Advance Auto Parts Hokie Hotline Notes for 9/26/05

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The Hokie Hotline (football and basketball season)
When: every Monday from 7:00-9:00 during football season, 7:00-8:00 during
basketball season.
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Monday night’s Advanced Auto Parts Hokie Hotline featured athletics
director Jim Weaver, running backs coach Billy Hite and head coach Frank Beamer.
Topics ranged from stadium expansion to Hite’s stable of tailbacks to the West
Virginia Mountaineers.

Jim Weaver

said that game two went better than game one in Lane Stadium. Nothing is
perfect, but things were much better. He said there were a couple of people hurt
in the rush of students trying to get into the stadium before kickoff, but other
than that things went very smoothly.

Weaver was asked why there hasn’t been a gobbler call over the PA system
this season. Weaver wasn’t sure, but said he hasn’t eliminated it. Roth said
they might have to get another gobbler to record the sound, because the former
might have been lost with stadium expansion.

Weaver said the east side lights will be ready for the Marshall game, but
they shouldn’t be needed because it is a noon game. That’s a good thing,
because it will allow for plenty of time of testing for the new lights. Weaver
went on to say they still were not sure when the west side expansion will be
totally completed.

Weaver was asked about scalping, and he said that it is out of the athletic
department’s hands. He said there was no law in the town of Blacksburg or
Montgomery County against scalping, so Tech has no legal basis to crack down on

Weaver was asked why Tech hasn’t scheduled West Virginia to a long term
contract. Weaver said there are simply no spots available on either team’s
out-of-conference schedule. The schools considered playing a one game series at
FedEx Field in Landover, MD, but that will not be possible because the governor
of West Virginia has now mandated that WVU and Marshall begin a series against
each other.

Weaver was asked if Virginia Tech could ever play Notre Dame. Weaver said he
has tried to schedule a series a number of times, but has never been successful.
You never know what the future could hold, but nothing has worked out in the

The Marshall game will be televised by ESPN, ESPN2 or ESPN360. Which network
will depend on the Major League Baseball playoff schedule. The situation will be
much clearer on next week’s Hokie Hotline.

Weaver said the GameDay staff was very impressed with Virginia Tech.
The decision to come to Blacksburg wasn’t made until late Wednesday night, so
a lot had to be done in a short period of time. The task was handled very well
at Virginia Tech.

Weaver said he has received numerous emails from Tech fans since Saturday
about how some Tech fans are treating visiting fans very poorly. Weaver said
this is not acceptable and he is challenging the fan base to do a better job.
Virginia Tech doesn’t need this type of behavior to win football games.

Billy Hite

Hite said the season is going very well for him. He is proud of the guys he
is coaching. Cedric Humes and Mike Imoh are two outstanding competitors who aren’t
touching the ball as much as they deserve because there are so many weapons on
offense to get the ball to.

Hite said they aren’t rushing the ball as well as they like because teams
are blitzing the Hokies on almost every down. They ran the ball effectively
against Georgia Tech when they had to, especially in the red zone. Everyone must
get their correct blocking assignments. If just one player misses a block, then
the entire play is wasted.

Roth said the team has done a great job of taking time off the clock when
they need to, especially against NC State. Hite said the quarterbacks are
coached to run the clock down and the backs are told not to run out of bounds.
The team has executed that task very well.

Hite was asked about Marcus Vick’s technique, and he said it is good
sometimes and not so good other times, but it doesn’t matter because he is so
talented. He has tremendous touch and great accuracy. Kevin Rogers has done a
great job of coaching his tremendous talent. Vick is a special talent who can
put the ball where only the receiver can catch it.

Hite was asked about the option, and he said they have it in the playbook,
but they just haven’t needed to run it because they have been up by so many
points. The option is definitely in the game plan. Hite said they ran it to the
short side of the field against Georgia Tech because of how the defense was
lined up. There was a missed assignment; otherwise the play would have gone for
a touchdown.

Hite said he has a good problem because he has four outstanding players. He
said he isn’t going to pull Humes or Imoh just to get young guys in the game.
Those guys will get their chances in the future, and they are ready to play if
Humes or Imoh goes down. Hite said Ore, Bell and Lewis can be very good. Ore
reminds Hite of Lee Suggs, and George Bell is the hardest working player he has
ever been around. Elan Lewis reminds Hite exactly of Cyrus Lawrence. He doesn’t
have great speed, but he breaks tackles.

