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    15yrs in south tejas... tu is right up their with lewisville

    alums are, for my money, the biggest collection of d-bags i've ever seen. normally not a big fan of stereotypes but i swear, there is an impossibly high % of em for it to be a statistical anomaly.

    someone leaves a conference to join them... enjoy.

    Quote Originally Posted by UpstateSCHokie View Post
    I wonder how this whole Clemson/FSU package deal came about? If its true, then it means there had to have been some conspiring going on between the two schools.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colonel Jessup View Post
    This article confirms my worry that expansion stops after FSU and Clemson leave**
    I don't believe anything that self-serving bunch at UT says. The idea that ND goes to the Big XII is laughable. Neither UT nor ND would ever agree to be second fiddle to the other. Also, the entire ND culture would have to change for them to consider the Big XII.

    I'm not saying it couldn't happen, but I would be shocked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hokiego View Post
    That site has been wrong as much as they have been right. too much unknown for any one to know where this is headed.
    Just remember this. Orangebloods is an unofficial mouth piece of U of Tex athletics. Whenever the Teasips wants information or disinformation out there but doesn't want to be officially connected to it, they pass the info to Orangebloods for further dissemination.

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    Yep - an over priced piece of real estate that has very little impact upon the overall game ;-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muddywolf View Post
    Count me as skeptical of the Big12 hype. I just can't see FSU Clemson or ND ultimately bolting for an unweildly confederation of geographicaly disperse and with due respect , generally academically inferior, insitutions. I know money talks but these schools aren't in the same straits that WVU was. The SEC is only conference that passes the sniff test IMO for FSU and Clemson and they arent offering at present. The chances of an ACC that retains FSU and Clemsom becoming irrelevant are next to zero so their incentive to move is overstated.

    With that said it seems to me if the powers would advocate an 8 team playoff- with reasonable access to all Div-1, a lot of this instability will go away.

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    Always use "Reply With Quote", so everyone knows to whom you're responding.

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    Do you think so or hope so (or both)?

    Quote Originally Posted by 133193Hokie View Post
    If the SEC can get a VA and/or NC property they will take it.
    I could see getting TAMU to get into the state of TX, and then needing Missouri to balance it out. As much as I don't want to see us get left out, I have a hard time viewing VA or NC, or any of the schools within, as being as valuable.

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    No, ND would be the Banker.
    Quote Originally Posted by UpstateSCHokie View Post
    This whole thing reminds me of the game "Monopoly." If they made a board game about this, would ND be Board Walk?
    Born and bred a Hokie

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