Advance Auto Parts Hokie Hotline Notes for 2/20/06

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The Hokie Hotline (football and basketball season)
When: every Monday from 7:00-9:00 during football season, 7:00-8:00 during basketball season.
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Seth Greenberg

Greenberg talked about the NC State game and said the Hokies don’t have an identity that they can rely on right now. They’ve had too many different lineups throughout the course of the season. They have had a small lineup, a medium lineup and a big lineup, and they all play differently. But none of them are turning the ball over. They had just six turnovers against the Wolfpack. That is the positive thing that is going on.
The negative things include not defending the three-pointer, not shooting the ball well, shot selection and ball movement. Greenberg said he takes responsibility for that.

Greenberg said Coleman Collins was unbelievable at his father’s memorial service on Sunday. Speaking at your father’s funeral at 19 years old is no easy thing. It’s just another example of how remarkable Collins is. Greenberg said he had no idea Collins would play the way he did in the second half against NC State. If you evaluated his first half, you wouldn’t have even played him in the second half, and that was the original plan after halftime. But they decided to give him a chance, and he did a great job.

Greenberg said they know that Coleman Collins will be with them for the remainder of the season. As a result, they can set a lineup and a substitution pattern and be able to follow it closely. They haven’t had that luxury for months. When you have no idea if Collins will play, or how well he will play, it makes things difficult. But then Greenberg said that is no excuse. He takes responsibility for the losses, and thinks that maybe he hasn’t been hard enough on the team because of all the personal tragedies they have been going through.

Roth talked about the job Roy Williams has done at UNC. Greenberg said he has done a great job. Nobody knew anything about Reyshawn Terry or David Noel because they were behind All-Americans. But they are very talented players. And Tyler Hansbrough is the real deal.

A caller asked if recruiting was hard in this region because of being in the ACC. Greenberg said it was actually easier. Virginia Tech is in the geographic footprint of the ACC and players in this area grow up dreaming of playing in the ACC. Now they have that opportunity at Virginia Tech, and that will help the Hokies attract a higher caliber of player. There are a lot of good things going on in recruiting right now.

Greenberg said recruiting has changed a lot over the past few years. All you have to do is instant message kids all day and then they call you. Home visits are a thing of the past because most players commit before it gets that late in the process. Greenberg said that of the top 100 juniors in the country, about 70 have already committed.

Greenberg said he thinks the program is growing every day. In terms of momentum, recruiting and interest, this program is moving forward. The team isn’t playing with consistency. But when you talk about the overall shape of the program, things are moving forward.

Greenberg was asked about Zabian Dowdell’s struggles. He said not having Coleman Collins inside and attempting to establish himself is hurting Dowdell. Defenders are also trying to get out and jam him more. But he’s just not shooting the ball well. He’s not shot-ready. He isn’t getting the shots off quick enough. And to be honest, the Hokies probably aren’t screening as well for him as they need to be.

A fan from Iowa called in and asked Greenberg about scheduling the Hawkeyes. Greenberg said like everyone else, Virginia Tech schedules for their own best interests. If they could get the game on national television, they would certainly play Iowa. Next year the Hokies will play Florida before the Orange Bowl on Fox. They will probably pick up one more made for TV deal, such as the Stanford game this year.

Greenberg said he thinks Coleman Collins and Cheick Diakite will eventually be able to play together on court. Right now there are defensive things that need to get cleaned up when they are in the game together. For example, Collins has trouble with guys who try to take him off the dribble. Offensively it isn’t Tech’s best pass and catch team. Plus they just haven’t had a lot of practice time together. They haven’t been able to simulate certain things in practice.

Greenberg said he thinks Diakite is getting better and he played well against NC State. He was active, he defended the post and he rebounded the basketball. He is going to be a very good player.

Greenberg said they will put Jamon Gordon on Guillermo Diaz on Wednesday. Diaz has more ability to create his shot. Robert Hite is a tough matchup because Zabian Dowdell has done such a good job on Anthony Harris the past couple of times that they would like to keep him on Harris. But then who would guard Hite? Do you put Witherspoon on him, or do you start a defensive lineup with Markus Sailes? It’s a tough decision.

A caller asked if Coach K’s commercials were a recruiting violation. Greenberg said it is not a violation because he is not making personal contact with people. He has a right to make a living just like anyone else. Coach K definitely had a hand in the commercial because it is an infomercial for his program and values, but there isn’t a coach in the ACC who wouldn’t do the exact same thing if they were given the opportunity.

Greenberg said he isn’t thinking about Virginia Tech’s postseason chances right now. He is focusing on Miami and trying to figure out a way to get the team to play to their full potential. Greenberg said he told the team that this is the first time he has felt that all the tragedies are behind them. It’s time to just go out and play basketball with no excuses. Hopefully the team can embrace that attitude. But it won’t be easy because Collins has not been at practice because he is in Atlanta, and Deron Washington is banged up.

Greenberg was asked about Allen Calloway. He said he has good days and bad days. He’s really an unbelievable guy. He is working hard in school and is going to graduate later this year. He’s just taking his medication and moving forward.

Greenberg said A.D. Vassallo didn’t play well on Saturday, or at least not as well as he was capable. He didn’t have the energy to play in a game like that. But overall, Greenberg couldn’t be more pleased. He is rebounding the ball well. He has to work on drawing fouls and his step-back shot. He also has to continue to concentrate on defense. But he has the potential to be a terrific player.

Greenberg was asked about next year’s team. He said he thinks next year can be very good, but he is still worried about this year. Next year the Hokies need to find some depth up front and need to defend better from the small forward position. But the team will have a chance to be good.

  • Monday was day 444 Virginia Tech’s continuous possession of the Commonwealth Cup and day 500 of Virginia Tech’s continuous possession of the Black Diamond Trophy.
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