Advance Auto Parts Hokie Hotline Notes for 1/30/06

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The Hokie Hotline (football and basketball season)
When: every Monday from 7:00-9:00 during football season, 7:00-8:00 during basketball season.
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Seth Greenberg

Greenberg said he was very proud of his players after the victory over Wake Forest. Tech finally closed out a game, and they hadn’t been doing that previously. A number of different players made a lot of plays to help get the victory. Jamon Gordon just took the heart out of Wake Forest on several occasions. He was extremely competitive and played a great game.

The matchups were favorable for A.D. Vassallo and he took full advantage. By going to a smaller lineup, Vassallo was often guarded by a bigger player and he was able to beat him off the dribble on several occasions. By the time the Deacons answered by putting Michael Drum on him, Vassallo had already gained a lot of confidence and could not be stopped.

Greenberg said the things that impressed him the most about Vassallo were his decision making and his middle game. His shot selection was outstanding and he was able to drive into the lane and take pullup jumpers. That is something they have working on with him. But above all, he showed confidence. That confidence carried over into practice on Monday as well.

Greenberg said Jackson Collins had two great days on Friday and Saturday. He had his appetite back and was very responsive to his sons being back in town. But on Sunday he had a bit of a rough day. Coleman’s mom would love for Coleman to come back to Blacksburg and see what happens, but he isn’t mentally ready right now. The Stanford game was the last time the team had Coleman’s full focus. Greenberg said whatever decision Collins makes, the team will support him.

Shawn Harris got back to Blacksburg on Monday. He missed practice, but will take part in all the walk-thrus. But Harris still has issues and has some decisions he needs to make in his life. His grandmother’s house is now his house.

Greenberg said despite the fact that Wake Forest bombed Tech from the outside when the Hokies were in the box-and-one, that defense helped them win the game. Eric Williams was only able to take seven shots during the game, and it helped keep Virginia Tech’s post players out of foul trouble for the majority of the game.

Greenberg said Georgia Tech is still a very talented team, but they are a very young team. Zam Frederick, Anthony Morrow and the inside players are all very good, but they are inexperienced players that are making mistakes. They have been in every single game. They almost beat Boston College on Sunday night. They are turning the ball over more than Paul Hewitt would like to see.

Greenberg said it is difficult to prepare for three games in six days. They didn’t even have a full practice between the Duke and Wake Forest games. They had a couple of walk-thrus, but that’s it. They took Sunday off so the players could get their legs back, and then practiced for about an hour and a half on Monday. But other than that practice, it has been all film sessions and walk-thrus.

Virginia Tech will do a lot of different things on Tuesday night simply because they don’t have enough bodies. Greenberg joked that there was no need for Paul Hewitt to watch any game film, because the Hokies aren’t going to do anything that they’ve done before. The staff hasn’t decided if they want to go with a conventional big man lineup with Tucker and Diakite, or with a four-guard lineup. Deron Washington will be back, and he needs to rebound the basketball.

Roth brought up Jamon Gordon’s rebounding performance against Wake Forest, and Greenberg said it was unbelievable. He didn’t box out a lot of Wake’s players, but instead he just outfought them for the basketball. They were effort rebounds. Gordon has an attitude and is as fierce a competitor as Coach Greenberg has ever been around.

Greenberg said A.D. Vassallo is a work in progress on defense. He is learning how to defend off the ball and other little things like that. He was much better against Wake Forest because he had better matchups. He had to guard a power forward for much of the game, and thus his lack of quickness didn’t come into play. He is also a very strong player, so he is able to mix it up down low. He did a great job of fronting Eric Williams on several occasions.

Greenberg was asked about Boston College, who Virginia Tech will play on Saturday night. They are playing very well right now. They are very, very physical. They can rebound the basketball, and physically they are the toughest team in the ACC. They play with great determination. They went to Chapel Hill and really whipped UNC. Greenberg feels they are a Top 10 team right now.

Greenberg said Jamon Gordon has taken a huge step forward this season. He is shooting the ball much more consistently, and he is much better at managing the flow of the basketball game. He can still get better in fast breaks, but overall he is a really good player for the Hokies. He can have a big year next season as he continues to learn and understand the game.

  • Monday was day 430 Virginia Tech’s continuous possession of the Commonwealth Cup and day 486 of Virginia Tech’s continuous possession of the Black Diamond Trophy.
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