2006-07 Hokie Hotline Notes for 11/6/06

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The Hokie Hotline (football and basketball season)

When: Every Monday from 7:00-9:00 during football season, 7:00-8:00 during basketball season.

Where: Click here for a list of radio stations, and to find the link for listening to the show on the Internet (look to the right on the hokiesports.com page that loads when you click the link). You can also watch the archive on hokietv.com.

Bryan Stinespring

  • VT moved the ball okay in the first half. They ran the ball okay at times.
    In the second half, there were a lot of little things. VT tried to use a lot
    of protections, but not much worked. Some players were late reacting.
  • Sam Wheeler played his best game at tight end. He was Glennon’s primary
    read on several occasions, but he was held and the refs didn’t see it. He
    did a much better job blocking than in past games. Greg Boone was late off
    the ball. He said he couldn’t hear. He has to learn to play through that.
  • Glennon made a nice play on the dump off to Jesse Allen. Allen made a
    great run after the catch. Glennon played well and was extremely competitive
    throughout the game. There were a couple of throws he had a chance to make,
    but overall, the coaches are happy with the way Glennon played.
  • At times, Glennon just needed less than a second longer to get the ball
    off, but they just couldn’t block for him.
  • Branden Ore made some great runs. The offensive line made some great
    blocks on Ore’s two runs on Tech’s winning touchdown drive. Duane Brown
    made some critical blocks.
  • On Ore’s last TD run, everybody blocked well. Brandon Frye did a great
    job of getting to the backside linebacker, and Brandon Gore took out the
    nose tackle. Ore did a great job finding the seam in the defense and cutting
  • Sean Glennon is the quarterback. He has handled everything well, when
    things have been going good and bad.
  • Calais Campbell, Miami’s defensive end, is very talented. He has great
    size at 6-8. He’s only going to get better. He’s very deceptive. He
    knows how to rush the quarterback and make moves on the offensive tackle.
  • The Hokies are doing more scrimmaging with their backups on Mondays. They
    are doing it for guys like Kenny Lewis to get more carries. They need to
    find more backups at some key positions.
  • The coaches thought they could run the clock totally out at the end of the
    game. They calculated that the clock would run a bit more on each kneel
    down, but the clock was getting stopped very quickly when Miami called
  • The offense didn’t play that well against Miami, but they did take care
    of the ball. The one interception was as good as a punt, and that’s why
    that play was called in the first place.

Jim Weaver

  • Jim Weaver didn’t offer up many comments on Tech’s bowl chances. He
    does know that the Chick-fil-A Bowl does not have to take the ACC
    Championship Game loser. They are an option, but they don’t have to be the
  • There is a chance the Hokies could go back to the Gator Bowl. Weaver has
    heard a rumor that the Gator Bowl people would like to have Virginia Tech
    vs. West Virginia.
  • Weaver said he thought it was very early for the Meineke Car Care Bowl to
    take Navy, especially when there are three Big East teams in the Top 15.
    (Note: The Big East website says the
    Meineke Bowl had to take Navy in 2006
    if they became bowl
    eligible. See the third to last paragraph in the link.)
  • Weaver said it is a possibility that they could revoke the season tickets
    of people who get ejected from football games. It’s something they have to
    think about as a staff.
  • The men’s soccer team made
    the NCAA tournament
    for the second year and a row and three
    out of the last four years. The Hokies will travel to UNC Greensboro for a
    Saturday game.
  • Tech would love to play Tennessee at the Bristol Motor Speedway, but that’s
    highly unlikely to happen. Weaver has talked to Tennessee’s AD about a
    future series, but there is nothing to report at this time.
  • Weaver’s best guess is that the Virginia Tech-Wake Forest game will
    kickoff at 7 (ESPN2) or 7:45 (ESPN). A noon kickoff is probably the least
    likely to happen.

