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    I am fairly indifferent to this hire. Don't assume Harrell is staying put. And who is going to agree to be the assistant coach for a guy with no head coaching experience?

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    Wright was a pipe dream. Sounds like Lutz was a close 2nd
    Quote Originally Posted by OMBandit View Post
    Ha! Twitter also had Bobby Lutz and Jay odds are this is bunk also!
    GO HOKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    That sounds exactly like what was said about Ricky Stokes, too.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hamburger View Post
    Mind if I save this post? Come on, give the man a chance. He's a darn good assistant who deserves the oppurtunity. He was going to get one in the near future anyways. Might as well be here.
    Great recruiter, and his resume prior was much stronger, and we weren't in the ACC, either.

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    Haha. Thanks. My initials, actually. But thanks again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by just2selltickets View Post
    Great recruiter, and his resume prior was much stronger, and we weren't in the ACC, either.
    Not fair to compare the two yet.

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    Think it is time you forget the past and start looking towards the future!!

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    If so, this is an atrocious hire. Johnson would have gotten canned along with the others under Greenberg. I have never heard of a guy from what basically amounts to a fired staff getting the job in the next coaching search. Absolutely atrocious.

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    If true, its an absolutely pathetic, "ramen noodles" hire. Has nothing to do with James Johnson, I don't know the guy, but there are a gazillion assistants out there with his credentials. We know nothing about his ability to coach....that's the point.

    Weaver can't afford to pay out Seth's salary and make a big-boy hire, so we'll bull**** around with this completely unknown quantity for 3-4 years until Seth's paid off. Nice.

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    Excellent; my choice and apparently most others on this board based on the poll for choice of new coach.

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    I see nothing wrong with this hire. This will most likely keep the recruiting class intact, and keep the existing team around. I have no idea about his X's and O's capabilities, but if he surrounds himself with a couple of good assistants, it could all click. If it doesn't work out, then there won't be the burden of a humongous contract for the next athletic director to deal with upon his arrival.
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