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    Valid point. Mislabeled him by calling him a "bad coach". More like, "unproven" head coach and a guy that left this school for the same amount of money. Why should a recruit choose us over Clemson (or even better programs) when our new head coach didn't????
    He left Tech for a lot more money. And I suspect he also left because he knew SG was a short timer, probably after next season and didn't want to be left unemployed.

    Besides, I look at the salary increase like this. If I felt, at my present job, that I was under paid and a higher paying job came looking for me, then it would make a hill of beans worth of difference if my current employer then was willing to match the increase. If my current employer wanted me that much, he should have offered me an increase before hand, not as a reaction to another offer I'd gotten.

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    This is a childish, stupid post.

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    Look at it this way: James Johnson had options.

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