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    Quote Originally Posted by gern View Post
    ain't got a choice, accreditation would likely demand changes in staff/policies if I guessed
    True. But you said staff. And I think the problem here is people, not policies.
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    A little? I'm enjoying it immensely. Pompous hypocrites,

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    when the incident investigation is done, the focus is on policies

    Policies might not change, people will enjoy more "training" courses, and on and on. You deal with the people separately.

    At least in my engineering experiences so I assume everyone is the same. UNC will "get" to do both.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ancient Hokie View Post
    True. But you said staff. And I think the problem here is people, not policies.

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    I thought all that 'new info' had already come out in the NCAA investigation & was part of the reason they got the (way to lenient) sanctions already in effect.
    Quote Originally Posted by VTraised View Post
    Here are the lines that really caught my attention;

    "Between 2007 and 2009, grades for 59 students in nine courses were submitted to the registrar with forged signatures of professors who said they never taught the course. During that same span, “several faculty members” stated that there were unauthorized grade changes and they were not aware of who authorized the adjustments."

    I wonder how many of those 59 were football or basketball players?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ancient Hokie View Post
    I really love official statements like this in the face of complete academic fraud: "As a result of these reviews and follow-up actions, the policies of the department and the College have been strengthened to ensure consistent standards for academic excellence and integrity.” Really? You changed the "policies." Did UNC not have policies against this sort of thing? Did the old policies condone such cheating and fraud? Perhaps, just perhaps, it was the people, not the policies.
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