • Beau Warren is a young player that Beamer likes very much. He’s a little
    light at 270, but he loves to hit people. He’ll do a good job on Thursday
  • There should not be a letdown Thursday night. Georgia Tech is favored.
    This is like going to Clemson. The Hokies have to be ready to play.
  • Georgia Tech is a very tough team. They are missing a couple of tailbacks,
    but they have a true freshman named Jonathan Dwyer who is the next great
    Georgia Tech player.
  • Defensively, they either get you, or you get them. They blitz a lot, and
    the Hokies have to pick up some yardage against it. If you get the ball to
    the right place, you’ve got a chance to pick up some yardage.
  • Both of Tech’s quarterbacks did very well on Monday. They are going to
    discuss the quarterback situation after Tuesday’s practice.
  • This is the time of year when you want to be your best. Hopefully the
    Hokies can get it together for the month of November. They can win all four
    games, but they can also lose all four.
  • Florida State quarterback Xavier Lee has been suspended for the next two
    games, so he’ll miss the Virginia Tech game. This clears up their
    quarterback situation.
  • Georgia Tech has a lot of very good players. The Hokies will have to play
    well on the road, as they usually do. Tech has just one road loss in ACC
    play (13-1) since they joined the conference.
  • Darren Evans and Josh Oglesby are going to be very good packs. They have
    good size and good speed.
  • Tech’s young offensive linemen are looking good in practice. They got
    behind in offensive line recruiting, but they are catching up quickly. They
    are all very strong physically, which is rare for true freshmen.

Monday was Day 1,059 of Virginia Tech’s continuous possession of the Commonwealth Cup.