2006-07 Hokie Hotline Notes for 10/16/06

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The Hokie Hotline (football and basketball season)

When: Every Monday from 7:00-9:00 during football season, 7:00-8:00 during basketball season.

Where: Click here for a list of radio stations, and to find the link for listening to the show on the Internet (look to the right on the hokiesports.com page that loads when you click the link). You can also watch the archive on hokietv.com.

Bryan Stinespring

The offense didn’t execute very well against BC. It’s not the fault of
one player or one position. Everybody made mistakes during the game.

Sometimes situations dictate play calling. The offense needs to get rid of
the ball quicker, and maybe check down quicker. They could also call some play action
on first down.

The offense needs to do a better job of getting the ball underneath. They
need to pick and choose their opportunities to throw the ball downfield.

Ike Whitaker didn’t throw the ball well last week. He and Glennon both
threw the ball well on Monday. He is getting “more and more work” in
practice. Stinespring did not say Whitaker would play on Saturday, and went out
of his way to avoid a question asking if it would be better to have a
quarterback who can run.

Boston College played their safeties deep against the Hokies, so Tech was
just taking what the Eagles were giving them.

The reason for Glennon’s first interception was the wide receiver cutting
off his route. He thought the coverage dictated a short pass, but he should have
kept running up field.

The receivers didn’t do a great job blocking on Thursday night. It’s the
first time this season they haven’t blocked well, so it’s unfair to pin the
entire game on the offensive line, quarterback, tight ends, etc. It was a team

The offensive line is having problems because they lost so many experienced
players from the 2005 team, and some guys they projected to be in the starting
lineup this year when they recruited them did not pan out. Thus, more young guys
are playing.

Each defense presents its own unique challenge. Southern Miss runs well and
they will use a lot of defensive looks. The Hokies haven’t seen some of their
looks before. They also have several different personnel groupings.

The Hokies threw seven or eight types of screens against Boston College. They
didn’t execute them quite as well as they should, thanks to missed blocks.

The team had a good practice on Monday. They showed a good mindset and look
ready to try and rebound. Noland Burchette stepped up during the team meeting
and had some words to say to the team.

Jim Weaver

(Before Weaver’s segment, Roth mentioned that VT basketball player Coleman
Collins had to get a shot in his ankle, and he was in a boot on Sunday.)

Weaver and Beamer talked for awhile on Monday. They decided that if any Tech
player got in a brawl similar to the Miami-FIU situation, that player would be
suspended for a minimum of five games.

Weaver placed a lot of the blame of college players’ on-field behavior on
pro players. Kids grow up and see it on TV, and they think its ok.

Virginia Tech is ranked sixth in the nation when it comes to compliance with
Title IX. They are in very good shape. The school has been very proactive with
Title IX.

The Hokies Respect program isn’t simply a product of the athletics
department. The Alumni Association and Student Government also had a role as
well. It’s part of a plan that everyone agreed upon.

Frank Beamer

The Hokies simply weren’t efficient enough against BC, especially
offensively. Ultimately, this team must take care of the football, and if they
don’t score, they have to be good in the kicking game. Schmitt punted the ball
well against BC, but they had turnovers.

When Tech gets behind, they aren’t capable of dealing with opposing
defenses when they pin their ears back. That’s why they keep turning the ball
over on their own side of the field in the third quarter.

Beamer said Sean Glennon has done as well as he possibly could. His toughness
and his desire to get the ball to a receiver are the reasons he is staying in
the pocket so long. Unfortunately, that can lead to hits and turnovers.

It’s possible that they could cut back on Glennon’s reads, which will
make it easier on him to make quicker decisions.

Beamer told Chris Ellis he thought his personal foul was a cheap shot, and VT
isn’t a cheap shot team. Ellis knows exactly how Beamer feels about the
situation. He also had a talk with Brenden Hill about his situation.

William Wall was dismissed from the team on Monday. It wasn’t one thing,
but several things that have come up since he’s been in the program.

The defense played a heck of a game for the most part. They came up with some
huge stops after turnovers. But unfortunately the antics on the sideline took
away from that.

Beamer called on certain players and coaches to speak to the team on Monday,
including Branden Ore and Noland Burchette. Grad assistants Cornell Brown and
James Miller also spoke to the team because they can relate to the players very

Beamer said, “Write this down. We are going to represent Tech well on the
field and we are going to represent Tech well off the field. That’s the way it’s
going to be.”

It’s tough to run a two quarterback system. Sometimes one quarterback gets
hot, and it’s tough to bench him for the other guy. However, they are going to
give Ike a few more reps in practice this week just to see how it goes.

Beamer told the team on Monday that trash talking is not right. It’s not
everybody, just a few guys. What happened down at Miami is exactly what happens
if you keep talking and talking. Cornell Brown never talked trash, and neither
did a lot of other great Tech players.

Beamer stated further on trash talking, “You better not see it on the
football field. If you do, that guy will be coming over and standing beside me.”

Like Weaver, Beamer mentioned the NFL for a source for the constant trash
talking in sports. If young kids see the NFL guys doing it, they will grow up
thinking its ok.

Beamer seemed upset that several players were talking back to the BC crowd on
Thursday night. He asked them on Monday what that had to do with winning the
football game.

The offensive players are working hard and they play hard. They just have to
play better. Also, the defense needs to step up and makes some plays to make up
for the offensive inexperience.

The Hokies have good coaches and good players, although some are too young
right now. But they are going to keep working and getting better.

Beamer said they have been recruiting some higher-level guys whose mindset is
on the NFL and what it takes to get there. That’s just the way it is. But how
you play football shouldn’t change, no matter what type of player you recruit.

Beamer is “very, very high” on the 2007 recruiting class. There are a lot
of good players in the group, and they are high on character.

Monday was Day 688 of Virginia Tech’s continuous possession of the Commonwealth Cup.

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