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    Quote Originally Posted by TomTurkey View Post
    You misspelled Frankie Allen, i.e., worst in 50 years. He singlehandedly destroyed the program and only the miracle of luring Bill Foster out of retirement saved it. If Stokes is truly worse than Allen, Greenberg not on walks on water but created the water on which he strides. And thanks for the chart. Factor in the growth of VT as a school and media non-darling, and the conference evolution, and it makes for an interesting walk through history. Thanks.
    What I remember most about Frankie was his DUI when he crashed into a tree.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 48zip View Post
    Yep. the coach that beat us in the NCAA got the job. It was as if the winning coach also won the OSU job.
    I forgot that tidbit!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hokie'79 View Post
    I forgot that tidbit!
    Eldon Miller from Western Michigan got the job.
    I will never understand people.
    They're the worst!

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    Howie Shannon coached when we were in the Southern Conference

    Quote Originally Posted by Old Line Hokie View Post
    I'm sure that a few of the numbers may be off by a few wins and loses but it's a good comparison of how the past 8 Hokie basketball coaches have done. The coaches in the late 1960's to late 1980's had better winning percentages. Seth Greenberg is an above average coach as far as Tech basketball coaches goes. Charlie Moir has the most NCAA appearances and 20+ win seasons and the only Tech conference championship unless Howie Shannon had one in the mid-late 1960's. Greenberg has one more NIT appearance than Moir. I wonder how well Moir would've done if Tech were in the ACC. The Metro had a few nationally ranked teams in Louisville and Memphis State. Louisville won national championships in 1980 and 1986 and made the Final 4 four times in the 1980's while Memphis made the Final 4 in 1985 and 4 sweet 16's in the 1980's. You could also ask, "How would Greenberg have done with Tech in the Metro Conference in the 1980's?" Greenberg has done a better job of graduating his players than Moir. Seth has also run a clean program. DeVoe was a good coach but left for Wyoming. Foster rebuilt the program but it was in worse shape a few years after he handed it over to Hussey. Stokes was by the far the worst basketball coach in the past 50 years. Maybe you old timers can give me some information on Howard Shannon.
    The program was small and he might have won as many as he lost, but I don't remember. He was the only coach who actually looked like the mascot - he resembled the old school Gobbler.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VT73 View Post
    The program was small and he might have won as many as he lost, but I don't remember. He was the only coach who actually looked like the mascot - he resembled the old school Gobbler.
    You may be right, but it would have only been a year or two. Shannon coached mostly when VT was an independent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashcreek Hokie View Post
    I still think VT screwed up with DeVoe. He won an NIT when winning the NIT was a REALLY big thing and he ran a good program. His mistake was wanting to interview at his alma mater and for that he was essentially pushed out. IMHO, the best basketball coach VT ever had.
    The best coach I recall was Chuck Noe, but he left in '61, IIRC so most don't remember how good VT was in those days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hokies23 View Post
    someone analyzed this on the board and we don't actually play that many more games than we used to. it was on the board a couple weeks back. it might average out to 2-3 more games really. i was surprised at the numbers, but there they were.
    Yes. See link below about half way down the post. From 1921-1945 we average about 18 regular season games. From 1945-1975 we average about 24 games. From 1975-present we average about 28 games.

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    I guess we recruited him well . . . .

    Quote Originally Posted by DJ Golf View Post
    How did Grindstaff (NC Mr. Basketball) end up at VT instead of one of the ACC schools? I wasn't following the program too closely back then and don't remember much about him.
    Hard to tell. He ended up at Tennessee after one year here, didn't like Hussey, or really wanted to play for Foster, I suppose, then blew out his knee in Knoxville, and never really lived up to his potential.

    Truth be known, Tracy McGrady was the best player in NC that year, but the way they voted things, he wasn't eligible - prep school, or whatever, but Jenis was a very, very good point guard. He also had some personal issues that impacted his college career, illness and death of parent(s), if I am not mistaken, during his college days.

    Harrell was a really good player, but had some problems with law enforcement during his college days, and Rolan Roberts was simply the pre-incarnation of Jeff Allen - very good, just never got the head screwed on straight.

    The point being, those that say Bill Foster quit recruiting . . . . they don't don't know at all what they are talking about, not at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reestuart View Post
    VT has played 5 games more per year under SG than under Moir.
    Not true. Under Moir we played a total of 298 regular season games in 11 years = Ave 27.1. Under Greenberg we played 232 regular season games in the last 8 years = Ave 29.0.

    Under Greenberg we played an average of 1.9 (~2) games more than under Moir. Certainly no where close to 5.

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    Quote Originally Posted by just2selltickets View Post
    Jenis Grindstaff, the player of the year in NC, Rolan Roberts, Kenny Harrell . . . . those guys were nothing.
    The 1997 class signed when they knew Foster was retiring and that they'd be playing for Hussey. And it's tough to know how highly-recruited those guys were because Rivals and Scout didn't exist back then.

    Other great players from that period included Myron Guillory, Shawne Brown, David Whaley, Jermaine Kimbrough, Jesus Rodriguez, Jermaine Kilgore, Clinton McPherson, Alvaro Tor....sheesh.

    After that one class, Foster just signed a bunch of crappy players and raided the Naval Academy. Eddie Lucas, David Whaley and some other walk-on guard all transferred from Navy to VT.

    Foster was a very good coach, but he quit on recruiting his last few years. He just flat out didn't do any.

    Hussey actually got some players. We'll give him partial credit for Grindstaff and Roberts, but also throw in Dennis Mims, Tony Dobbins and Brian Chase. That's pretty good for only being the coach for 2 seasons.

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