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    The new geographic center of the ACC will be...

    Quote Originally Posted by HENRICO HOKIE View Post
    In a bored moment a while back I calculated the geographic center of the current ACC. That location sits about an hour
    south of Raleigh (near a town called Sanford, N.C.). In another bored moment I will recalculate to include our new friends
    at Syracuse and Pitt. I suspect these schools will move the center somewhat north and slightly west...probably into the west-
    central Piedmont area of Va. It obviously makes geographic sense for VT to be in this conference...but beyond that the ACC is good
    for us in all of our other sports and our research collaborations. It also has helped boost our academic profile.
    The new geographic center of the ACC when Pittsburgh and Syracuse join will be the tiny town of Casville, NC. Just a bit south of Danville, VA.

    ACC Geographic Center.JPG

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stech View Post
    You need to do your homework on VT's SAT's and GPA' are not up to date.

    VT's average SAT was 1250 and the average GPA was 4.0 for the 2011 class. We are not far behind the upper tier of the ACC. Not to mention in our highest rated majors...we are on par with the upper tier.

    PS I am assuming you got in 99 or 2000 when we were in the Big East...big difference since we got into the ACC with the incoming freshman.
    Do you have a link or some stats on where we rank in the ACC by SAT scores? I'd expect it's about the same (9/10 out of 12 range), but maybe you know something that says otherwise.

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    Really the Ivy League? Well, the NCAA polices those universities just like they do other conferences and the SEC wins more national championships than the other conferences. They must be doing something right and if I have a choice on a TV game it will always be the SEC. This is where football is King.
    Quote Originally Posted by gern View Post
    Not me, SEC is a blight on college athletics. They break every rule out there and do it blatantly. Other schools might be bad but SEC is a whole nuther level. I'd sooner see VT go Ivy League with its athletic department than ever see us join that cesspool of academic corruption.

    And yes, I grew up in Lex and my parents taught at UK for 30 years so I've seen SEC integrity pretty close (for a commoner). And even that disgusted me.

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    I wasn't sure how to interpret that sentence. Are you saying we're not rigging the system to to try to get a high ranking? I have no idea if we are or not. Based on the poor ranking, I hope we're not (I hope this isn't our best effort). We should probably start playing that game.

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    Nevermind. I found the SAT scores. Here they are:

    These came from the schools' admissions websites. I couldn't find one for Wake, but they did make a point of noting that they were the first top 30 university to not require the SAT, so they, presumably, don't get an SAT score from each of their applicants.

    If they gave a middle 50%, I took the mean. If they only included two portions (not the writing), I divided by two and multiplied by three to try to get an apples-to-apples comparison.

    This puts us at eighth out of eleven, ahead of NCSU, FSU, and Clemson.

    Duke: 2210
    GT: 2050
    UVA: 2020
    BC: 2014
    Miami: 2002
    MD: 1965
    UNC: 1955
    VT: 1875
    Clemson, FSU: 1845
    NCSU: 1754

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    "Lie, cheat, and steal to get to our goal." Yup, we agree on SEC model. And while I am cynical, I believe this is in fact the SEC athletic motto and the humanoid fans are fine looking the other way.

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