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    Again, if it is a performance award - fine. You pay the same whether person is hurt or not. Tackle for loss whether it is a starting QB or 6th string RB is the same.

    I don't think VT's interest in a player has any relationship to guys that get hurt. Do you believe Foster would look at a DE who twists ankles/pokes eyes/late hits QBs as being more valuable than a guy who doesn't? That is an honest question. Remember the outrage at Marcus stomping a player? He wasn't taken out of the game but I doubt a coach gave him a pat on the back let alone a monetary reward for that crap behavior.

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    Someone should ask CFB about the UVA game in 1966. Urban legend said everyone on the defense chipped in a pool to see who could knock Bob Davis (UVA QB out of the game). In the 2nd half Waddey Harvey (a huge DL in those days and a good buddy to CFB) intercepts a pass in the flat around the 20 and can stroll into the end zone if he runs the sideline. Except he didn't, he veered to the center of the field where the only man who could tackle him(who was on the ground)did. You got it Bob Davis. Check the picture in the 67 Bugle page 81. I was at the game and had never seen anything like that. I guess we will never know since Waddey unfortunately passed away, but it is a legend. As Forest says, Sh*t happens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreatSmokieHokie View Post
    My speculation was that he knew it happened and it had happened on his own teams.
    Dueling speculations, I guess.
    "It's a half an inch of water, and you think you're going to drown."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ancient Hokie View Post
    Dueling speculations, I guess.
    I try to hold my speculation to a minimum, but I lose control sometimes.

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