2007-08 Hokie Hotline Notes for 9/24/07

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Bryan Stinespring

  • Stinespring was disappointed that the offense had to settle for field goals
    on the first two drives. Some things are hard to judge because they had a short
    field quite a bit, and the starters only played one half.
  • William & Mary showed some looks that they haven’t shown on film, and
    Tech didn’t do a good job handling it.
  • On offense, everyone has to click at the same time, and the Hokies aren’t
    doing that. They aren’t getting the push they need sometimes, but it’s
  • Everybody is contributing to the lack of the running game. It’s not just
    the offensive line. Tech needs to get some momentum.
  • Ore has bruised ribs and a slightly sprained ankle. He’s not at 100% right
    now. He can’t get in a good rhythm.
  • Tech wanted to run right at them at first, but the Tribe showed some
    defensive fronts that they hadn’t shown, including the 6-2.
  • Tech’s season starts against UNC this weekend. They decided to sit their
    starters in the second half to keep everyone healthy.
  • Ed Wang hopes to be back for the Duke game, but he has to get back into
    football shape after returning. It will be a process.
  • Tyrod Taylor pressed a bit. He sat in the pocket and took sacks, which he
    normally doesn’t do.
  • The tight ends got involved in the passing game against William & Mary,
    and that’s good to see. All four caught at least one pass.
  • Nick Marshman is a better guard than tackle, but he was the only guy who had
    taken snaps in a game at tackle. That’s why he’s at right tackle with Wang
  • The bottom line is Tech’s best players have to play at their very best each
    week. You can’t have self-inflicted mistakes.

Jim Weaver

  • There will be a B-2 stealth flyover before the UNC game. If you want to see
    it, try to be in the stadium by 11:45.
  • The Yankees will play in Blacksburg on March 18, 2008.
  • Tech will now play Bowling Green in 2012. They are working with the MAC and
    the ACC to find a new opponent for next season.
  • Weaver would certainly listen if someone proposed a neutral site game against
    another major program. He isn’t sure why Alabama would play Florida State in
  • The ACC schedule is generally done by the 15th of January each year.
    Tech tries to schedule all of their non-conference games first. The ACC schedule
    is done by the Associate Commissioner of Football in the ACC office.
  • The athletic department has lost parking spots for games because of new
    constructions. Also, they only get 50% of the spots on campus for game days.
    That’s a rule from central administration.

Frank Beamer

  • Beamer wishes that the second teams had played better in the second half, but
    William & Mary is a team that can execute.
  • The running game will continue to get better. They just have to keep working
    at it. Everybody is playing hard.
  • Tech is doing some good things on offense. They are very close to being a lot
    better. Tyrod will get better each week, and the offense will improve with him.
  • Purnell Sturdivant had a great game against the Tribe. He looks good.
  • The Hokies have had their moments on offense. They’ve set some very high
    marks, but they are down right now. However, there is some good talent and they
    are going to get it turned around.
  • Talent matters, and experience matters. Tyrod Taylor is very talented, but he
    doesn’t have the experience. However, the Hokies are getting closer as a team.
  • The ACC is a very competitive conference. They don’t really have a great,
    dominant team, but there are a lot of good teams.
  • UNC is playing a lot of young players. They play with a lot of enthusiasm.
    Quarterback T.J. Yates is very talented. He’s streaky, but he’s hard to
    handle when he gets hot. They also have very good wide receivers.
  • Nekos Brown barely missed blocking two punts. Beamer is ready to block some
  • Brent Bowden has done a great job with his punts. Brandon Dillard and Zach
    Luckett have been great on punt coverage.
  • There are many teams in the ACC that are good. They are very close together.
    It will all depend on who improves the most throughout the season.
  • UNC is trying to get their running game going with Ryan Houston. They are
    young, but very talented.
  • Defensively, the Tar Heels have Hilee Taylor at defensive end. He is very
    explosive. Tech’s tackles will have a challenge on their hands.

Monday was Day 1,031 of Virginia Tech’s continuous possession of the Commonwealth Cup.