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    Thanks. My son has started getting letters and I'm trying to check out his options.
    Check out some of the lacrosse websites, they can provide some insight...

    Lax Power is one of the most comprehensive lax sites with all sorts of granular for HS and College boys and girls.

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    Yeah, I know that one. Thanks.

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    Men's Lacrosse: And you thought I was kidding...Alumni come out FIRING

    Ok, not really, as a matter of fact we led once the entire game 1-0. HEY, ONE-NUTHIN BABY within a minute or two, alumni were here to play. So, after that the tottlers scored, then we didn't and they did and we didn't again it was kinda like that for a while but we kept hanging around. I'd give you the quarter by quarter break down except they took the score book away from me to hide the the truth, paging Scully and Molder, "I want to believe."

    So basically what you had was us getting a one point lead for about two minutes and then the game took that familiar turn where they start scoring at will, until...

    The Alumni started to show a little life and we decided we weren't going quietly (as if we ever do). This year's alumni "I'm-too-hurt-to-play" defacto coach was all we could have asked for style wise (beer in hand, flip-flops or just plain bare feet) was patrolling the sideline as the Alumni started to get a little "mo" going of our own and just like that, this was a game.

    You know the first part (one goal lead) for the old guys. But the middle part is as equally fascinating...the tottlers held a 3-4 goal lead for the better part of 55 minutes (yawn), end middle part. Fourth quarter; old guys are about outta gas (not a BIG turn out of old timers but decent for sure), is there room in the tank for one last challenge? (cue dramatic Rocky style theme music) The Alumni decide that it was now or never, the injured pulled themselves from their stretchers and the lame began to walk an the ALUMNI STARTED THEIR......well, you get the idea.

    So old dudes down by four at the start of the fourth. We peck and pick out way to with in one and with less than 1 minute in the game, a save was made by the old guy goalie, an outlet pass to an old guy defender, a full field pass to an old guy middie (kinda weak but in retrospect, that's what made it effective), while old guy middie was cutting to the goal and a shot rang out.........GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL! The tens of alumni fans go bananas (hey! we had some fans)!

    With less than thirty seconds in a game tied at 21 (oh did I forget to comment on the score? 42 GOALS IN 60 MINUTES AN ALUMNI GAME RECORD! See what happens when you don't show up?), old guys win the face, march down the field and immediately lose the ball. Hey, we're old playing the #11 team in the country. Back off man, we're professionals (what movie?). The tottlers mange a full field clear to the attack at a little over midfield, a jumping (ok, an old guy jump)interception attempt fails, two on three with 10 seconds left, two old guys, three young guys, a hush falls over the stadium...sorry, anyway, the two old guys stand fast in the face of the youngster's wrath. A shot, a old defender checks down on the tottler's stick but it still gets away, the old guy goalie extends for the save, the ball bounces off his shaft, hits the cross bar annnnnnnnnnd, bounces out. FIRST ALUMNI OVERTIME GAME...EVER!

    Having never faced this quandary before, no one really knew what to do. So a single 4 minute over time sudden death was agreed upon. Then as the whistle blew and the face off was underway, the mighty Alumni.......ah screw it, they scored, we lost, end of game, that part sucked. The rest was blah blah blah, nice game, blah blah blah, you suck blah blah blah (I proposed the game ending cheer of 1-2-3 MORAL VICTORY! (I hate democracies sometimes.)

    I will say this, we had our share of all conference and all American players just not enough to over come this group of Hokie Lax players. What a GREAT group of VT student athletes and representatives of Virginia Tech. I will tell you it is a privilege to be associated with this program and this team. They're in a league all their own, an impressive group of future alumni for sure.

    Now that the hard part is over, the vacation starts, MCLA National Championships in Greenville, SC at Sirrene Stadium Tuesday 15 May to Sunday 19 May. For those of you that have had an interest in attending but Denver, CO is a LITTLE off your beaten path, here's your opportunity. Keep an eye on the tournament field:

    The field should be announced this week and then Katie-bar-the-door. Like I said, this team is good although they seemed to fall asleep offensively in the last part of the season, they found their mojo at championship time. Will they maintain their championship form next week? Good question. Stay tuned Hokie fans, this year's team is one of the best in a while and have solidified their status as one of the top teams in the country, again. You never know what you're going to get with this group but I know one thing, Coach Nachlas has been down this road before and is familiar with the expectations and the pressure. Question is, can he get his conference champions ready for the ball? Will it be a masquerade or Cinderella ending? I want to believe, baby, GO HOKIES!!
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