Frank Beamer

  • It’s very tough to win at the Orange Bowl. Miami’s defense is really
    good. They have a good team, but it’s a very thin line between winning and
    losing. It was very important that the Hokies not turn the ball over, and
    they did a great job with that.
  • It was a very cleanly played game between the two teams. There was no
    extra pushing and shoving, and only three penalties on Virginia Tech. One of
    Tech’s penalties was an intentional delay of game, and on the offsides,
    Beamer thought that Miami’s tackle actually moved first.
  • Duane Brown played a great all around game. He blocked a field goal, he
    made a tackle on punt coverage, and he graded out at 89% on the offensive
    line. That’s a good day.
  • The Hokies had a chance for a couple of big plays in the passing game, but
    they couldn’t get Sean Glennon the extra second he needed to throw the
    ball. The receivers managed to get separation from the defenders against
    Miami this year, but he pass blocking didn’t allow the ball to be
  • The Tech linebackers played a great game against Miami. Hall and Adibi
    made some big plays, as well as Brenden Hill. The corners were outstanding
    as well, especially Flowers.
  • When you don’t get penalties, you give yourself a chance to win. When
    you aren’t pushing and shoving after the whistle, you give yourself a
    chance to win. The team is winning the right way, and the Virginia Tech way.
  • There are a lot of guys on defense right now that could be carrying the
    lunch pail. There are a lot of guys who are playing great on defense right
  • Beamer talked about Radford football coach Norm Lineburg, who is coaching
    his last game Friday night. Beamer coached under Lineburg after Beamer
    graduated from Tech. Beamer noted that Lineburg knew how to treat people, is
    a great coach, and that he learned a lot from coaching under him.
  • Kent State is very well coached. They were on a hot streak, but they’ve
    lost two in a row. But they’ve still exceeded expectations this year. They
    have about 14 or 15 Hargrave players on their roster.
  • The Kent State quarterback is mobile. He has a knack for making people
    miss. He reminds Beamer of the Cincinnati quarterback.
  • Beamer will remind his players this week that Akron won at NC State and
    Ball State almost knocked off #2 Michigan. Ball State has a losing record,
    yet they almost won in The Big House. The MAC is a good conference, and Kent
    State will have nothing to lose.
  • Cory Holt is back working at quarterback. Beamer thinks his future is at
    receiver. George Bell is back with the team, and he has been scrimmaging. He
    looked good last week. We’ll probably see him again in a game at some
  • Cary Wade is really playing well at rover. How you practice determines how
    much you will play during a game. That’s the way it has to be.
  • Beamer is eager to get the next recruiting class in Blacksburg. There are
    some very talented players in that class that can really help the program.
  • Beamer said he though the officials missed a pass interference call
    against Miami. A Miami cornerback was all over Josh Morgan on one play. But
    overall, the officiating crew did a very good job.
  • Sean Glennon did a good job. On the deep interception, the receiver should
    have been on the inside. But either way, it was as good as a punt. Glennon
    made good decisions all night long. For the pressure he was getting and the
    situations the offense was in, he really played well.
  • Glennon is getting better as the season goes along. He is very smart and
    easy to coach. He has made good progress. And he’s not going to make plays
    to get you beat.
  • The defense did a great job in the first quarter. Miami had the field
    position advantage because of the wind, but they didn’t score. That’s a
    credit to Tech’s defense.
  • Brenden Hill is very smart, and the game makes sense to him. He just has a
    great feel for the game. He made a great play against Kyle Wright in the
    backfield on Saturday night, throwing him for a ten-yard loss on a
    misdirection rollout.
  • Miami played very hard on Saturday night. Nobody should question Miami’s
    effort. The Hokies just made some big plays. Miami had the momentum in the
    fourth quarter, but the Hokies never lost their poise, and they came back.
  • Ike Whitaker has talent, but it’s how he develops that and how he
    practices that will determine if he will play. They tried to get him in the
    game, but it’s hard to find the right situation. Miami found that out when
    they tried to play Kirby Freeman in the first half.

Monday was Day 709 of Virginia Tech’s continuous possession of the Commonwealth Cup.

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