Hite said WVU is an outstanding football team and will be a great challenge.
The coaches and players understand what they are up against. The team had a
great practice on Monday. The seniors are keeping the team together, and they
will be ready for West Virginia.

Frank Beamer

Beamer said the Hokies had a great win on Saturday. They really played well,
and things kind of snowballed on Georgia Tech. It helped that they didn’t try
to run Reggie Ball as much as they did last season. VT beat a good football team
by winning the field position game. The Hokies are kicking the ball very well
and putting pressure on opposing kickers.

Beamer said Jeff King is just a great player. He puts Jeff King on the field
goal blocking team because he is athletic and a good overall player. Beamer said
King is reliable and plays the same way every time. He’s a good individual and
a really good player.

Beamer said Chan Gailey and his staff have done a great job against Georgia
Tech. They have a chance to win a lot of football games this year. No one
expected it to be as lopsided as it was, but when you score two defensive
touchdowns and a special teams touchdown, things get a bit out of hand.

Beamer said the team needs to improve their third down conversion percentage.
As the offense continues to grow and players continue to get used to some new
positions, that percentage will go up. Beamer said it looks like Reggie Butler
will play on Saturday, so that should help the offensive line.

Danny McGrath did a nice job in his first career start at center. He is a
little small, but he is smart and he will fight you until the final whistle.
McGrath handled himself very well against Georgia Tech.

Beamer said the team had a lot of great things going for them the last time
they went to West Virginia. They were coming off a 51-7 victory over Syracuse
and were very confident. Then they got blown out by WVU. Beamer said he is
hopeful that this team will stay focused and play very well on Saturday.

Beamer said his backups didn’t play as well as he hoped on Saturday. He was
disappointed in their performance to a point. The last thing he wants to do is
run up the score, but he also wants his backups to go as hard as they can and
try to score when they are in the game.

Beamer said he was disappointed in his team’s discipline the last time they
went to West Virginia. 13 penalties, five fumbles and three interceptions are
not going to beat anybody, especially on the road. The Hokies just have to focus
on themselves and do what they need to win. They don’t need to worry about any
outside factors.

Vick does a lot of work with his play calling at the line of scrimmage. That
is why they stress getting out of the huddle quickly. He is getting a little bit
better in every part of the game each week. Beamer is very pleased with Vick’s
progress at this point.

Beamer said Mountaineer Field is loud, but he likes it that way. He said he
would rather play in an excited stadium, home or away, than in a half empty
stadium. Roth pointed out that Beamer was the fourth winningest coach in the
history of Mountaineer Field with five wins. He is behind only Don Nehlen, Rich
Rodriguez and Joe Paterno.

Roth pointed out that Clemson was two overtime losses away from being 4-0 and
ranked in the top ten. Beamer said in every game there is a play here and a play
there that will impact the outcome of the game. There is a very fine line
between winning and losing, and being ranked and untranked.

Beamer was asked about the five years of eligibility rule. Beamer said that
if the five-year rule was passed, the red shirt year would be done away with,
and a player would have five years to play five seasons. Most coaches are in
favor of the rule. This rule would be good for every facet of the game, as well
as academically. Unfortunately some other sports are not in favor of the rule.
Beamer thinks the rule will happen eventually, and he hopes it will happen in
the next couple of years.

Beamer said WVU uses two quarterbacks. Pat White leads the team in rushing
from the quarterback position, and Adam Bednarik is a good runner as well. They
still do a good job of spreading the field and running with the quarterback.

Beamer was asked (by a WVU caller) about the 3-3-5 stack defense that WVU
runs. He said it is a different defense. They can rush three or they can turn it
into an eight man front. It is a versatile defense and coaches can do a lot of
things with it. It is a difficult defense to prepare for in just four days. The
more you see it, the better you get against it. It has been a very good defense
for West Virginia.

Beamer said Justin Hamilton has done a great job at free safety this season.
He improves every time he plays and he will come up and put a hit on the ball
carrier. He has worked hard and he’s a very smart player.

Beamer said he is looking forward to the game. He likes it when the stadium
is loud and the crowd is excited. The teams have respect for each other and
there are tough players on both sides. It’s always a hard hitting football

  • Monday was day 304 of Virginia Tech’s
    continuous possession of the Commonwealth Cup, day 360 of Virginia Tech’s
    continuous possession of the Black Diamond Trophy, and day 297 of Virginia
    Tech’s continuous possession of the ACC football championship.
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