TSL announces discount for new (and returning) subscribers

TSL Staff, TechSideline.com, on February 10, 2014
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We’re pleased to announce some promotions for new subscribers (and anyone who has let their subscriptions lapse for a while), as well as some giveaways for renewing subscribers. Read on to find out what we’ve got in store for you.

New (and lapsed) Subscribers: get $15 off an annual subscription and a chance to win a Campus Emporium gift card!

If you’ve never subscribed to TSL, or you used to, but have let your subscription lapse for 12 months or longer, we’re offering $15 off the cost of an annual subscription.

Just select the annual subscription option, and enter the promo code “NEWSUB” when checking out, and we’ll knock $15 off the price of your subscription. This makes annual subscriptions cost just $39.99 – a steal, and a great way to introduce yourself to TechSideline.com, or to come back if you have been away a while!

In addition, each month we’ll take the list of new (or returning) subscribers who use the promo code during that month, and will draw one lucky winner, and award them a $100 gift card from TSL sponsor Campus Emporium.

Renewing annual subscribers: get a chance to win a Campus Emporium gift card!

We also want to show our appreciation to our renewing subscribers, so each month, we’re going to take the names of everyone who renews an annual subscription during that month, put the names in a hat, pick one, and award the lucky winner a $200 Campus Emporium gift card.

(Technically, we’re going to export the names to a spreadsheet, then use a random number generator to select one, but it has the same effect as picking a name from a hat.)

And we haven’t forgotten our monthly subscribers … more gift cards!

Lastly, each month, we’ll pick one lucky monthly subscriber and award the winner a $100 Campus Emporium gift card. (Are you sensing a pattern here?)

That’s $400 in prizes each month!

If you’ve been counting at home, you realize that we’ll be giving away $400 a month in prizes to our subscribers. That’s almost $5,000 a year in giveaways. We’re doing it just to let you know how much we appreciate your support of the site, and to make subscribing to TSL a more fun experience.

So sign up — or renew — today! Enjoy the site, and good luck in the giveaways!

The Team at TechSideline.com

(Please show your appreciation to Campus Emporium by shopping at CampusEmporium.com. If you click through the links on our site to shop at CampusEmporium.com, TSL receives a commission, so support TSL by getting your Hokie gear at CampusEmporium.com!)

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