2007-08 Hokie Hotline Notes for 10/15/07

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Charley Wiles

  • Wiles has been pleased with the defensive line. They have steadily
    improved. They have been able to put pressure on the quarterback and play in
    the backfield.
  • Chris Ellis is having a very good year. Wiles has never coached a player
    who plays harder than Ellis. Orion Martin is also having a good year from
    the other defensive end spot.
  • The goal every year is to develop depth and play a lot of players. It
    takes depth to play great defense.
  • At defensive tackle, Carlton Powell, Barry Booker and Kory Robertson have
    a chance to get drafted or sign a free agent contract. At defensive end,
    Chris Ellis is definitely a prospect.
  • Duke did a lot of different things to try to sucker Ellis into a personal
    foul, but he walked away every time.
  • It’s great to see Darryl Tapp playing well in the NFL. He’s a winner in
    everything he does.
  • Kwamaine Battle is a very explosive athlete whom they thought about
    playing this year as a true freshman. He’s recovering from shoulder surgery.
    And later on, he’ll have to get his other shoulder done.
  • Next year, Demetrius Taylor and Steven Friday will start to figure in.
    Justin Young, John Graves and Kwamaine Battle will factor in at defensive
    tackle. Cordarrow Thompson needs to lose a few pounds.
  • Most guys on the team who are currently overweight came to Tech out of
    high school overweight.
  • The defensive line works against the scout team offensive line every day.
    William Alvarez is big and strong. He might have to drop a few pounds. His
    ideal weight is probably in the 310 range. He should settle in at offensive
  • A.B. Latif is a pure guard. Blake DeChristopher is a tackle or a guard.
    Jaymes Brooks is very athletic, and Wiles would love to have him at
    defensive tackle. He was the offensive scout team player of the week. Tech
    didn’t miss on any offensive line recruits.
  • You can’t recruit a bunch of defensive linemen and then move them to the
    offensive line anymore. You need to recruit true offensive linemen, and that’s
    what Tech is doing.
  • BC quarterback Matt Ryan is a great talent and a class kid. He has great
    poise and toughness.
  • Gosder Cherilus is at left tackle, and he’ll probably be a first round
    pick. In fact, if he had left following the 2006 season, he likely would
    have been taken in the first round.
  • This is going to be a big time football game, and that’s why Tech’s
    players came to Blacksburg.
  • Matt Ryan has a lot of snaps under his belt. He’s a very experienced
    player, and a very smart player. He’ll probably be a first round pick as


  • Frank Beamer and his staff do a great job in preparation. That showed
    against Duke, who had been playing everyone else close, including Miami and
    Wake Forest.
  • Weaver has never seen an athletic director be fired two days after a
    football loss, because of the loss. That’s what happened at Nebraska on
  • It’s going to be a treat to play at Nebraska next year. Cornhusker fans
    are great.
  • Weaver has talked to Kentucky about a series in the past, but that doesn’t
    look like it’s possible at this point in time.
  • There is a huge men’s soccer game Friday night. Tech’s team is
    outstanding, ranked in the top 10, and they are taking on UNC on Friday.
  • The golf team won a huge tournament over the weekend, which included eight
    teams ranked in the top 50.
  • Of any program at Tech, men’s soccer is probably the closest to winning a
    national championship. The golf program also has potential.
  • The SEC has a rule where schools get fined if their fans rushed the field.
    Weaver said he would be against a rule like that in the ACC. It’s not
    necessary. Tech works very hard to get the goalposts down and escort the
    visiting team off the field.
  • There has been no talk recently of reseating Cassell Coliseum. There are
    more important things on the agenda.
  • Technically, the earliest you can get to your parking spot for the BC game
    is at 5 pm. Parking services would really like for people to wait until 5 pm
    to get to campus. That will give the academic staff time to leave.
  • The NCAA is cracking down on basketball coaches cursing, etc. at officials
    this year. Weaver agrees with the rule, but he disagrees with the idea of
    rewarding officials with better postseason assignments for making the calls
    during the games.

Frank Beamer

  • The crowd turnout at Duke was great, and the players really responded.
    They played really well against Duke.
  • Sean Glennon came in and played very well. Brett Warren stepped in for
    Vince Hall and played great.
  • Tyrod Taylor was also playing very well before he got hurt. Whichever
    quarterback plays against BC, the Hokies are going to have a good one.
  • Tyrod Taylor will be in a boot until Saturday, and then he’ll be
    reevaluated. High ankle sprains heal differently for everybody.
  • Cam Martin has mono, and he is questionable for BC. Cody Grimm is his
    backup, and he’s a top notch special teams player.
  • Branden Ore is banged up, and the timing of the offense hasn’t been good.
    With Wang back and Marshman at guard, they now have their best OL on the
  • Wang did fine against Duke. He really makes a difference out in space. He’s
    got good feet and can redirect his body.
  • Virginia Tech has gotten better, and they’ll continue to get better. They
    are set on their offensive line now, and they can go full speed ahead.
  • Jahre Cheeseman can play, but he didn’t do so well against Duke. But he’s
    a thick runner with some speed, and has potential.
  • Sean Glennon is very smart about knowing where the ball needs to go. Right
    now there are no thoughts about playing two quarterbacks. It’s a hard thing
    to do.
  • Only four top 5 teams have ever visited Blacksburg. Another will be in
    town a week from Thursday in Boston College.
  • This group of true freshmen is going to be very good. They are good
    players and good people. Chris Drager was playing, but got hurt. He’s going
    to be a very good player, either at tight end or defensive end.
  • Cris Hill is going to be a very good defensive back, and Barquell Rivers
    has talent at linebacker. And all the offensive linemen are talented.
  • The Hokies will have hour and a half practices on Tuesday and Wednesday.
    They will take Thursday and Friday off, and then begin preparations for BC
    on Saturday.
  • BC is just a very good team, especially throwing the ball. Tech is still
    working on their game plans for the Eagles. They have to mix up their
    coverages and disguise their coverages.
  • If D.J. Parker got hurt, Kam Chancellor would probably slide over to free
    safety. Davon Morgan is a true freshman, and he’s going to be a very good
    free safety in time.
  • Everybody has injuries at this point in the season. Cody Grimm will do a
    great job if Cam Martin can’t go. Beamer has a lot of confidence in him.
  • Beamer ended the show by saying that if he had to grade the team at this
    point, it would be “about a B.”

Monday was Day 1,045 of Virginia Tech’s continuous possession of the Commonwealth Cup.