2007-08 Hokie Hotline Notes for 9/10/07

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Bud Foster

  • Tech played hard on Saturday, but they had a lot of breakdowns.
    Structurally they were sound, but technique was bad at times.
  • Once things start going south, it’s hard to recover. Ask some teams that
    the Hokies have blown out in the past.
  • Tech still has the ability to be very good. They just have to do some soul
    searching and put it all together.
  • LSU obviously hit on all cylinders. Mistakes magnify when you play teams
    like LSU.
  • Tyrod Taylor can add another element for Tech on offense. He can throw it
    and run it. He is also extremely poised.
  • Flowers’ personal foul on the first possession was uncalled for. It was
    going to be second and long, and he gave them a first down. LSU doesn’t need
    any help.
  • Kam Chancellor and Cam Martin are good players. They are just a little bit
    tentative right now.
  • The last thing Tech needs to do is press and panic. They just need to keep
  • Foster told the players he isn’t going to point fingers at them because it
    all comes back to him. However, they probably aren’t going to like him too
    much after this week of practice.
  • Ohio won the MAC and played in a bowl game last year. They are a
    well-coached team with an excellent tailback. They aren’t complicated, but
    they get it done.
  • Macho Harris has a banged up hamstring, and Kory Robertson hurt himself
    while lifting on Monday. Other than that, the Hokie defense is healthy.
  • Tech’s players are embarrassed by their performance. They will get better.

Jim Weaver

  • The next two games are kicking off at 1:30, half an hour later than most
    non-TV games. Tech is doing this to give the fans a little more time to
    travel to the game.
  • Next Monday we should find out the kickoff time of the UNC game. Noon is a
    good possibility.
  • LSU has the fastest overall team speed of any team Weaver has seen. He was
    very impressed with their offensive diversity.
  • The band is no longer allowed to play the “Stick it in” chant when the
    Virginia Tech offense is in the red zone. Weaver said something like that has
    no place in any stadium.
  • The last true freshman who enrolled in the summer to start a game at
    quarterback for Tech was Steve Casey in 1978. Todd Greenwood started as a
    true freshman in 1982, but he had gone through spring practice.
  • Weaver thought Tyrod Taylor handled himself very well on Saturday.

Frank Beamer

  • Tech’s quarterback is going to have to move, whether they want him to or
    not. Glennon is accurate from the pocket, but not as accurate on the run.
  • Taylor is very poised. He’s tough to rattle. He’s going to make some
    mistakes, but he’s also going to make some things happen. He led Tech to
    their only touchdown against LSU, and had a deep touchdown pass to Brandon
    Dillard that was dropped.
  • This move isn’t so much about Sean Glennon as it is about where Tech’s
    offense is as a whole.
  • This offensive line will get better, but it’s just a fact that Tech has to
    run the ball better.
  • Tech has gotten behind on offense. They are catching back up, but it’s
    going to take a little while.
  • Playing a team like LSU lets the Hokies know where they are. It will help
    them down the line, in conference play.
  • Playcalling gets tougher when you aren’t having much success. It’s much
    easier to call second and six than second and ten.
  • Beamer feels very strong about Tyrod Taylor’s ability to throw the ball,
    not just his running ability.
  • Beamer talked to Michael Vick last week. Beamer is convinced that Vick has
    realized he messed up, and that he’ll work hard to make himself better.
  • Beamer hasn’t considered making changes to the offensive staff. Tech has
    just gotten behind on the offensive line, which makes the whole offense look
    bad. The Hokies have had some of their highest scoring offenses ever under
    Bryan Stinespring.
  • In man-to-man coverage, the quarterback needs to go ahead and throw deep
    when the receiver is even with the cornerback. Tech’s receivers have shown
    the ability to go up and get the ball.
  • Brent Bowden has been punting the ball very well in games. So far he has
    been a great replacement for Nic Schmitt. Tech’s coverage teams were also
    very good against LSU.
  • Beamer said he doesn’t like two quarterback systems. They’ve been down
    that road before.
  • If Virginia Tech beats Ohio on Saturday, it will be Frank Beamer’s 200th
    career win.
  • The staff realizes that the offense needs to be better. They think
    starting Tyrod Taylor is going to give the offense a spark.
  • Branden Ore needs better holes to hit. Putting Tyrod Taylor on the field
    with him will only help him.
  • Tyrod Taylor has a very good personality. The players like him, and
    people are naturally drawn to him. He is a very easy going guy, which
    helps the situation.
  • Tech’s offense has put up some good numbers
    throughout the years. Last year wasn’t very good, and
    they are working hard to fix it.
  • Frank Solich has done a great job at Ohio. They beat Illinois last year,
    and they also went to a bowl. They beat Ricky Bustle at
    Louisiana-Lafayette last weekend.

Monday was Day 1,017 of Virginia Tech’s continuous possession of the Commonwealth Cup.