2006-07 Hokie Hotline Notes for 10/09/06

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The Hokie Hotline (football and basketball season)

When: Every Monday from 7:00-9:00 during football season, 7:00-8:00 during basketball season.

Where: Click here for a list of radio stations, and to find the link for listening to the show on the Internet (look to the right on the hokiesports.com page that loads when you click the link). You can also watch the archive on hokietv.com.

Jim Weaver

  • Regarding Tech’s 7:00 start against Southern Mississippi and the fact that
    it shortens Tech’s recovery and prep time for Clemson five days later,
    Weaver said he would never decline ESPN’s request to move a kickoff time
    for television. That would be a disservice to the ACC and ESPN. Any
    television exposure is good exposure. Thursday night ESPN games have been
    great for Virginia Tech.
  • The Hokies will play three straight games at night on one of the ESPN
    networks. It’s a great chance to get the season heading in the right
    direction. Tom O’Brien has taken BC to six straight bowls, and runs a very
    good program. It would be a big win for Virginia Tech.
  • Weaver dismissed thoughts that Duke should no longer compete in the ACC
    for football. If that’s what the university wanted to do, he would support
    them. But as of now, he isn’t sure if that rumor has any legs.
  • There is no scalping law in the Commonwealth of Virginia. People are
    allowed to sell their Hokie tickets for more than face value.
  • Last year the ACC put so many players in the NFL, that it would have been
    very tough to come back this year with a repeat performance with so many
    good teams. It all runs in cycles.
  • Seth Greenberg perhaps did his best coaching job last season, with all the
    injuries and off the court problems. Weaver said he was very proud of last
    year’s basketball team.
  • Weaver recommends that people going to the game from the West parking lots
    to the East stands need to enter the stadium at Gate 8, which is directly
    behind the East stands. That will help make the crowd entering at the
    northeast corner (at Gate 7, where the students enter) a lot smaller.

Seth Greenberg

  • Right now the coaches are allowed a certain time per week with their
    players. The Tech coaches have saved that time and will start practice on
  • In Seth’s first three years, they had a total of three seniors. On this
    year’s team alone, they will have five. That will pay major dividends.
  • Just like anyone else in the ACC, they can be very good. Any coach in the
    ACC will say right now that they have a chance to be very good. The guard
    play will be excellent. They will be most improved at small forward. A.D.
    Vassallo and Deron Washington have been very good in the preseason.
  • Post players: Coleman Collins needs to get better in defensive rebounding
    and defending the post. He wants to play in the NBA, and he needs to
    practice like it. Robert Krabbendam is up to 246. Cheick Diakite has to set
    expectations for himself. He has some tools. This team is talented, and they
    are excited to get in the gym and get to work.
  • The “Takeover”, Zabian Dowdell, Jamon Gordon and Coleman Collins, has
    done a lot to change the culture of Virginia Tech basketball. Now they have
    a chance to take it to another level. They can be very good.
  • The team must take advantage of every day. They must do what they can do
    every day to make themselves better. They must develop into a consistent
    program. They have to prepare, play and practice the same every day.
  • Shawn Harris is trying out for an ABA team. Allen Calloway is doing
    better. His weight is staying consistent. He is finishing up some paperwork
    so he can officially graduate. He is a walking miracle after two major
    surgeries in six months.
  • Nigel Munson will be fun to watch. He is a point guard. He sees the floor
    well, he is quick and very unselfish. Guys like playing with him. He puts
    others in a position to be successful.
  • Greenberg said everyone will get into the game in the first half (in the
    first game presumably). The only way they can lose that right is to not
    compete and play hard in practice. It’s important to keep the starters
    fresh, and the Hokies need to find a rotation.
  • Greenberg said he will do a Midnight Madness when 10,000 will show up.
    3,000 people is midnight without the madness. Plus, it wastes a valuable day
    of real practice.
  • Rebounding, free throw shooting and three point shooting will be keys to
    Tech’s season. They are getting bigger. Deron Washington should be a very
    good rebounder from the wing position.
  • Greenberg said the staff has done a great job in recruiting. They have five
    for the 2007 class already (Dorenzo Hudson has just
    committed, making it five), and each player ranks 150 or higher in the
    nation. The future remains exciting. Early Signing Day is the second
    Wednesday of November.
  • There will be a basketball scrimmage on the day of the Southern Miss game
    at 2:30. Admission is free. They will also scrimmage Georgetown on the road
    and South Carolina at home. There will be no exhibition games this season.

Frank Beamer

  • This will be a big challenge on Thursday. The Hokies will have to play
    great on Thursday. BC is one play away from being undefeated.
  • Thursday nights are great because you are the only game on TV. Tech has
    always played well on Thursday nights. It’s the same as Monday Night
    Football in the NFL.
  • The Hokies can’t give up the big plays against BC like they did against
    Georgia Tech. The Hokies have never lost a Thursday night road game, and
    they’ve never lost an ACC road game.
  • It’s possible that Kam Chancellor could play rover next year. You want
    to get your best 11 players on the field, and Chancellor will probably be
    one of those. Cam Martin is another possibility.
  • BC has a very big offensive line, as usual. They are always tough and good
    in the trenches. They have a couple of steady, solid tailbacks. Defensive
    players get tired of tackling them as the game goes on. Tech’s defensive
    line is very fast, so they need to take advantage of that.
  • The running game needs to get cranked up. As the team continues to mature,
    that part will come along. Elan Lewis played well against Georgia Tech, and
    hopefully he will be able to provide a lift.
  • Josh Morgan has been great on the punt block team. Justin Harper will
    factor in there this week as well. Games can turn on a dime in the kicking
    game, and it’s important to use your best athletes.
  • Tech doesn’t have as much room for error as in the past. They aren’t a
    lot better than teams they are playing, and they aren’t a lot worse than
    anybody either. They have to scratch and claw for victories.
  • Beamer lets Stinespring and Foster come up with the game plans. He trusts
    them. Sometimes he offers a suggestion, but he generally leaves it up to
  • The game dictated how many carries Branden Ore had against Georgia Tech.
    Beamer is pleased that the team has shown the ability to throw the football.
    That part has been a plus. The running game has to catch up to the passing
  • Tech just needs to play better against BC up front. They need to do the
    right things, like getting to the right gap. The effort is there.
  • Kenny Lewis, Jr. has to improve a bit on his pass blocking, but he is
    running the ball well. You saw that in the JV game against Hargrave on
    Friday (31 carries, 161 yards). It was a very good experience for him.
  • There is no truth to the rumor that Tech could install (artificial) field
    turf in Lane Stadium. They just got a new surface in the offseason, and it
    is working well right now.
  • The coaches are staying in constant contact with the recruits who have
    already committed. Beamer feels good about it. He would like to have an
    early signing day, but that means there is a lot more stuff to do during the
    season, and that makes it very difficult. That would also lead to more
    recruiting over the summer, which is the only time that coaches have any
    vacation time at all.
  • BC linebacker Brian Toal has been bothered by two bad shoulders, but he
    will probably play. They are very big inside at defensive tackle. The Hokies
    have to earn it.
  • BC is very good in the kicking game, especially on kickoff returns. It’s
    going to take an error free game from the Hokies to win.

Monday was Day 681 of Virginia Tech’s continuous possession of the Commonwealth Cup.

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