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    6 teams for 2 spots...

    VT(5-10): Miami, at WF, Maryland, NC State, at UNC

    GT(6-9): at WF, at UNC, Clemson, at UVa, Miami

    Maryland(5-10): Duke, Clemson, at VT, at FSU, UVa

    Wake Forest(5-10): GT, VT, at BC, at Miami, Clemson

    Duke(5-10): at Maryland, UVa, at NC State, UNC, at BC

    Boston College(4-11): FSU, at NC State, WF, at UNC, Duke

    and if you want to throw Clemson into the mix, 7 teams for 3 spots...

    Clemson(8-7): NC State, at Maryland, at GT, FSU, at WF

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    This was your 8792 post to match your name. Creepy.

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