TSL Site Update

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The latest on TechSideline.com: We’re working on getting the TSL site over to a newer, more powerful server with newer, faster versions of the operating system and database software that we use. We hope to have the site moved over to this new server Wednesday night, with improved performance Thursday and beyond.

The last few days, the site has been nearly unusable during the day, when we experience our heaviest traffic levels. Performance has been pretty good at night, so if you’ve been able to log on from home, or if you work at night, you’ve seen the site working well at night.

What you can expect throughout the day Wednesday is more of the same as what you saw Monday and Tuesday. The site will drag during peak (work) hours, from about 9:00 to 5:00. It will recover in the evening, and then will be usable at night.

We have a newer, more powerful server set up, (mostly) configured and ready to run. There are still a few configuration issues left to be worked out, and if all goes well during the day Wednesday, we can migrate the site over to the new server Wednesday night and see things get back to normal Thursday. So look for that, and hopefully, we’ll be restored to full function from Thursday morning on.

In the meantime, a couple of important notes about the site. Number one, it appears that monthly auto-renewal is not working. So if you’re a monthly subscriber whose account is about to expire, be aware that you’ll have to renew manually for the time being. This will be one of the first things we fix when we get the speed and reliability issues ironed out.

Subscribers: It doesn’t appear that expiration warnings are working, either, so check your expiration date (log on and click the “account info” link) and know when your subscription is due to expire.

Also, the subscription message boards are working fairly well, even during peak times. My experience is that they hang just a little bit while loading the index or a message, but it’s usually in the same place, and if you wait just a few seconds, the site will finish building the page.

Lastly, the biggest thing you can do to help is not hit the site too hard during the day, particularly the free message boards. Cut your usage down to about half, and if everyone does that, you might actually be able to get through during those times when you are trying to look. Meanwhile, watch the site for another update tomorrow night concerning the status of our server changeover.

I think that’s everything. Have a good day, everyone. Today’s planned updates are a VT/GT photo gallery and a WVU game preview, and we’ll post them during the day.

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