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    Go ahead and say it Elmore "3-8"

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    Never a dull moment

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    Quote Originally Posted by WestEndHokie39 View Post
    Who didn't see the crap coming? Got to make the free throws. Also, I don't like giving up an easy layup to take a couple seconds off the clock. Got to take the easy score.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Manbearpig View Post
    Why is a 65% shooter taking those shots?
    B/c Eddie couldn't take them. FSU gets to choose a player.

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    Was Green not fouled on that last ditch effort?

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    Jeez what a heartbreaker. As bad as I feel kids and staff have to feel empty

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hokiejag View Post
    Was Green not fouled on that last ditch effort?

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    Only issue I have is in giving up layups under two minutes. You are NOT going to burn more clock -- they're fouling. Take the easy two, that's what good teams do. And Eddie stopping short ended up biting us twice, as we lost the layup AND his hard plant is what started the cramps that led to him having to come off the court.

    When you know they're fouling, take layups. ANY team who does the long pass on an inbounds takes the layup. It's two points -- which is the MAX you'll get when the team fouls you three seconds later.

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    When Eddie was fouled, did that not meet the definition of flagrant? He seemed to be falling down and was shoved from behind with both hands in the lower back. Gotta make the foul shots at the end. A road win like that for this team would have been a huge confidence booster for this season and beyond.

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