2007-08 Hokie Hotline Notes for 9/17/07

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Kevin Sherman

  • It’s very good that 11 different players caught passes on Saturday. It
    means they are spreading the ball around and everyone is a threat.
  • The four receivers haven’t collectively played a good game. They are all
    good, but they are inconsistent as a group. They’ve got to get better on
    their routes and coverage recognition.
  • Ike Whitaker has to get used to playing in space. He knows the offense and
    what the receivers should do. He has embraced the move to receiver.
  • Tech has a balanced offense. They have passed it 103 times this year and
    run it 103 times, according to Sherman.
  • They added the Pistol formation, with a running back lined up directly
    behind Taylor, who is in the shotgun.
  • Taylor throws a real tight spiral and sometimes the receivers have trouble
    catching up with it.
  • Nothing rattles Taylor. He is extremely poised. He just stays cool under
    pressure and makes plays.
  • Right now, Zach Luckett, Brandon Dillard and Ike Whitaker will be the main
    guys at receiver next year. They are red shirting Danny Coale and Patrick
  • Tech doesn’t have a disadvantage recruiting great receivers.
  • William & Mary has a big-time offense. They are fun to watch. They
    will come in trying to win.
  • Josh Morgan broke a finger last week, and had a pin put in it. Then he
    went out and caught six passes on Saturday.

Jim Weaver

  • From now on, there will be no “We are Virginia Tech” cheer. It will go
    back to “Let’s Go Hokies” only.
  • There will be a flyover with a C-17 cargo plane on Saturday for the
    William & Mary game. Tech fans have the Corps of Cadets to thank for all
    the flyovers.
  • The UNC game will start at noon. The game was picked up by Lincoln
  • The Marching Virginians are going to Virginia, and possibly Duke. They are
    having bus problems for the Duke game, so that is up in the air.
  • Tech likes to play 1-AA teams from the state of Virginia because it keeps
    the money in the state. In the future, they will play Furman and Appalachian
    State from out-of-state.
  • Saturday’s officiating crew was the same crew that did the Insight Bowl
    back in 2003.
  • Television scripts when each team enters the field, but there was no TV
    for Saturday’s game. Ohio decided to take the field as soon as Enter Sandman
  • There has been no consideration to making the North End zone general
    admission for the students.

Frank Beamer

  • Tech is a good football team right now, but they aren’t as good as they
    are going to be. They have to improve and be more consistent. They have to
    take care of the ball and score in the red zone.
  • Ed Wang is back walking in practice. They are hoping they can get him back
    for the Duke game.
  • Branden Ore just needs to get some running room and get going. The most
    concerning thing about him is that he’s had two fumbles.
  • Kenny Lewis, Jr. did a nice job running the ball. He needs to work a
    little on his pass protection.
  • The offense is working hard, and they’ve got all the right pieces in
    place. They just have to keep working and improving.
  • Brandon Flowers’ personal foul penalty was very questionable. He will not
    be punished for that penalty.
  • Beamer likes counter motion. It takes people out of their pass defense
    responsibilities, and you have to defend the field horizontally.
  • Vince Hall and Xavier Adibi played an exceptional game on Saturday. Chris
    Ellis and Carlton Powell were very good up front as well.
  • Tech fans need to stay off Sean Glennon. Booing a college athlete is
    wrong, unless he’s just out there not playing hard. But that’s never been
    the case with Glennon.
  • Personal fouls are tough for the defense. Some have been called that were
    deserved, and others were not. It’s a fine line. You have to have
    intelligent recklessness.
  • Vince Hall was named the Defensive Lineman of the Week for the ACC. He had
    a great game against Ohio.
  • Beamer would prefer to play all the non-conference games first, like they
    are doing this year. That way they can work out all the kinks before
    conference play starts.
  • Fullbacks are very valuable to Tech’s offense. However, you’d rather have
    the ball in Branden Ore’s hands and use the fullbacks to block.
  • Tech has talked with West Virginia about offense. The WVU coaching staff
    came to Blacksburg back in the spring.
  • Beamer said he has been fortunate to have great coaches and players around
    him. A lot of things have happened for him to get to 200 wins.
  • William & Mary coach Jimmy Laycock is a good friend of Beamer’s. They
    were assistants together at The Citadel. William & Mary can really play
    offense. They always move the ball very well.

Monday was Day 1,024 of Virginia Tech’s continuous possession of the Commonwealth Cup.