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    Quote Originally Posted by Hokie535 View Post
    If no one knows anything, then how do you know we were previously invited?? I think it was just wishful thinking.
    We again? We know your Eers weren't invited to the SEC or ACC.

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    I appreciate your optimism, BUT...

    Quote Originally Posted by gern View Post
    OK State has had one really good season and a couple two loss conf seasons over the past 10 years if my quick scan is correct. How much would you base your future on that school being a top 10 caliber team?

    Odds are FSU/Clem might only see one of TU/OU at home every other year. How many games with FSU has VT seen in 'burg since 2004? They don't really need either school to fill their stadium, it's nice to have but not necessary imo.

    Miami won't play Clemson OOC. That ain't gonna happen from either school's perspective.

    And remember, for picking up one of tu/OU, you also get matchups with the other B12 schools which will offer not much with respect to fan interest (best matchups are "local" - always been that way, always will be). You know, TT, Baylor, TCU, KU, ISU, WVU...
    OK State is 5-4 in bowls over the past 10 years with a BCS win over Stanford last year. That is in a Big Twelve (Texas, A&M, Nebraska, Oklahoma et al.), which has been better than the ACC over the past decade.

    Even if FSU gets UT or OU at the same frequency as they get VT, it's a MUCH bigger game than FSU-VT. It also seems more likely that UT and OU would be x-division rivals and one would be in the same division as FSU. That's an annual matchup. My money would be on FSU and Oklahoma in the same division.

    Miami won't play FSU if FSU leaves? Why not? They played for years before Miami joined the ACC. Any hard evidence whatsoever, or pure unsubstantiated speculation? Miami would keep the series for the revenue imo.

    Fan interest? Well let's see: the ACC has BC, Wake, Duke, UVa, Maryland, and soon, Syracuse. SIX schools that are ratings duds. GT, NC State, Pitt, and UNC are sort of interesting football opponents. Clemson, VT and Miami are the only quality matchups for FSU, and only one of those is a home game each year. FSU could get Clemson every year, probably Miami (OOC), and a selection of UT (2nd largest state in the Union, recruiting gold mine), Oklahoma, OK State (BCS winner), WVU (ratings winner, BCS winner, humiliated the 2012 ACC champion, should I go on?). And didn't Baylor just have a pretty good year?

    Take out the 'swing votes' of FSU and Clemson, and the ten remaining schools in the B12 are FAR superior than the ten remaining schools of the ACC. It's not close. If FSU could swallow the increased travel costs, the B12 would mean a serious upgrade in football for them. I'n not saying I know it will happen either way (few should be so arrogant), but I know it's possible.

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    Probably more likely that the SEC wants a long term investment in Virginia

    Quote Originally Posted by seekoHoG View Post
    In my opinion, the window of opportunity is only good while coach F. Beamer is in charge. Lot of folks believe Hokie football will not remain strong after how leaves.
    Virginia is the 12th most populous state in the nation, and we command probably 60% of state football fan viewership for Div 1a (over UVa), with a strong presence in Northern Virginia. That gives VT a majority share of college football viewers in what would be the 4th most populous state in the SEC. Plus, we don't share the state with multiple Bowl Subdivision programs as do Florida and Texas A&M.

    VT has the potential to be a much more valuable property than Tennessee, Kentucky, Ole Miss, MSU, South Carolina (60% of Virginia's population), Arkansas, Missouri and Auburn (2nd fiddle in a small state). That's what VT could be to the SEC in a few years. Why not?

    So, VT would be a long term investment in the SEC, and would be made independently of Beamer's status.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KingslandHokie View Post
    will be joining the Big XII for 2013 and it will be announced by August 1st. I find it ridiculously hard to believe, given that Texas controls every ounce of the Big XII, but maybe they will. Apparently, the Big XII is getting something like $12 million more per school ($30 million) in comparison to the ACC ($18 million). If those two schoolss leave, then I'd look for us to get out quickly as well. Never envisioned the ACC being the conference that fell completely apart after the Big XII debacle just last year, but FSU and Clemson leaving the conference will start just that.
    I wish the NCAA would just split football from all other sports and make thing simple for everyone. Let the football programs make whatever conferences they want since the money is big and travel is not a huge deal with only one game a week. But to make a decision based on football and then subject all the other sports to insane amounts of travel for their new conference is stupid. They are supposed to be college teams with student athletes. These non-geographic conferences are going to wreck havoc on basketball, volleyball, baseball, etc teams who play a lot more frequently than once a week. This separation would also allow the academic side of the school to make multiple partnerships and not have to worry about their academic reputation being hurt by what football conference the school is part of. It's time to try a new way of doing business in the NCAA.

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    Yep, it would suck to have to upgrade facilities. Travel to see VT play in Knoxville,Columbia,Oxford would be awful. Competing against equally high quality Basketball would be terrible. Maybe VT would sell out those gawd awful indoor club seats

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